Top 10 Most Common Health Related Issues in India Today

India in recent years becomes more technology friendly with rapid growth in the usage of technology in different sectors, health related issues with newly defined bugs and viruses trends the field of health related issues in India. Talking with the experts with new finding and most threatening amongst the list of disease in the recent years, massive growth is seen with issues Swine Flu, AIDS, and Obesity in children.

We have combined the list of top 10 health related issues that created an alarming situation in the seventh largest country in India. As per the doctors, we need to take top precautions against these issues as they can later develop as epidemic like the situation in India. After sharing with health experts and doctors, also talking with people, in general, we have graphed the list, a shocking revelation about certain concerns needs immediate attention. India is the country with the highest population of young people, in order to develop well and compete with shoulder to shoulder with different countries around the world. We all need to pledge for a disease free India, look at the list and educate your friends and family.

10. Obesity

We usually tag the problem with the middle-aged people and in most cases, western countries are fighting against Obesity as it leads to different problems related to heart health. Shockingly in the recent years not only population above 40, teenager and children are prey to Obesity. Children experience the problem that needs later attention during old age as hospitals are flooded with children with problem asthma, joint pain, and high blood pressure.

9. Diabetes


You will be shocked to know that 9 out of 10 people in India are suffering from diabetes with type 2 category, many people don’t even know about the problem at an early stage as extensive knowledge about the disease is not available. People only know about the problem at an extreme level that needs many precautions. Diabetes leads to a range of problems erectile, dysfunction, kidney disease and concern for the eyesight.

8. Unintentional injuries

In medical terms, you can call it Unintentional injuries but locally injuries and deaths caused by accidents carry major portion while talking about medical concerns in India. As per the WHO report, Accidents causes the highest enemy of life with a third largest cause of death around the world. The rate of unintentional injury rises as 1 out of 4 patients in an Emergency department are an accidental case.

7. Depression


One of the most concerning and look into health concern in India is depression, the feeling of loneliness that later develops in depressions. Signs are sleeplessness, headache, suicidal tendency and much more, as per research the problem of depression strikes women more than men. Depression sometimes fades away with good things in life, if not it needs medical attention and it is not any mental disease.

6. Osteoporosis

The disease or we can say health issue with roots bone density and weaker bones formation largely hits women. The development of bone is affected from the early age and you need to observe it in girls, these problems don’t bother during early life but show color as you hit age 30. The body develops bones till age 30 and stops after that, weaker bones needed to be filled with vitamins as fracture after 30 may develop as serious issue.

5. Reproductive Issues

Reproductive issues and infertility in men and women both has seen a great rise in the recent years, stress and hectic life schedule have developed these problems majorly. Research has shown that the problems are related to mostly with complications in pregnancy and closely spaced birth erode that directly connected to mother’s nutrition. Unwanted pregnancy and unsafe abortions are other negative consequences.

4. Swine Flu

One of the latest inclusion in the list of highest health hazard in India, Swine Flu is still one of the most dangerous bugs in India. Government examine thoroughly and screen the travelers from Mexico and the United States as the region suffered highest casualties for HINI Virus. Till date, there are confirmed up to 850+ death confirmed with the bug. The symptoms of the disease are several with sudden chill, cough, sour throat, fatigue that leads to death in extreme cases.


HIV AIDS, the incurable disease and one of the strongest virus that confirms slow death also seen a great hike in India. The sex worker culture and unnatural way of sex with no safety measure taken have seen more and more population affected with AIDS. Disease linked to word sex and drugs still stands as taboo for the Indian population, most of us don’t know extensive knowledge about the disease. There are lots of rumors and confusion amongst people for the disease and we need to increase awareness about the disease.

2. Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer

Cancer leads painful death, but in the recent surveys, the patient suffering from different forms of cancer has shown a great increase in the percentage of successfully diagnosed. Most common cancer types for men are skin, lung, prostate and testicular, for women the most number of the complaint is registered for breast cancer.

1. Heart Disease

heart care

Heart Disease is the number one killer of men and women both, the shocking survey shows 75% of Indian population will suffer heart-related disease by the year 2020. Heart disease problems are shifting its prey from old age people to 30-40 year age people, stress and unhealthy lifestyle lead Heart-related problems. Exercising and proper meal with nutrients can compress your chances to suffer Heart Disease.

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