Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey Star Plus TV Serial Wiki, Story, Timing, Cast Names

Star Plus airs the Indian television serial Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Se. There was a significant surge in popularity when the KKIS tv show premiered in January 2022.

Kabie Kabie Ittefaq Se’s promotional video has swiftly become a fan favorite on Star Plus. Kabhi Kabhi Itefaq Se is a story about an arranged marriage. Both families reached an agreement against the objections of 2 members of each.

This serial’s two protagonists are engaged to be married. Charming narrative of a young couple growing romance in the current love marriage era is the serial’s main draw.

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey Star Plus TV Serial

This show’s primary protagonists are Yesha Rughani and Manan Joshi. Rajeev Kumar and Delnaaz Irani have been rumored to play crucial roles in a future TV show.

The Kabi Kabi Ittefaq Se Star Plus show is produced by Cockcrow Pictures, Magic Moment Motion Pictures and Shaika Entertainments.


When their families first brought them together and then forced them to break up due to their helplessness, Anubhav and Gungun decide to reconnect, but Anubhav is now married to Akriti. Would he be able to reconcile with Akriti and Gungun, whose relationship is strained? Watch this show of KKIS on star plus and enjoy this family drama.


When Anubhav, a 28-year-old scientist, isn’t at work he spends much of his time with his large, affectionate joint family. ‘Gungun,’ on the other hand, is a 21-year-old spoilt rich girl who lives with her father and aunt.

He holds resentment toward his mother, Maya, as she left the members of the family for the US when Gungun was 8 years old. She drinks often with her “mates” to conceal her isolation, and her behavior is the only disguise she has.

Gungun may be perfect to Anu’s loved ones, but Anu sees just rudeness in him. This is a fun night on the town for Gungun and her companions. The fact that Chhavi doesn’t like late-night parties doesn’t stop Anu from inviting him. Gungun despises Anu, despite the fact that he shares a particular kinship with Kulshreshths.

Unlike Anubhav, who has a huge family of his own, Gungun has only her father & her aunt to rely on for support. However, despite their differences, fate has brought them together in order to fill the emptiness in one another’s souls.


The first episode of KKIS aired on Star Plus on January 3rd, 2022 every day at 7:00 PM. This serial can also be viewed on Disney+Hotstar.

Cast Names

  • Anuj Khurana
  • Rajeev Kumar
  • Delnaaz Irani
  • Manan Joshi
  • Yesha Rughani
  • Nishigandha
  • Mehul Nisar
  • Sandeep Rajora
  • Shilpa Kadam
  • Kanwarjit Paintal
  • Naina Gupta
  • Priya Rore
  • Sonia Sharma
  • Yamini singh
  • Gaurav Raj Puri
  • Akshita Tiwari
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