Domicile Certificate Haryana: Application Procedure & Eligibility

Haryana is a state in Northern India and it had been through several social issues. One of the issue that Haryana had been through is the imbalanced sex ratio. In such a case, the government is working on several schemes to encourage parents to teach the girl child. This is not only beneficial for the society but also the country. With time, things are changing and the girls are now excelling in everything.

To encourage people, the government has many schemes in place and you must know that these schemes are restricted to the residents of Haryana as the schemes are funded by the state government. One of the important document to avail the benefits of these schemes is the Domicile Certificate and if you are confused about the process to apply for Domicile Certificate in Haryana then do not worry as we have listed all the information in this single article.

Below are the details of eligibility criteria, documents required and application procedure for Domicile Certificate in Haryana.

Domicile Certificate

Eligibility Criteria to get Domicile Certificate in Haryana

Eligibility Criteria to get Domicile Certificate in Haryana are

  • The applicant should be living in Haryana for a period of 3 years and in addition to this, the parents of the applicant should be living in Haryana for at least fifteen years.
  • The female applicant can skip the criteria if she is married to a domicile of Haryana.

Documents required to get Domicile Certificate in Haryana

Let us now look at the documents required to get the Domicile Certificate.

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Bank Passbook with Address and Updated Entries
  • Birth Certificate
  • Driving License
  • Employment Certificate (in Cases where Applicable)
  • Electricity Bill
  • House Tax Form
  • Land Ownership Documents
  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • Ration Card
  • School Certificate
  • Self-Attested Certificate for Domicile
  • Tehsil Inquiry Report (If Applicable)
  • Voter ID Card
  • Water Bill

It is mandatory to submit a document in each category and you will find more information about this on the form.

Online Procedure to get Domicile Certificate in Haryana

The application procedure for getting Domicile Certificate in Haryana has been made available online. Follow the steps listed below to apply for one.

  • You can use Saral Haryana portal to avail all such services. The link to the portal is
  • Start by registering for the portal so that you can login to the portal. If you already registered for the portal, start by logging in to the portal.
  • After logging in to the portal, click on Apply for Services. This option is available on the left side of the screen. More options will be displayed and from these, select view Services.
  • A list of services will now be displayed. From this list, select Haryana Resident Certificate (Domicile Certificate). Click on Apply button corresponding to the service.
  • Fill in the application and upload the document. Once that is done, click on the Submit Ensure that you have reviewed the details before submitting the form.
  • It will take about 2 weeks of time to complete the request. Post verification, the domicile certificate will be issued to you and you can download the Domicile Certificate from the same website by going on view Status of Application

This was the online process to apply for Domicile Certificate in Haryana. It should be noted that the certificate is valid for lifetime and you do not have to apply it again and again.

Offline procedure to get Domicile Certificate in Haryana

If you are not comfortable with the online process then you can visit the Common Service Center setup by Municipal in Haryana. You can obtain the form from there and submit it after filling the form. Do not forget to attach the self-attested documents to the form. The domicile will be issued within 2 weeks and once the domicile has been issued, you can visit the Common Service Center and obtain the same.

This was the process to get the Domicile Certificate in Haryana. For any questions, you can visit the Saral Haryana website or you can also seek the answers to your questions from the Common Service Centres.

Keep the document safely and you can also request multiple copies of the same document so that you do not end up losing the certificate.

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