How Much Should I Pay For Windows & Split AC Installation in India?

Air conditions are much needed in most of the cities in India. You must be aware that there are mainly two types of air conditioners. The first one is the window AC, and the second one is the Split AC. Moreover, in the compressor, you will find the regular air conditioners and the inverter air conditioners. Inverter air conditioners are considered to be better and more power efficient. Here, we are assuming that you have already purchased the air conditioner and you are trying to get it installed. The main question is how much you should pay for windows & split AC installation at home. Find out more in the next section.

What Is Included in the installation?

Godrej 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

The installation only includes unboxing the AC and installing it along with the components in the box. If you have a window AC, you might have to arrange for the plywood to seal the window. The technician will also install the stabilizer if you have one. For the split AC, the cost includes drilling, wiring, installation of the unit and installing the pipes. In both cases, the technician would do pre-installation checks and post-installation checks. The technician is also responsible for cleaning the surrounding area after installation.

What is Not Included in the Install?

The following things are not included in the installation.

  • Wiring Cost–At Actuals
  • MCB Cost– At Actuals
  • Stabilizer– At Actuals
  • Wall Mount– Approximately Rs 500
  • Extra Drain Pipe -Approximately Rs 100 per meter
  • Copper Wire for Split AC -Approximately Rs 900 per meter

Installation At Purchase

Onida W183FLT Window AC

You must check with the dealer about the installation if you have purchased a new air conditioner. Many brands offer free installation at the purchase, and some offer installation at discounted prices. AC Brands like Voltas don’t allow offline installation as the air conditioner is protected by a code. You would need to obtain the code from the manufacturer to turn on the AC for the first time. So, the first thing to do even before you purchase the air conditioner is to check with the dealer about the installation.

In some cases, the manufacturer offers discounted installation. The usual charge for Window AC installation is approximately Rs 500, and for the Split AC, the costs are around Rs 1500. If you negotiate hard, the dealer may waive the installation charges. Once you agree upon the amount, the dealer will log the ticket for the installation.

Installation of Used AC

If you already have an Air conditioner and need to install it, you have many options. You can call the local AC technician or book installation online through companies like Urban Company. The standard installation rates for Window AC is between Rs 500 to Rs 800. The installation prices for the split AC are on the higher side. The technician is expected to Charge you between Rs 1200 and Rs 1500. The prices may increase or decrease based on the effort required. If a new hole is drilled through a concrete wall, the charges will undoubtedly be on the higher side.

Final Verdict

We hope this answers your question about the cost of installing windows and split AC in India. There may be a slight variation on case to case basis, but these are the average cost in most Indian cities.

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