10 Interesting Facts about Sikkim

North East states have the power to attract people with its mesmerizing beauty and authenticity. The flowing lakes, the dense forests and the evergreen trees have it all that is needed to appeal a person to come visit a certain place. One North East state in the lap of the Himalayas is the state of Sikkim. The monasteries or the Teesta River, everything is so serene and calm. The entire region is full of greenery that fills the mind with happiness and excitement. Sikkim looks very beautiful with the presence of the Himalayas very near to Sikkim. Sikkim has many interesting facts that people desire to know.

The most important fascinating facts are listed as under:


10. Maximum number of foreign population

The State of Sikkim has the highest number of Nepalese people living in the region. They migrated to Sikkim during the formation of the state and then went on to settle in Sikkim itself. The numbers of Nepalese people have outnumbered the original people of Sikkim. They follow their own rules and they also preach to their own teachings. The religion followed by the Nepalese people is most often followed in this region.

9. The highest suspension bridge built here

The second highest suspension bridge is made in the state of Sikkim. The bridge is known as Singshore Bridge and it is 198 metres long with a depth of around 220 metres. The suspension bridge is beautiful and it is used to carry heavy loads in the vehicles and the bridge ends at a hill top. Lush greenery supports the entire area and one can get spellbound beauty from up there.

8. Presence of natural spa

Sikkim has a large number of natural springs present in Sikkim which acts as natural spa for people. The hot springs act as natural spas and you can simply get the amazement of getting spa in these hot springs. Some of the hot springs is Yamthang Hot Spring, Borong Hot Spring, Taram Hot Spring, etc. The hot springs are best during the months of March to June and you cannot miss the opportunity of seeing a hot spring during the season. You can visit Sikkim and take the delight to the full and that too for free.

7. Flower festival in Sikkim

Since Sikkim marks the onset of beauty, you can find a large number of exotic flowers being grown in the state of Sikkim. This leads to the International Flower Festival. It is a unique festival which is celebrated in the entire Sikkim. This festival is celebrated in the gardens where you can get a view of a greater number of Flowers easily. People also bring their own flowers which they put in the festivals to give people a briefing of the same. The best time for the Flower Festival is from March to May. A famous flower festival known to the rest of India.

6. A state not by birth

Sikkim was not original born in the North East. Sikkim would have been a state of China but Sikkim was given a choice. It was given a decision to make whether Sikkim would want to join India as a state or it would want to be a part of China. Majority of the people in Sikkim voted to be a part of India and in that way, it joined Union of India. The moment was very historic for both Sikkim and India when it became a part of India. The vote was a whopping 97.23%.

5. Prayer flags in Sikkim

Sikkim is a state which follows the religion of Buddhism and as such the Buddhist put up prayer flags outside their homes. These flags are of varying colours. Every road and streets are filled up with these prayer flags. The flags are expected to bring happiness and prosperity to people. The prayer flags make a prayer to protect the environment and at the same time, also protect your health and mind.

4. Weather of Sikkim

Sikkim sees the sunlight in the early morning at 4 am and people of this region get up very early. They do their chores in a proper manner right from the morning. As the clock hits 6 pm, the weather becomes pitch black and sometimes light wind also flows from all directions. There are no specific timings for snowing or raining.

3. The cleanest state

Sikkim has been declared as the cleanest city by the State Government and it helps in the promotion of tourism in a cleaner way. Visitors love to come to this state because The Ministry of Tourism made its best efforts in every way possible.

2. Thangka Paintings

The Thangka Paintings are those religious scrolls which are painted in bright colours and used for chanting. These paintings are believed to keep devils away and it depends on the deity which is made on those scrolls. The walls are decorated only in the religious way and they are not decorated otherwise.

1. Presence of different bird species

Because of the presence of the dense forests, the state of Sikkim has over 556 different species of birds and also butterflies. Be it the vulture or Pheasant, everything is found in this place. You can enjoy yourself a lot here.

These are the top facts about Sikkim. Do plan for Sikkim in your next trip!