Top 10 Largest Electricity Consumption Countries in the World

The energy consumption of the world is increasing day by day and this is the case when the electrical equipment is becoming more efficient. Today it is not just the fan and machines that we run on electricity of the rail networks, cars, and many other things require electricity. Many countries are trying to cut down the use of fossil fuels for the production of electricity and they have started establishing infrastructure for the renewable source of energy. The dependency of the solar energy is also increasing as the cost of the solar units is coming down.

Most of the countries consume the complete electricity they produce but there are also some countries which export electricity. The export and import of electricity depending on the geographical location of the region producing electricity as it is not viable to transmit electricity over a long distance. It should also be noted that a country can also be the importer and the exporter of the electricity but the net import or the net export matters a lot.

In addition to this, do you know which the top 10 power hungry nations when it comes to electricity are? Well, here is the list of the top 10 largest electricity consumption countries in the world.

10. France – 431,000 GWh

The list begins with France and country has a high reliance on the nuclear energy. The 80% of the total energy of France comes from the fission reactors and France is the topmost exporter of electricity. The net export of electricity for France stands at about 65,000 KWh and this figure is certainly remarkable.

9. South Korea – 495,000 GWh

Next on our list is South Korea and the country has huge power requirements which are certainly required for this growing nation. The average energy per capita ratio stands at 9720 which is quite high in terms of this list. The country doesn’t exports or imports electricity to any other country in the world as it shares border only with North Korea.

8. Brazil – 518,000 GWh

Brazil is the 8th largest electricity consumer in the world with a total consumption of over 518,000 GWH. The country also has a low average energy per capita ratio and the country is mostly dependent on the renewable sources of energy to generate the electricity. In recent times, the country was able to develop ethanol engines which help the country in meeting the power requirements easily. Brazil is also one of the largest importers of electricity and the net import stands at 38,000 KWh.

7. Canada – 528,000 GWh

Next on our list is Canada and a high amount of electricity in Canada is generated through the renewable resources. The dependency on non-renewable resources of electricity in Canada is quite low and Canada has the highest average energy per capita ratio in our list. The ratio of average energy per capita ratio stands at 14930. In addition to this, Canada is also the second highest exporter of electricity in the world. The net export of electricity in Canada stands at around 47000 KWh.

6. Germany – 533,000 GWh

Germany is on number six when it comes to electric consumption and it certainly needs that power to keep the automobile industry running. The country has average energy per capita ratio of 6600 and that is quite high when compared with other nations of the same size. Germany is the net exporter of the electricity as it exports about 20,000 KWh of electricity every year and the efficient power plants have made it possible for Germany to achieve this without much of struggle.

5. Japan – 934,000 GWh

Japan is a small nation but the power consumption, as well as the power generation, can easily be compared to Russia. The country comes on number 5 on our list with almost the same Average energy per capita ratio as that of Russia. In addition to this, Japan is known to be self-sufficient in terms of electricity as the country doesn’t exports or imports any electricity. Geological factors also play a role here as the sea makes it impossible to import or export the electricity from any other country.

4. Russia – 1,065,000 GWh

Next power-hungry nation on our list is Russia and the country comes on number 4 when it comes to the power consumption as well as power generation. The country also has a high average energy per capita and statistically, the number stands at around 7500 kWh per person. The country is also one of the major power exporters and it the net export of Russia in terms of electricity stands at 9000 KWh.

3. India – 1,408,624 GWh

India is on number third on our list and the power consumption has been exponentially increasing in the case of India. The country is also increasing the power generation through renewable resources by increasing its dependency on the solar power. In recent years, many villages in the country have been electrified which has led to an increase in consumption. Until now, India was an importer of the electricity but as per the statistics, is now a net exporter of electricity.

2. United States of America – 3,911,000 GWh

Next on our list is the United States of America and this is also the second largest electricity producer in the world. Because of the low population in comparison to India and China, the country is able to manage with a higher statistics in average energy per capita. The country still remains to be the net importer of electricity as the electricity imports of the United States are higher than the net exports.

1. China – 5,920,000 GWh

Largest Electricity Consumption Countries

On number 1 we have China and this is also the largest producer of the electricity. The power is needed to keep the backbone of the country running and it certainly takes a lot of juice to keep the industries running 24×7. As per the statistics, the country produces electricity in the surplus and the average energy per capita of China is quite low when compared to other developed nations. The major factor for this is high population growth in the country. It is also known that China is the net exporter of the electricity and exports of over 18,000 KWH of electricity every year.

These were the top 10 largest electricity consumption countries in the world and most of these countries also feature in the list of top 10 largest electricity producers in the world. All these countries are trying hard to reduce their dependency on oil and coal so that the climate change can be dealt with before it is too late.