10 Interesting Facts about Haryana

Haryana was embossed out of Punjab in the year 1966 on the basis of linguistic. It shares the border with the national center from north and north-west way. It is among one of the states in India, where more than half of the populace is busy in farming and agricultural. Most of the people all across the world know Haryana as the land of champions because the athletes and players of Haryana get or win medals more than other states of India. Haryana is widely popular due to the traditional or conventional Lifestyle which is totally based on agriculture and farming.

If you are all set to check out some awesome details about Haryana then you will have to go through the following paragraph.

1. Historic Battles of Panipat & Kurukshetra

The land of Haryana is wildly popular due to 264 metals like the battle of Panipat and Battle of Maharashtra at Kurukshetra. Both have a special place in the history of India which you all know. The battle of Panipat was a special and memorable historic event in the history of India as well as the Mahabharata which was battled at the land of Kurukshetra. Haryana is widely known because of these two main places where the most destructive flights were fought.  As a person or new Traveler, you would be loved to visit both these cities and watch and explore some of the places where the insides of Battle still are present.

2. 100% rural electrification

Haryana is the first Indian state to have 100% rural electrification. You would feel happy to have your surprise to know that Haryana is the first ever Indian state to have 100% rural electrification which is really an interesting fact that nobody knows.

3. Largest exporter of Basmati rice

In India, You will find a lot of estates who provide for export basmati rice in a large amount. But you have to keep in mind that Haryana is the largest exporter of basmati rice when you talk about the largest rice exporter of basmati rice in India. This is yet another interesting fact that most of the people do not know about Haryana.  For a long time, Haryana is the main hub of basmati rice.  You will be able to see that fact by making an online search about the largest exporter of basmati rice in India.

4. It shares the capital city with Punjab “Chandigarh”

You will also have to keep in mind that Haryana is divided from Punjab and that is why Chandigarh is a joint or shared capital city of both Haryana and Punjab. When you want to know about the capital city of Haryana then you will have to speak the name of Chandigarh which is the capital city of both Haryana and Punjab. Chandigarh is known as the city beautiful and it is widely popular food places like the rose garden, Rock Garden and Sukhna Lake.

5. Hisar District extending traces of Harappa civilization

You may feel surprised after knowing that the Harappa civilization was extended from the Hisar district of Haryana. This is yet another awesome or interesting fact that most of the people do not know about Haryana.  To confirm the same case, you will have to go to some other online platforms that can help you to provide better information about the Harappa Civilization.                                                                                                          

6. Saraswati River flows through it

One should also have to keep in mind that Saraswati River flows through Haryana and that is why Haryana is always a beautiful place to visit. As a new Traveler, you would love to see the green environment and trees all across the Haryana whenever you want to visit here whether you want in some visit in summer or winter.

7. Land of sportspersons/ champions

In the 2010 commonwealth games, 22 out of 38 medals were won by Haryana. In some recent surveys and reports, it is confirmed that Haryana is one of the leading and dominant states of India which always comes first when the talk is all about winning medals in different-different Sports. The athletes of Haryana have taken its name for far away from other states of India.

8. Gurugram or Gurgaon City

Have you ever hear about the popularity and Lifestyle of the Cyber City or known as Gurugram or Gurgaon? If a reply comes more from your side then you are surely missing out something important about Haryana. Gurgaon is one of the most leading and highly developed cities of Haryana which is widely popular for industrial areas and technological work.  If you really want to visit one of the developed cities of Haryana then you will have to choose Gurugram without any kind of doubt whatsoever.

9. The Sultanpur Bird SANCTUARY

The Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary also is one of the most important and vital policies that you can visit in Haryana.  When you are looking for top 10 interesting facts about Haryana then this is yet another interesting fact that you need to know about Haryana. The Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary makes Haryana much more popular and awesome because of the scenes and natural environment that this Sanctuary has.

10. Cool buses of HARYANA

You would feel happy when you travel with the Haryana Roadways which are known as school buses of Haryana. The cool buses of Haryana are wildly popular for their speed, entertainment, and fun options.  This is yet another hidden interesting fact about Haryana that one should always know. If you are going to visit the Haryana then you would have to travel from one place to another we are these Haryana Roadways.

These are the top interesting facts that everyone should know about Haryana which is one of the most developed and richest Indian states. If you still have some doubts lab there in your mind about Haryana and the top interesting things about Haryana then you will have to go through some other similar online portals without asking anyone else.  You need to take some time reread all these upper listed things about Haryana one more time.

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