How to Block / Unblock HSBC Bank Credit Card Via IVRS, SMS, Internet Banking & Mobile Banking

HSBC Bank is a leading private bank in India and the bank is a popular one among corporates as well as among the high net worth individuals. The one service that bank offers to everyone is the HSBC Credit Card. There are premium cards in the portfolio of HSBC which are partnered with Visa and MasterCard. No matter which card you choose, the spending on your card ensures that you are rewarded with cash back, lounge visits and much more.

If you already have an HSBC Card if by any chance you lost your HSBC Card then do not worry as you can block your HSBC Card and it will be hotlisted. In this article, we have listed the process to hotlist your HSBC Credit Card so that you do not have to worry about your card falling in the wrong hands.

Below are the different ways to block your HSBC Credit Card

HSBC Bank Credit Card

Steps to Block HSBC Bank Credit Card using IVRS

If you wish to block your HSBC Credit Card via IVRS then the process is quite easy. All you have to do is that you have to call the Phone Banking Number. Once you are on the phone, dial in the correct IVRS Menu Option and an agent will validate your details.

The agent will then block your credit card and you can also request the agent for the replacement of the credit card. The agent will explain you about the charges and other details associated with replacement of your credit card.

The Phone Banking Number for HSBC are – 1860 108 7788 & 1860 500 2277

If you are overseas and you lost your card, you can then dial 040- 67173402 or 080-49089632

Steps to Block HSBC Bank Credit Card using Internet Banking

HSBC Bank doesn’t allow the user to block the Credit Cards using the HSBC Internet Banking. Once you login to account, you will notice the button for Lost or Stolen Credit Card but the page will advise you to contact the helpline numbers immediately to get the cards blocked. In such a case, you can use the numbers mentioned above and the customer’s service executive will help you in blocking the card.

Steps to Block HSBC Bank Credit Card using Mobile Banking

HSBC also offers a mobile app but again, you won’t be able to block the HSBC Credit Card using the HSBC Mobile Banking App. Once again, you will have to call the customer service to get the HSBC Card Blocked so have the phone numbers ready for yourself to deal with all these emergency situations.

These were the different ways to block your HSBC Card. While calling the customer care, you can also request for a replacement for your HSBC Card. The number changes but everything else remains the same. For any other information, contact the HSBC Helpline and ensure that you do not share any personal or card related details with anyone.

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