10 Best Mosquito Foldable Nets In India 2022

Mosquito nets have been used since prehistoric times. There are pieces of evidence that show that the mosquito nets were used during ancient Indian times, i.e., during the medieval ages. There are many citations present in the classical literature of India. It is one of the most effective ways to protect us from the bites of disease-causing mosquitoes, fleas, flies, and other insects.

The rainy season in some regions of India is heavy. Also, there are improper drainage facilities that lead to logging of water in some roads or gardens near your houses, and this logged water becomes a breeding ground for disease-causing mosquitoes and insects. Sometimes, the diseases caused by insects and mosquitoes become life-threatening. Therefore, the mosquito nets become crucial, especially during monsoon season.

Newborn babies need the utmost level of protection. Mosquito repellents can be harmful to you and your kid’s health. In such cases baby Mosquito nets are the most comfortable and preferable ways to have a healthy and peaceful sleep.  They can be folded easily and save a lot of your space. You can even wash them in simple and easy steps. The mosquito nets come in various sizes ranging from single beds to super king-sized beds. You can choose the mosquito net according to the size of your bed. The mosquito nets also come in a variety of colors so that you can select your favorite color.

Best Foldable Mosquito Nets In India

This article is intended to provide you information about some of the best foldable mosquito nets that are available in the Indian market, however if you are in search of best mosquito nets for windows then you can try out our this this article best mosquito nets for windows. Most of the listed foldable mosquito nets are of advanced types, and they are manufactured, keeping in mind the taste of the Indian population. This article will help you select the best mosquito net so that you can protect your family and loved ones from dangerous mosquitoes and insects. Go ahead and thank us later.

1. Classic Mosquito Net Foldable

Classic Mosquito Net Foldable King Size

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If you are looking to buy a mosquito net that fits your King or queen size bed easily without any issue, then the Classic Mosquito net would be a right product for you. This mosquito net is stylish and is of good quality. This mosquito net is quite exceptional and stress-free. It assists you to keep yourself away from the mosquitoes and insects.

The Classic mosquito net helps you keep your near and dear ones away from awful diseases such as malaria, filarial, and dengue. It is crafted by using spring steel expertise frames that turn it flexible and secure. There are zippers present on two sides for exit and entry.

The Classic mosquito net is6.15ftx6.15ft in size. This mosquito net is the most comfortable mosquito net available in India. It can accommodate beds of King and super king sizes. The net is washable. It has steel wires that are resistant to corrosion. This net can also be folded easily in less than half a minute. The walls do not need to be nailed as this net is self-supporting.

Folding and unfolding the mosquito net every day is quite frustrating for some people. This mosquito net can easily be folded. It is easy to carry. The net offers a healthy environment for you to sleep in without any worries.

The storage bag provided is free without extra charges. The net often comes with patches so that you can cover any accidental holes in the mosquito net in the future.


  • The net has zipper gates for ease in entry or exit.
  • The mosquito net is washable.


  • This mosquito net is quite expensive.

2. Healthy Sleeping Mosquito Net

Healthy Sleeping Foldable Polyester Double Bed Mosquito Net

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Are you one of those persons who are allergic to the polluting mosquito sprays and coils? If yes, then this Healthy sleeping foldable polyester double bed mosquito net is best for you. This net provides a great defense against mosquitos, flies, and other insects. Monsoon season brings with it some of the creepiest insects and diseases such as dengue, malaria, several types of encephalitis. This mosquito net defends you from all of them. The Healthy sleeping mosquito net provides you a defensive shield against those threats.

This net is light in weight and is foldable as well. It is also portable so that you can carry the net wherever you want to. Additionally, the net can be folded and assembled in less than half a minute.

The net comes in a cute pink color, which is like most by the girls. This makes the net perfect for your kid’s room. This net is made up of polyester material. It has 182.88 cm x 182.88 cm x 124.96 cm dimensions. The mesh of this net is fine, which provides excellent protection from almost all kinds of insects. There is storage provided with the net; it is free of cost. The net also has large zippers on two sides; these zippers serve for the entry and exist in the net.

