How Much Should I Pay For LED TV Installation In India?

You might be wondering about the installation charges of an LED TV in case of wall mount installation. Right? Well, that time has gone when TV manufacturers or brands used to charge for the installation of their television units, now you get free installation service when you buy the unit. No matter whether you are buying it from online marketplaces or offline local shops, you’d get free installation service with most television brands.

Still, there are some brands or models of televisions that don’t come with the wall mount accessories out of the box, thus you’d have to buy the wall mount separately. And don’t you worry now, we’ll be talking about both scenarios in today’s post. So let’s get going.

Wall Mount Installation With TV Unit

LG 43LH518A 109 cm (43 inches) Full HD LED IPS TV (Black)

The technician sent by the TV brand is responsible for installing the TV unit properly and then set it up so that the users can use it easily. When buying an LED television online, you’d often see that many brands offer free installation service for the convenience of the customer. And most of the time, the brand sends a technician within 48 hours for the installation of your LED TV. With some television units, you get the wall mount or VESA mount out of the box, if not, then the technician will bring wall mount accessories with him. And don’t worry, you won’t need to pay for the wall mount accessories.

The technician will drill into walls using the drill machine, and use the wall mount accessories to mount your TV unit on the wall with proper alignment. You don’t need to pay anything to the technician for the installation if the brand has claimed to provide free installation. Sometimes it happens when the professional who comes to install the television unit asks for installation charges, in that case simply dial up the customer service number of that particular brand for further inquiries.

Wall Mount Installation Separately

Sometimes LED TV units don’t come with a free installation service, or installation accessories out of the box. That happens usually when you buy a television from an offline or local shop. If that’s the case with your television unit, then you’d have to ask for the paid installation from the local business or shop where you bought this LED TV from. They’ll send a technician to your place to install the TV properly. Most likely, the technician will bring the wall mount accessories with him and it’ll cost you separately from the installation charges. On average, the wall mount installation in India costs anywhere around 400 to 500 rupees. It may differ a little based on what television you have, and which part of India you belong to.


It is always better to buy LED TVs from online marketplaces, or well-known local businesses in your area because you’d probably get a free installation service. If not then you can buy the wall mount accessories for your TV separately, and then hire a technician to do the installation job.