10 Interesting Facts About Dharamsala

India is a sub-continental country that is surrounded by the ocean on one side and by land on the other side. Being, a land of versatile culture, religion, tradition and only country to enjoy all the six forms of the season and  make India as one of the best tourist spots for them who ought to explore the world. India is a country of 29 states and each state has different culture and tradition. In, order to enjoy the taste and culture of different religion one must prefer to visit and explore the versatile land “India”.

When it comes to visit the best hill station in India there is only place where one can levy one “Dharamsala”. Dharamsala, a city which is one of the best hill stations in India. Dharamsala is in the states of Himachal Pradesh which is located at the upper reaches of the Kangravalley and shrouded with coniferous forest, which mainly consists of stately thick Deodar Cedar tree. Dharamsala is also quite popular as “Little Lhasa of India” which named after the capital city of Tibet and also sometime as a “Little Tibet in India”. The very reason is that Dharamsala is considered to be the ritualistic place for most of the Buddhism’s followers. There are many adventures and exciting places which can make your trip to Dharamsala a worthy one.

Beside this, some 10 interesting facts about Dharamsala are listed below:


10. Provides soothing to eyes and heart

Every hill station speaks its own spectrum, but Dharamsala is somehow far better than those hill stations. When you overlook the plains and those multi mountain chains of Himalaya, which are surrounded by thick Deodar trees makes the place look like a heaven on earth for visitors. Though, the place is instantly dominated by Tibetan community one can also feel the presence of colonial lifestyle and marks of British passionate still remains.

9. Loving and kind nature of people

Most of the people of Dharamsala are Buddhist’s followers, who follow the preaching of Gautam Buddha. This very following makes the neighboring people loving and kind by nature. The Dharamsala is the residing place of great follower of Buddhism Dalai Lamha, who have made this place as a shelter for thousand Buddhist followers. The preaching have largely helped the people to arouse with the feeling that being a part of the city,it’s our duty to help the tourist and treat them alike.

8. Silence of mountain and nature

Dharamsala is quite silence hill station where nature slow and steady breeze to make you feel fresh, besides this the spectacular beauty of Kangra valley with greenery postures makes the visitors holiday a quite memorable one.

7. Exciting and adventurous journey

Dharmsala is the place for trekking where many trekkers come in order explores the famous Mt. Dhauladhar by crossing several streams, rivers, the coniferous forest and some very high or steep rocky places of Mt. Dhauladhar. Dharamsala provides opportunities to explore the unveil Dharamsala valley either by visiting the small place name Mcleodganj or by offering them with the service of “Paragliding”. The city has some of the famous rock cut temples, caves, and famous Museum, which attracts most of the tourist attractions every year. Dharamsala is the best place of ardent adventurous people who want their trip to be never forgotten one.

6. Enjoy the Dharmsala new year in Tibetan way

Every culture and religion has its own way to celebrate their own new year in their own way.The same concept goes with the city Dharamsala. The city inhabitant people used to celebrate the Losar Festival, which celebrates every year as the New Year by the city people. If, someone wants to get involved in this festival are mostly welcome.

5. Holiest and religious city

The every corner of Dharamsala is deeply rooted in preaching and values of Buddhisms, which makes the city as a holy place for the ritualistic person. Dalai Lamha one of the great followers of Buddhisms when came in the year of 1969 from Tibet, decided to make Dharamsala as one of the religious and ritualistic place of Buddhism’s followers in India and even for the entire Buddhist follower. The place is filled some rare,ancient temple, along with only largest Buddha temple outside of Tibet.

4. Come across the Tibetan culture

People want to have a touch of foreign culture without going outside the native land by spending a handy amount. The city is a part of India, it makes us familiar with the culture and tradition of Tibet, which is a part of the neighbor country China. By, this essence people most often forgets where they have come. To enjoy the culture of Tibet one must visit the city Dharamsala.

3. Delicious food with taste of Tibet cuisine

The smell of Tibet noodles and mouth-watering taste is obviously making the visitors to visit the city once again. Dharamsala provides with some famous and popular restaurant and group of stall that makes you familiar with the real taste of Tibet.

2. Extol Environment

The environment and the temperature of Dharamsala during summer are best for those who love to visit the city. But, during mid-June when monsoon season commence it received the highest rainfall in the states which can ruin your trip to Dharamsala. Besides, this city has a more familiar environment with some spectacular snowfall during winter.

1. Historical place

Dharamsala was previously being ruled by Katoch Dynasty of Kangra. But, it faces a huge blow from the British that make them sign the treaty and handover the place under the custody of British government. This treaty is still kept in the museum of Dharamsala to reflect its glorious past.

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