This net can accommodate a king-size bed, double bed, super king-size bed, and a queen-size bed.


  • The zippers are of good quality.
  • The net is easily washable.
  • It is also easy to assemble.


  • The net is made up of polyester.
  • The process of folding is quite time-consuming.

3. Classic Mosquito Net

Classic Mosquito Net Foldable Single Bed

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The Classic mosquito net has an easy installation process. It pops up automatically and immediately. This net comes in generous sizes that can fit comfortably in any size of bed from King sized beds to super King-sized beds and from queen-sized beds to single beds.

The net consists of zippers. These zippers are large that helps in entry and exit inside the net. This mosquito net is made up of a very soft fabric. It has teeny tiny holes that keep the mosquitos and other insects away while allowing air inside. This leads you to a very peaceful and comfortable sleep.

The Classic mosquito net (single bed) is of 200*120*130 cm. i.e., 6.56*3.94*4.26 Ft and can accommodate beds of individual sizes. The net can be washed so easily. The steel wires that are provided in the net are resistant to corrosion. There is no need to nail the walls of your home as the net is self-supporting.

The net pops up automatically and immediately. It can be folded and assembled within half a minute. A storage bag is provided with the net, which is free of cost. The net even comes along with some patches so that you can easily cover the accidental holes in the future. The zipper gate provides you a convenient and easy entry and exit. The net can be folded and carried easily. It offers a super healthy and safe environment for people to sleep.


  • The net is travel-friendly.
  • The net is made up of good quality material. It cannot be easily torn.


  • The size is quite wider than the bed.
  • The color of the net turns pale after some time.

4. Healthgenie Mosquito Net

Healthgenie Foldable Mosquito Net for Double Bed

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The Healthgenie foldable mosquito net is straightforward to use. You will not face any folding issues as the net is perfect in fit and has a chain that makes the net easily accessible. This net is easy to carry. You can carry it along with you in the holidays. It is very light weighted and can be taken anywhere.

The net has an elegant design, and it has enough space for people to fit inside. The quality of this net is wonderful. It is made up of polyester fabric and a wonderful mesh that ensures excellent quality. This fabric of the net restricts mosquitoes and flies from entering inside. The net is 200x200x145 cm in dimensions.

The net is so spacious that you and your family can sit inside comfortably. It has two zipper gates that help you in easy entry and exit. The net can be used while trekking. It is portable and easy to carry, as it is light weighted.

This net can protect you from insect bites and mosquitoes. It ensures a safe environment for its users so that the users can enjoy a sound and comfortable sleep. This protects you from harmful diseases, including malaria, chikungunya, dengue, etc.


  • The net is easy to wash.
  • The net has a zipper gate for entry and exit.
  • It is easily foldable.


  • Some customers have reported deterioration in the quality of the product.
  • The stitching of the net fabric is condemnable.
  • The net color gets pale after some time of usage.

5. Athenacreations Mosquito Net

Athenacreations Double Bed Foldable Mosquito Net

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For the people who are looking for a durable and easy-to-use mosquito net, the Athenacreations mosquito net is perfect. It has two zippers present on both sides. This net is one of the most facile nets available in the Indian market. The net is designed very intelligently.

The net can be carried around very quickly as it is light weighted. It can be folded in simple and easy steps. The net is made up of the durable fabric of polyester. It is 200X200X145 in dimensions that make the net perfectly suitable for double beds. The zipper is made up of high-quality material and cannot be torn easily. Hence, this net is perfectly ideal for families who have notorious kids.

The net is available for all sizes of beds. The net has a double door in double bed sizes while a single door in single bed sizes. The zipper doors provide a hassle-free entry inside the net. The net can be easily stored and taken almost everywhere due to its handy size. The fabric of this net is Terelyne.  The size of the mesh provides the circulation of optimum air inside the net. The mesh fabric is durable and cannot be torn easily.


