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Up till February 2023, Praveen Bennett directed and Global Villagers produced the Indian Tamil drama Raja Rani 2. Due to his other responsibilities, he was replaced as director in March 2023 by relative newcomer Ramesh Bharathi.

The show can be shown on Star Vijay & can be streamed online through Disney+ Hotstar. Due to fluctuating ratings, the show ran for 643 episodes from its debut on October 12, 2020, until its cancellation on April 21, 2023. It’s based on the Hindi show “Diya Aur Baati Hum” on Star Plus. However, the story is told in a different way later on.

Sandhya is played in the beginning by Alya Manasa. Due to her pregnancy, Sandhya was replaced by Riya Vishwanath in February 2022. After experiencing mental health problems, the role of Sandhya was taken over by popular Asha V. Gowda in March 2023. Sidhu Sid & Praveena are also featured prominently in the show.


Raja Rani 2 Serial Wiki

Sandhya is the protagonist of this tale. She has high standards for herself and a solid academic background. Sandhya aspires to join the IPS. Her dad had the same ambition.  She and Saravanan tie the knot. His level of education is low. He’s owns a sweet shop and belongs to an average Tamil Nadu family.

Despite hailing from a middle-class background, self-made husband and father Saravanan is the rock upon whom his passionate wife Sandhya may build her career as an IPS officer. After losing her parents in a terrorist strike, Sandhya’s hopes and ambitions crumble to pieces.

Her brother Mani plans to take the family overseas, so he arranges for her to marry Saravanan, whose stern mother Sivagami expects her to be a plain, non-college educated housewife. As soon as Sivagami finds out that she is well-educated but lacks culinary skills, she scolds her. Sandhya abandons her academic pursuits and career goals in favor of her new duties as wife and eldest daughter-in-law.

Saravanan soon learns about Sandhya’s ambition to join the IPS and rallies behind her. He enrolls her in a good university.

Sivagami manipulates Sandhya into becoming the top cadet so that she may be stationed at their hometown. When Sandhya initially has trouble keeping up with the training, IPS Gauri makes fun of her. Her friend and teammate Abdul teases her all the time. Sandhya suddenly passes out while working one day.

She begins to have second thoughts about her pregnancy and discusses them with Saravanan. It comes out that Sandhya is pregnant when she gets a pregnancy test. Sandhya has apprehensions about the future. However, Sandhya’s pregnancy has brought joy to Sivagami’s heart.

After picking up Sandhya from school, Sivagami and Saravanan are stopped by Sandhya’s classmate, who reveals that Sandhya is not pregnant and that the pregnancy test was inaccurate. Sandhya has picked back up her training and is aiming for the most prestigious cadet award.

Characters Real name list

1. Saravanan Sundaram (Sidhu Sid)

Sidhu Sid is a popular name in the Tamil cinema and television business. He was born in India. He became famous because of the Colors Tamil show Thirumanam.

2. Sandhya (Asha V Gowda)

She is a popular Tamil actress and model, known for her remarkable performances in TV shows.

3. Sundaram (Saivam Ravi)

He is a well-known actor in Tamil TV shows.

4. Sivagami Sundaram (Praveena Lalithabhai)

Praveena Lalitha Bhai has been acting professionally since 1992. Her roles have ranged from mother to sister to sister-in-law.

Other casts

This include Archana Kumar playing roles of VJ Archana, Mayilu by Navya Suji, Jessi by Sangeetha, Valli Patti by Srilekha Rajendran, Balamurugan by Ashwin Kannan, etc.

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