Glucometer Reading Vs. Lab Test: Comparison and Analysis

A glucometer is a computerized device that helps to measure the blood glucose level. For diabetic patients, it is vital to examine the readings of glucose levels in the blood frequently to make things manageable.

The readings proven by the glucometer helps to reveal the information about exercise, food, medication, stress, or many other factors. The devices are undoubtedly helpful for people who suffer from diabetes.

The piece of information is valuable because doctors construct the treatment plan. In addition, several outstanding options in the blood glucose meter are available for self-testing.

There is a range from basic to advance one. It’s prominent to consider the basic information about both ways of Testing. This helps to buy the product ideally by considering a few points. Have a look.

In what ways is glucose level determined in the blood?

Glucometer Reading

Glucose level reading is paramount to determine for making diet, health factors, and medications. There are two prominent ways of testing the glucose level.

  • Laboratory test
  • Self-testing at home

What makes them different from each other?

The first significant difference is quite noticeable. The Testing done at home by people under the convenience is from the glucometer. The device takes a sample from the fingertip or the alternative site to measure the glucose level in the blood. Then, analyze the blood by including the red blood cells.

In contrast, the laboratory test is precise. The blood sample taken by the clinical staff is through the rain in your arm. Further, it removes the red blood cells, and only Testing is done through the plasma.

As a result, the plasma one is considered more equivalent because of the Testing performed.

Which method is better?

The accuracy is the primary concern of diabetic patients. It has been recognized that the accuracy is given by the lab test because it demonstrates a higher level of accuracy by recognizing than the personal glucometer.

Both machines are not entirely accurate as there is a slight margin for the errors. The Testing done by the glucometer is not exact, but on a regular basis, it’s better to consider the readings so that it is convenient for a person and doctors to manage the conditions. It is a little challenging to reach the doctor’s office every day for the glucose reading in the blood.

Undoubtedly, the reading shown in the lab test is Accurate, and if you compare it with the glucometer, then there is a difference of 15–20%. For instance, if the glucose level reading from the lab testing is 100 MG/DL, then the glucometer bill reveals 80 5MG/DL.

Who determines accuracy?

 The international organization for standardization determines the accuracy. In short, it is named ISO. This organization is responsible for developing and publishing the readings and specifications for products. It is widely acknowledged that the organization ensures efficient, safe, and quality reading that makes people confident about their purchase.

The FDA also recognizes the accuracy of the glucose level in the blood whether you use a glucometer or lab test. However, most of the specifications are introduced by considering the guidelines of ISO.

How to choose an accurate meter?

Drs suggested

The doctors and nurses have a wealth of experience with the glucometer. There are plenty of options in the market. But the guide of doctors and nurses can guide in the right direction for purchasing the meter.

Cost of meter

There are comprehensive options in the glucometer. Each model has its own features. More the modern features it is more pricey. Recognize your requirements and then buy a meter. It can be expensive if you won’t receive an accurate reading with modern technology.

Time to take readings

Of course, time is valuable. If you are a diabetic patient and go for a few readings in a day, then saving time is vital. It is more convenient to get the glucometer that takes a few seconds to display the result on the screen of the glucometer.


It is convenient to buy a quick and easy to clean glucometers. On top of that, be sure that it is straightforward to calibrate when you are testing with the new strips. It’s vital to keep into consideration whether the meter requires calibration or not.

Additional features

It is indispensable to go with a compact option in the glucometer. There are fantastic options in the meter, and by recognizing the features, you can adopt the perfect one. The quality is in the glucometer available such as audio capability, backlit screen, memory storage, handling capabilities, and more.

Methods that affect accuracy –


The three significant aspects that affect glucose levels’ accuracy are altitude, humidity, and room temperature. This alters the body or the strips that ultimately affect the reading of the glucometer. There are a few instructions with which the packaging came; follow them for the precise reading.


Indeed, Testing is paramount in every aspect of life. When you are testing for the blood sugar level, it is convenient to practice and learn about the technique. Reviewing about the same helps you eliminate the glucose reading errors.

Incompatible strips

There are several options in the glucometer, and each one is designed for specific test strips. However, if your readings cannot be affected, go for the compatible machine and test trips. Examine the expiry date since it is also responsible for incorrect results.

Change in strips

After some time, there might be some changes in the machines or the test trip, which the third party is unaware of. At that time, the strips become incompatible with the meter. It is better to call the manufacturer and ask for the details. It will make you sure about the concept of handling the meter and strips the same.


There are broadly two ways to recognize the Blood glucose level. Spare some time to educate yourself about the options and consider the pros and cons that will help you to buy the perfect meter.

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