  • The net is perfect for double-sized beds.
  • The rod provided is coated with PVC that makes it corrosion resistant.


  • The quality of the zipper is quite doubtful.
  • Folding is time-consuming and difficult.
  • Some customers received defective products; the net had holes in it.

6. Elegant Mosquito Net

Elegant Mosquito Net Elegant Single Bed

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If you are someone who is searching for a reliable mosquito net, then this sleek mosquito net is useful for you. The net is classy in different ways. This mosquito net has a simple and secure mode of erecting. It can be done by anybody, at any time. Apart from this, the net is unique in various ways. It has an easy folding nature. It can be washed easily.

Initially, the net can be set up easily. It does not require any need of fixing for erection. All these features make the product attractive and exciting to a great extent.

This elegant mosquito net has excellent quality. It is made up of very durable material. This protects you against mosquitos. The net has an easy installation process. The net helps you keep away from various diseases caused by mosquitoes and other insects; some of these diseases are dengue, malaria, chikungunya, etc.

The size of the net in centimeters is 91 cm (in width) and 182 cm (length). The quality of the material is high, i.e., polyester. It has a longer life than other materials. Extra cloth has been provided with the net, which can be put below your mattress. It provides stability to the frame of the bed. The mesh used in the net offers a good flow of the air inside.


  • It has a natural erection and set-up mode. No ropes are needed.
  • It can be washed easily.


  • Some customers have complained about the quality of the net.
  • PVC does not coat the rods.

7. Lifekrafts Mosquito Net

Lifekrafts Polyester Mosquito Screen

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The Lifekrafts polyester mosquito screen curtain can be used for balcony doors, main doors, kitchen doors, or any other doors that have chances of mosquito’s entrance.

The net has a combination of around 28 magnets, which ensures a quick and easy open; it gets closed automatically. These magnets are in-built and are hidden from people’s eyes. It has been designed in a way that avoids noise when any person crosses the screen door.

This net is very innovative in its design. It keeps away the flies, mosquitoes, and insects. The net allows the inflow of an optimum amount of natural air; this provides a comfortable environment inside the net. Your toddlers and pets can go through the net freely. You will not have to open or close the doors a hundred times for your kids or pets.

The net ensures to provide complete protection to your babies from flies, mosquitoes, and other insects. This avoids any chances of dengue or other diseases. The net allows your child to have a sound and healthy sleep. The net is made up of polyester material, which is good. Installation is effortless and straightforward. Instructions have been given for the easy installation of the net. Installation requires less than 5 minutes.


  • The product has a good finish. It is sturdy.
  • It is very easy to install.


  • The quality of the magnets provided is quite poor.
  • Overall quality is condemnable
  • It does not fit indoors perfectly.

8. Royal Mosquito Net

Royal Foldable Single Bed Mosquito Net

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The Royal foldable mosquito net is one of the most efficient mosquito nets available in the Indian market. The net ensures to keep away all the mosquitoes, flies, and other harmful insects away from your bed. The mesh used in this mosquito net is wonderful and has tiny holes, which also allows the perfect inflow of air.

The net has a sleek and elegant design. It is made up of Indian users. It can be installed very easily by everyone. The folding is also effortless and straightforward, which makes this net better than the other nets. There is a bag provided with this net to help you store the net. The bag is entirely free of any extra charges. The net comes with large zippers, which acts as an entry and exit inside the net. The zippers are easy to use, even your kid can open and close it. The door is present on a single side of the net.

The net is washable and easy to carry. You can take the net wherever you want. You can use it while trekking and camping. It is a travel-friendly, light-weighted product.


  • The mesh has delicate pores.
  • It can be washed in simple steps.
  • Material is sturdy and cannot be torn easily.
  • The net is portable. It can be taken everywhere.


