10 Interesting Facts About Almora

With a distance covering 380 km from Delhi, Almora is present in the Kumaun region of Uttarakhand. Almore is present in the Himalayan region and the entire region is so beautiful and splendid in all its ways. The region is pictorized as a horse saddle shaped hill lock with thick pine trees covering the entire region. The city of Almore is buzzing with activities and the rich culture is worth looking out to. The Himalayan region makes this region so beautiful and add to the grandeur of natural beauty. Be it wildlife or handicrafts, Almora has a lot of provide to its visitors.

The top most interesting facts about Almora are listed as under:

Almora, Uttarakhand

10. Alpine forests and Chipko Movement

The Chipko Movement was introduced in the region of Uttarakhand because the people of this region are nature loving and love to protect plants and environment. The thick Alpine forests cover the region of Almora and it has dense forests where people can go for trekking. People don’t allow trees to be cut and try their best to protect them at all costs.

9. Badrinath Temple and Naini lake

The Naini Lake is considered a very sacred lake because Parts of Sita’s body fell into the Naini lake when Lora Shiva carried her around the world. Sita’s eyes fell into the waters which gave the name Naini lake. Badrinath temple is a famous temple where thousands of people pay homage to the Gods. The blowing of conch is strictly prohibited in this temple. The reason behind is the killing of Kedarnath by Agastaya.

8. Army man population is high in Almora

Almora and Uttarakhand has the highest population of army men staying in the place. It also has army from other states staying in Almora. The population of this region is very less because of the surroundings which has high peak mountains and forests.

7. Yoga is considered essential in this region

It is believed that Yoga first started in this region because of which it got the name of Yoga Capital of India. Religious people from different parts of the states come to Almora with spirituality in their minds. The amazing fact is that The famous Beatle’s gathered this place and their first album was written in this historic place. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi originated in this region who gave importance to Yoga and made this region famous for Yoga. He got his fame in the Transcendental meditation technique introduced by him.

6. Tungnath and Hemkund Sahib reign

Uttarakhand and Almora is famous because of Tungnath is the shrine of Lora Shiva and it is situated in the altitude of 4000 m which is considered as the highest altitude. It is the highest shrine in the world and none other has been made in this way. The other is the Hemkund Sahib Temple which is located at height of 4600 m and it is the highest placed temple in the world.

5. The story of Ruskin Bond and Balmithai

Almora is famous for its sweets and snacks which are unique and innovative. The most famous one out of them is the Bal Mithai which is a sweet chocolate fudge , made from roasting of Khoya. As the final touch, white sugar balls are placed on top of the mithai as decoration. Ruskin Bond, the world famous writer, lived in Missouri and made his stories. His stories revolved around the interesting stories of the Himalayan region.

4. Location of Tehri Dam

Tehri Dam is placed on Bhagirathi river and the Tehri dam is the biggest dam in India. The Tehri Dam is situated in Uttarakhand and makes it a place worth visiting. The height of the dam is 261 metres. The dam is used for many useful purposes such as irrigation, etc. It is the main source of water supply to the region. Hydro power generation is conducted in the Tehri dam which helps to generate current even at times of power failure.

3. The wide use of Sanskrit

Uttarakhand is the only place in India which has a strong use of Sanskrit in its dialects and Sanskrit is used by the people of Almora in their daily language. Sanskrit is also taught in the schools as an important language and so it is taken as the official language of the state.

2. The presence of Nanda Devi

The highest mountain range of Nanda Devi is situated in this region. The Nanda Devi National Park is considered as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Another fascinating place located here is the Valley of Flowers which holds various exotic flowers within its lands. Some of the endangered animals present here are the Asiatic Black bear, snow leopard, blue sheep, etc. The height of Nanda Devi is 7,816 m and people love to trek around the neighbouring mountains.

1. Jim Corbett National Park

A famous National Park established in the year 1936, the Jim Corbett National Park is known to preserve and protect the Royal Bengal Tiger which has now become an endangered species. It holds within itself riverine belts, large lakes and also hills which give a soothing and fantastic view of the entire land. Thousands of visitors come to the park every year.

These are some of the fascinating facts about Uttarakhand and Almora. A place known for its majestic beauty, Almora defined beauty in royal sense!