Top 10 Best Toilet Seat Brands in India

In India, the phrase “commode” is typically used to refer to a Western-style toilet seat. In contrast to the conventional toilet seats which are rather popular in India, the use of toilet seats has expanded dramatically over the years. Most toilets, as you probably already know, are considered sanitaryware.

The commodes are all the same in terms of functionality; however the case has some cosmetic differences. The most cutting-edge plumbing fixtures and fittings can be found in the bathrooms of those who seek to differentiate themselves through such means.

If you want to find a good toilet seat, look for one that is sturdy and provides a level surface for sitting on. They are also simple to open and close and remain in the desired position. It is also composed of high-quality material that resists stains and can be cleaned with a simple wipe. This article provides a list of toilet seats that adhere to these guidelines.

List of Top Toilet Seat Brands in India

1. Sanque

The Sanque Commodes are a sleek and functional toilet seat cover that will elevate the look of your lavatory. High-quality ceramic was used to create the commode, and the bright white glaze gives it a sleek and modern appearance. This toilet is both practical and attractive, thanks to its ceramic construction, which is both long-lasting and simple to keep clean.

In addition, the toilet asks for no maintenance only simple cleaning, making it ideal for your household.

2. Hindware

Hindware Toilet Seat

This Indian market for sanitary ware has been dominated by the Hindware brand for the past 60 years. Company name changed from Hindustan Sanitary ware and Industries Limited, which it adopted in 1960, to simply “Hindware.” Several plants and factories in the states of Haryana & Andhra Pradesh allow Hindware to produce almost 3 million units of sanitaryware annually. And when you compare the final items to those in the Hindware commode collection, you’ll see that they’re of a far higher quality and greater durability.

3. Jaquar

No other company can match the quality and variety that Jaquar offers its consumers when it refers to toilet seats, sanitary ware, and other bath fixtures. When it comes to commodes, Jaquar offers the most stylish and up-to-date options available. Jaquar’s toilets aren’t the cheapest on this Indian market, but the high quality they provide more than makes up for the higher price tag.

4. Cera

It would be dishonest of us to compile a list of the best toilet seat brands in India and leave out Cera. While Cera has made a name for itself as a leading producer of ceramic tiles in the country, it has also earned a stellar reputation as a leading producer of high-quality bathroom fixtures and toilet seats.

The toilet seats from Cera are among the most cost-effective on the recommended list, without sacrificing quality. You’ll love Cera India’s extensive selection of bathtubs, sinks, and toilets. Cera’s toilets aren’t flashy, but they do offer a contemporary look and superior construction compared to the competition.

5. Kohler

Without a possibility of a doubt, brand called Kohler would be at the very top of a list of the greatest international sanitaryware brands now ruling the Indian market. In spite to popular belief, the Kohler Company was founded in Usa by Michael Kohler in 1873. The best quality faucets, fixtures, and sanitaryware can all be found at Kohler India. Even though Kohler is a reputable brand, its products aren’t the cheapest on the market, and that’s why it comes in top list.

Get their toilet seat for your home since it’s so comfortable and because the grip-tight bumpers on the bottom keep it from moving around. It’s easy to open and close, and the seat glides silently shut. To make cleaning the toilet easier, you can take the seat off its hinges and lift it away from the bowl. It’s also possible to install this product safely without using any instruments because to its “fast attach” function.

6. Parryware

Customers frequently make comparisons between Parryware and Cera’s toilet seat offerings. This is because their inventory is just as adaptable, and their prices are quite similar. As a result, consumers are compelled to draw parallels between the two brands, despite the fact that each has its own set of benefits. Thankfully, the quality of Parryware’s products is not compromised by their greater style and sophistication.

When you are finished using the restroom, simply close the elongated toilet seat with a gentle touch on the lid. It closes quietly and slowly on its own without making any noise. In addition, the quality self-closing seats is made of durable polypropylene plastic that won’t peel or fade over time. This toilet seat are equipped with metal and plastic screws, plastic and rubber padding to protect the seat’s hinge, and two rubber pads for added comfort.

7. Kriss Kross

KrissKross toilets are well-known for their superior build quality, sleek design, dependability and polished finish. This sleek, Italian-made toilet can be installed on the flooring and boasts a soft-closing seat.

KrissKross’s toilets are updated, have quick-release seats that softly close when not in use.

It is made up of Porcelain, giving the impression of seamlessness and making cleanup a breeze. It has a Modern and chic Italian design which can be installed on the ground.

The KrissKross Commode is a ceramic toilet that is designed to be mounted on the floor. It’s offered in a sleek European design and features a trendy square shape. In addition, its smooth exterior makes it simple to disinfect.

8. B Backline

B Backline’s ceramic closet is a work of art, with its symmetrical, modern silhouette and rounded edges. Its elegant form makes it adaptable to many different decors. The toilet seat also has a silent, quick-release mechanism. This is a great option for families with young children and light sleepers because the seat and lid both close quietly and gently.

9. Belmonte

When looking for the top toilet paper brands or manufacturers in India, you might not come across Belmonte. Even though it is a relatively unknown name in India, the brand enjoys a devoted following.

You can get the impression that Belmonte product offerings lack cohesion in terms of design and style. Yet, traditional and fashionable sanitary gear constitutes the mainstay of this company’s product line.

Contemporary bathrooms in the West typically include one-piece toilets, which are constructed from a one ceramic piece. Belmonte’s toilets are available in a rainbow of colours and styles, all of which feature a sleek, unbroken finish.

10. InArt

The InArt Commode’s high-quality construction and meticulous attention to detail makes it look like something out of a museum. The hinges on the closet’s strong bench allow for smooth closing. The InArt Toilet seat is a great choice for a new toilet because of its sleek design and sturdy build.

With its modern design and convenient features, the InArt Toilet seat is an excellent choice for any bathroom. This toilet is constructed of high-quality ceramic, making it long-lasting and simple to maintain. This toilet has a tank that is hidden under the bowl, making it ideal for those who value aesthetics. The push-button flush method is not only convenient, but also produces a powerful and thorough flush.

Are sick of hearing the slam every time you close the toilet seat? For those who answered yes, consider their spherical toilet seat with a lid that closes gently and silently without requiring any bending. You can also use force to push it closed if you’re in a hurry. The toilet seat may be quickly detached from the bowl, allowing for thorough cleaning and sanitization and preventing unpleasant odors from lingering in the bathroom.


Now that you are in the know, here are 2022’s top toilet brands in India. In addition, using this list as a guide, selecting a commode or toilet seat in India will be hassle-free.

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