Harphoul Mohini Colors TV Serial Wiki, Story, Timing, Cast Names

The brand-new show Harphoul Mohini may be found on Colors. Cockcrow and Shaika Entertainment are responsible for the production of the series.

In this Harphoul and Mohini serial, Zebby Singh will portray the role of Harphoul Chaudhary, and Shagun Sharma will take on the role of Mohini Vijayan.

The new airtime for Harphoul Mohini is at 9:00 p.m., while Spy Bahu has been moved to 9:30 p.m. Chotti Sardarni has decided to step away temporarily from her work on television.

Harphoul Mohini Colors

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There is only one thing that binds us all together, and that is love. Love is the one thing that can overcome all of the other barriers that stand between us. In the upcoming romantic drama titled “Harphoul Mohini” that will air on COLORS, two characters named Harphoul Chaudhari & Mohini Vijayan, originally from the states of Haryana and Kerala, respectively, fall in love with one another.


Harphoul is be a young man with a lot of energy hailing from a little hamlet in Haryana, but he has had very little exposure to life outside of his community. He has never travelled. On the other side, Mohini is a strong and outspoken woman from Kerala. She is from the state of Kerala.

It just so happens that Harphoul and Mohini get into a heated debate over the cultural differences between them, and the story focuses on how they end up resolving the conflict. Actors Zebby Singh and Shagun Sharma will play the roles of Harphoul and Mohini respectively in this production.

The new drama Harphool Ki Mohini will centre on the story of a Haryanvi guy as well as a South Indian female who eventually end up falling in love with one another.

In the play Zebby Singh plays the role of a young fellow from a small village in Haryana who is oblivious to the existence of the wider world.

Her title is Mohini Vijayan, & Shagun Sharma, plays the role of the actress who portrays her.

Have a look at how the love connection between the sharp-witted Mohini and the Haryanvi Jatt Harphoul draws the interest of everyone who is watching.

You may find additional information about the tv show Harpool Mohini by downloading the Voot app or going to voot.com.

The fact that the show is being produced by Cockcrow and Shaika Entertainment gives the impression that it will be successful.


The popular show Spy Bahu will now come at 9:30 pm while this Harphoul Mohini drama will be aired at 9pm on colors TV and can be seen anytime on VOOT.

Cast Names

  • Supriya Raina Shukla
  • Zebby singh
  • Shagun Sharma
  • Pankaj Vishnu
  • Sonali Nikam
  • Vinn Modgil
  • Iqra Shaikh

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