FSSAI Registration – Food License Form, Process, Documents, Fees, Benefits

FSSAI is the authority which monitors all the food business in India and you must already be aware of it. If you are not aware of the full-form then you must know that FSSAI stands for food safety and Standards Authority of India. The main responsibility of FSSAI is to ensure that the edible products are tested for adulteration and a certification is issued only when the food passes the test.

If you are planning to start a food business then you must know that it is your responsibility to get FSSAI registration for your business. Today, in this article, we have shared the process to get the FSSAI Registration done and we have also listed the details of the documents required for the registration.

FSSAI Registration-

Benefits of Getting FSSAI Registration

The first thing that you need to understand is that it is mandatory to have an FSSAI Registration as per the FSS Act of 2006. Without the act, it is impossible to do business. So, the first benefit of being FSSAIO complaint is that you will be able to do business and you will not be breaking any rule. If you are doing business without FSSAI then there can be major legal implications.

The penalty amount can be a minimum of Rs 25,000 and it can extend upto Rs 10 Lakh. Hence it becomes really necessary for the business to get the FSSAI Registration. Also, this ensures that the businessdoesn’tgo through any financial or reputational loss.

FSSAI registration is also helpful in getting more business as the consumers have now started checking the details. You can also use the FSSAI logo on your products so as to provide assurance to consumers stating that your products are safe for consumption.

With these many advantages, we are sure that you would be willing to go ahead for the FSSAI registration. If that is the case then you can check out the details of documents required, fee and the process for FSSAI Registration

Documents required to get FSSAI Registration

There are several documents required while you are applying for FSSAI registration. Some of the documents are listed here below

  • Form A or Form B
  • Passport size photos of the applicant
  • Rent Agreement or Lease Agreement or Ownership documents of the property
  • Certificate of Incorporation or Partnership deep.
  • Other documents to share the details of the Business Registration
  • GST, TIN and PAN Number for the business
  • Details of the products being offered.
  • Plan for Food Safety Management System

In case of a large unit, there are some additional documents required. These are

  • Detailed plan of the unit along with the details of the operational area
  • List of stakeholders along with their Aadhaar card
  • Details of machinery used along with the maximum capacity
  • Water analysis report
  • Details of the source of all ingredients
  • Details of Recall Plan
  • Details of transportation

You need to ensure that you attach all the relevant documents and if in case, there are some documents missing then the authority will put your application on hold until you provide the documents that are further required. There are chances that your application may get rejected because of this reason as well.

Fee for FSSAI Registration

The fee for FSSAI registration depends on the type of registration you are looking at. Refer to the points listed below to get more information

  • For hotels upto 4 stars, the registration fee is Rs 5,000
  • For milk and milk solid production of capacity above 1 MT, the fee is Rs 5000.
  • For milk and milk solid production of capacity less than 1 MT, the fee is Rs 3000
  • For restaurants, canteens, banquets, caterers, vendors etc., the fee is Rs 2000
  • The renewal fee for all the organization depends on the number of years that you are getting it renewed for.
  • If in case you need to modify your existing license, then the fee would be the fee which was applicable for 1 year
  • In case you need a copy of license then you need to pay 10% of the original license fee so as to get the copy.

Process to get FSSAI Registration

There can be different types of FSSAI Registration and hence the procedure will vary as per the type of registration. The three different types for FSSAI Registration are

  • Central License – This type of registration is required for large organizations
  • State License – This type of registration is required for medium food organizations
  • Registration – This type of registration is required for Petty Food Business

It should be noted that there are more criteria that need to be checked before you understand what type of registration process your organization would require.

In addition to this, you should know that the category is basically dependent on the capacity of the food processing unit.

Follow the process listed below to get the FSSAI Registration

  • To apply for FSSAI registration, you can start by getting the Form A from the food and safety department. Once you have the form, start filling the form and ensure that you enter all the details correctly
  • In this next step, you need to submit the form to the department and you would also need to submit the documents required along with this form.
  • There could be an inspection and it can take a time of up to 7 days to grant you registration. It is upto the department to reject or accept your application and it is dependent on several other factors.
  • If in case the application is rejected, you will be notified along with the reason for the rejection. If your application has been accepted then you will be given a registration certificate which will mention your registration number along with the photo of the primary business owner.

Once you receive the certificate, you would need to display it at your business and you can also start the business only once you have received the certificate from the food and safety department.

It should also be noted that you must get the FSSAI certificate renewed as and when required as it is illegal to work without the valid FSSAI certificate. For any other doubt or query, please reach out to FSSAI as they will be able to share information about the updated rules and regulations.

FSSAI Official Website – https://www.fssai.gov.in/home