Top 10 Best Movies of Tottempudi Gopichand

Tottempudi Gopichand is a Telugu film actor. His father is filmmaker Krishna. Gopichand has an Engineering degree from Russia. Once he returned to India he took up a course in dialogue modulation and made his debut in the Telugu film Tholi Valapu. In the second movie he played the role of villain. The movie Jayam, which was his second film, was a huge success, and he acted as villain itself in the movies Nijam and Varsham. And later played the lead role in Yagnam and has acted as lead actor in many films.

Top 10 best movies of Gopichand are

Tottempudi Gopichand

10. Jil (2015)

This movie hit the screens in March 2015. In this movie Gopichand dons the role of a fire officer and he tries to save Prudhvi, who is the right hand of the villain. But the villain starts chasing him, his friends and family. Why he chases them is the crux of the story. He stars opposite Raashi Khanna and the movie garnered positive response from viewers across the globe. Gopichand was praised for his style, in this movie.

9. Souryam (2008)

Gopichand plays the role of Vijay a youngster, who goes to Kolkata for his studies. He is being searched by a gang of goons there. He falls in love with a student Swetha (Anushka Shetty) and he protects Divya (Poonam Kaur). The purpose of his coming to Kolkata and how he resolves the problem is the story.  Gopichand was appreciated for his dialogue delivery and punch dialogues, to the villain.

8. Andhurudu (2005)

In this movie Gopichand starred opposite GowriPandit. It is a love story and Gopichand was applauded for his acting, in this film.

7. Ranam (2006)

This movie portrays the duel between the hero Gopichand who plays the role of Chinna and the villain, when the hero falls in love with the villain’s sister (played by Kamna Jethmalani). The film was an entertainer and celebrated 100 day runs in more than 24 centres. This movie was remade in Kannada as Bhadra and in Oriya as Mahanayak.

6. Varsham (2004)

This movie was a huge commercial success. Gopichand plays the role of an antagonist, who falls for the heroine (Trisha), who is in love with Prabhas, who has co-starred in this film. Varsham completed 100 days in about 68 centres in the state and grossed a huge amount of Rs.22 crores at the box office.  It is a story of the young couple, Trisha and Prabhas, who accidentally, meet when it is raining and fall in love. Incidentally, it rains, whenever the couple meet each other. Meanwhile the antagonist Gopichand too, falls for the heroine and is ready to do anything to win her hand. He uses the drunkard father of the heroine to get his ways. What happens next? is the story.

5. Okkadunadu (2007)

This title means, There is one man. It is an action thriller starring Gopichand and Neha Jhulka in the lead roles for male and female respectively.  Gopichand acts as Kiran. It was a perfect thriller and it reigned the Telugu industry during that period, It was again a huge success for Gopichand to savor. This movie won the Telugu Audio Crown for the year from Keeravani.

4. Golimaar (2010)

This film grossed a collection of Rs 25 crores and completed a run of 50 days in over 79 centres. Gopichand plays the role of an orphan, whose dream is to become a police officer. He somehow manages to become a police officer. He kills the dons in the city, within a few days of his appointment and is elevated to the post of an encounter specialist, to put to an end the atrocities of two notorious gangsters. How he does this is the crux of the story.  This movie is made interestingly and provides ample opportunities to showcase his acting skills. Priya Mani plays the heroine.

3. Sahasam (2013)

This was a blockbuster hit film. In this film Gopichand has played the role of a poor, hardworking young man. He works as a security guard, but is fired for some reason. Subsequently, he comes across terrorists, who are in India to loot the treasure of King Kanishka. How he goes about preventing this from happening is the story.  Gopichand, has played the role perfectly well.

2. Jayam (2002) (2003)

Jayam earned about 160 million rupees in the box office. Gopichand played the role of a villain in this movie. This was his second film after his debut in the Telugu film. He plays the cousin of the heroine, to whom she has been engaged in her childhood days. The heroine falls in love with a college boy and elopes with him on the day of the marriage. They are being chased by the villain and finally the hero emerges as the winner. Gopichand through his body language and ruthless behavior created an impact in this movie and he did the same role in the Tamil version of the movie in 2003.

1. Loukyam (2014)

This film has Gopichand starring as a young man who has a solution for every problem. He falls in love with the heroine and the rest of the movie is about, how he is going to face the girl’s brother and diplomatically, solve the problems to get his girl. This film grossed INR 21.55 crores at the box office.

We could only try to group the top 10 best movies that he has acted in. There will always be a debate as to what his best movie is and not, since he has performed both lead roles and villain roles.

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