Top 10 Best Java Mobile Games Ever

If you are a mobile gaming fan, you would obviously love the good old Java games, which were not so good at graphics but never lacked when it came to excitement and fun. Many of gamers still love these Java classics, despite

Listed below are top 10 best Java games of all time:

10. Tom & Jerry Food Fight

Tom & Jerry Food Fight

One of the most well liked among Java games is Tom & Jerry Food Fight, which comes from the favorite cartoon characters of the ethereal cat and mouse race. The game sees both the characters fight for the falling food items. The game boasts of excellent graphics and is very exciting.

9. Wicked Racing

Wicked Racing

Another Java game which is considered as the classic favorite is the racing game called Wicked Racing, which takes you through a high speed race on a fast track, which has to be completed within a time limit. The player moves to a higher level after finishing each course of the game.

8. Tankzors Pro

Tankzors Pro

As the name suggests, Tankzors Pro is a battle bases Java game, which is quite popular around the world. The game involves the player to drive the battle tank and defeat the enemy by crushing all who come on its way. It is derived from the well known NES game called Battle City.

7. Plop Art Sudoku

Plop Art Sudoku

Another Java game to challenge your brain is Plop Art Sudoku, in which you have to arrange nine different numbers in a grid without repeating them in the same line or square. A variation in the game is to replace the numbers with tiny images, which can be done to remove monotony from the game.

6. Vegas Pool Sharks

Vegas Pool Sharks

Vegas Pool Sharks is a game in which a player has to compete with four different opponents with different skill levels. The game is easy to play as it keeps giving hints to the player as well as offers easy to handle controls.

5. Zelda Mobile

Zelda Mobile

The next name on the list of Java games in the world is that of Zelda Mobile. This is an interesting adventure game, particularly suitable to the small sized mobile screen. Zelda Mobile is a game based on the popular Nintendo series.

4. Pipes


Pipes is an excellent Java game, which works on a simple puzzle format. All the player has to do is to place the parts of pipe in the correct place so that the pipeline gets completed to facilitate flow of water through it. You reach the subsequent levels after completing pipeline on each level.

3. Mine Hunter

Mine Hunter

Featuring next on the list of top 10 Java games is Mine Hunter, which is a take on the Windows classic called Minesweeper. You have to follow some numbered clues in the grid to figure out the hidden mines underneath the squares, and at the same time you have to save yourself from the mines.

2. World League Baseball

World League Baseball

World League Baseball is sports based Java game, in which you can play either the exhibition mode or the league mode. This exciting game lets you choose one of the six countries listed by it and play the game on its behalf. You can also choose any of the three difficulty levels listed in the game.

1. Super Mario Planet

Super Mario Planet

One of the best Java games in the world is Super Mario Planet, a new look given to the original Nintendo original which offers challenging levels from start to end. The best thing about this game is that it can be controlled with a surprising ease, and at the same time has a good looking interface.

Despite the introduction of new and innovative mobile games, these classic Java games still have their magic touch and continue to rule the hearts of game lovers all over the world.

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