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Best of Luck Nikki, a show on Disney Channel India, debuted on April 3, 2011. The program is based on the American serial Good Luck Charlie and is being adapted for an Indian audience. There are clear parallels to this Good Luck Charlie in the show’s premise, advertising, and even opening credits.

Nikki, the main character is born in the second episode of the pilot, which sets it apart from the American version.

Phil Baker & Drew Vaupen, who developed the series, set out to make something that would be enjoyed by adults and children alike. The story follows the Singh family, a Sikh family, as they readjust to life with the arrival of Nikki Singh, their fourth child.

Dolly Singh makes a video journal for Nikki in each episode, giving her guidance on dealing with family and being a teenager. Dolly hopes that by showing Nikki what she could experience in the video journal, Nikki would be better prepared to handle life on her own when she is older and she is no longer dependent on her.

Best Of Luck Nikki TV Show

The original release of this show from 3 April 2011 to 16 April 2016

Best Of Luck Nikki TV Show Wiki

The story revolves around the Singh family as they readjust to life with Nikki Singh, their fourth child. They urge their three older children—Rohan, Dolly, and Sunny —to assist take care of their younger sibling while their parents, Hemani , a nurse, & Avatar an electrician, go back to work.

Rohan, Dolly and Sunny are three friends who are all trying to navigate the trials of adolescence at the same time.

Dolly is keeping a video journal for her younger sister, and each incident provides fodder for a new entry. After both are grown up & Dolly moves away, Nikki may go to the tapes for guidance, which is something Dolly believes would be helpful. Additionally, she always signs off with “Best of Luck Nikki” at the conclusion of the videos.

Till date, 4 seasons of this show has been released. After much anticipation, the last season of the show finally arrived.  In this season everyone had aged. Avatar is having a hard time getting their older home in order, so he’s been keeping family members in a one-room apartment in the meanwhile.

A new apartment has been found for Rohan and Popi. While Dolly is starting an internship with her dad in journalism, Rohan is off to culinary school. While Sunny began dating Riya granddaughter of Roli aunty, she began dating her father’s helper Avishkaar.

Himani has her sixth child and continues to host at her news station while Roha runs a food truck with Avatar, Dolly goes to Mumbai to further her education, Bobby becomes the chhota shaitan, and Nikki finally accepts Bobby and Kritika as her siblings.

Last video diary entry of Dolly has been done, and Nikki plans to continue the tradition with Kookie (Kritika) by recording videos for her.

Best Of Luck Nikki Characters Name List

1. Nikki (Anannya Kolvankar)

She is the youngest Singh sibling, after his brother Sunny. She is often shown in a positive light, and is seldom seen to be sad or angry.

2. Dolly Singh (Sheena Bajaj)

She is younger sister of Rohan & the eldest sibling of Nikki, Sunny, Bobby, & Kookie, making her the second-oldest kid in the Singh family.

3. Himani (Gurdeep Punj)

She is a mother of Rohan, Sunny, Bobby, Dolly, Kookie, and Nikki.

4. Sunny (Aakash Nair)

He is middle son of Singh Family, the most mischievous and trouble maker.

5. Avatar singh (Gireesh Sahedev)

He plays the role of father and owns an electrical firm

6. Rohan Singh (Murtuza Kutianawala)

He is the eldest sibling of all, portrayed as childish and careless boy.

7. Bobby Singh (Lakshay Dhamija)

He is the 5th sibling in this show.

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