Character Sketch Of Homeopathy In The Snake And The Mirror

In the story “The Snake and the Mirror,” written by Vaikom Muhammad Basheer, Homeopathy plays a significant role as a supporting character. Homeopathy is portrayed as a method of healing that helps the protagonist, the narrator of the story, overcome his fear and find solace in a seemingly dire situation.

Homeopathy is personified as a gentle and compassionate force throughout the narrative. When the narrator, who is terrified of snakes, finds himself locked inside a room with a deadly cobra, he panics and feels helpless. However, Homeopathy serves as a metaphorical guide and source of comfort, providing a glimmer of hope amidst the chaos.

Homeopathy’s character is symbolized by the medicine kit belonging to the doctor living next door, which contains the antidote for snake venom. The medicine kit represents not only the physical cure for the narrator’s potential snakebite but also the emotional healing and courage that Homeopathy brings.

Throughout the story, Homeopathy’s presence is subtle yet powerful. It represents the narrator’s belief in the healing powers of nature and his faith in a system of medicine that treats like with like. Homeopathy embodies the idea of finding balance and harmony within oneself and with the natural world.

As the narrator contemplates his predicament and observes the snake, he begins to connect with the snake’s beauty and grace, ultimately losing his fear. Homeopathy’s influence is evident in the transformation of the narrator’s perspective, as it helps him overcome his phobia and find a newfound appreciation for life.

In summary, Homeopathy in “The Snake and the Mirror” is depicted as a benevolent and guiding force that aids the protagonist in his personal growth and conquering his fear. Its character symbolizes the power of healing, both physically and emotionally, and the ability to find harmony within oneself and the natural world.

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