  • The steel frame of this net is delicate.
  • Folding and unfolding of the net is time-consuming. It is quite tricky.
  • The net is quite expensive.

9. AmazingHind Mosquito Net

AmazingHind Mosquito Net.Foldable Mosquito Net for Single Bed

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The protection of children is the main priority of every family. Newly born babies need to be protected from harmful mosquitoes and insects. They can cause dangerous, life-threatening diseases. Mosquitoes and insects increase in numbers during the summer and rainy seasons. It is essential to use a good quality net, especially while sleeping.

The incredible hind mosquito net is one of the perfect mosquito nets available in India. This mosquito net is unique in every aspect. It comes with some beautiful features. This product is made up of a fine mesh. This allows a good flow of air inside. The net has large zippers that will enable free entry and exit to everyone, including your kids and pets. This net comes in various coloroptions so that people can choose the color they like the most.

The size of this mosquito net is 210cm x 104cm. Its height is 92 centimeters, which is just so perfect. This net has an oval shape. The net also comes with a carry bag. The carry bags are very durable as compared to other kits available in the market. The net has a lightweight and can be taken anywhere.

The net has a self-support system, and it prevents your walls from getting nailed. It is easy to wash and has corrosion-resisting properties. A warranty of 3 months is provided for defects in manufacturing.


  • The net is spacious.
  • The overall quality of the net is appreciative.
  • Three months warranty is offered for manufacturing defects.


  • The zipper is present on one side.
  • Folding is a bit difficult.

10. Verdioz Mosquito Net

VERDIOZ WITH DEVICE Foldable Poly Cotton Double Bed Mosquito Net with Ventilation

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The mosquitoes and insects are undoubtedly hazardous. If a person gets bitten by them, they give rise to many diseases. The best technique to protect oneself from mosquitoes and insects is by installing the nets. Verdioz mosquito net is one of the preferable nets available in the Indian market. This net is crafted uniquely. There is an additional embroidery present on the fabric of this net. This embroidery makes the net appealing to people. The net is available at a reasonable price in the market.

This net can be installed effortlessly on the bed. The net comes with an extra cloth (9 inches), this provides additional protection to the net. It also restricts the entry of insects or mosquitoes from the bottom part of the net. This net comes with frills, which makes the net look more elegant and beautiful. The net has elastic on the four sides. This net is suitable for a modern lifestyle.

The net is suitable for all sizes of beds. The net has an excellent quality of stitches. The mesh is so subtle that any insect or mosquito can never enter inside it. It also allows the flow of natural air. This leads to a peaceful sleep.

The net has an upgraded design with a double door system, which is fantastic. The zipper has two ways. This helps in easy entry and exit. Verdioz provides free saviors as well. These saviors are stickers that can be used for covering accidental holes in the future.


  • The finishing of the product is perfect.
  • The material of the net is soft.
  • The embroidery done in the fabric gives the net an elegant look.


  • The net is quite delicate. It needs the utmost care.
  • Zippers are flimsy. It gets stuck while opening and closing.

Mosquito Nets – Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What’s the expected durability period of mosquito nets?

Indians use mosquito nets on cot bed (Portable Beds) in India. If you are using a mosquito net which is made up of polyester, then you can expect a better use without any problem. The expected durability of mosquito net is two years which make it better to use option, and most people consider it during the summer seasons in India. So, it can easily last you three summer seasons with proper care. To enhance the durability related factor, you can install a mosquito net on bed and forget about durability related factor for several years.

  1. How to install a mosquito net on the bed?

If your bed has a frame to add mosquito net, then it will be an easy choice, but if there is no way to install a mosquito net, then you can get a temporary frame only. It is easy to install, and once you install the net, you should go inside the net and firmly tuck it below the mattress. This will take a few minutes, and you will be getting the best use. If there are mosquitos inside, you can use a mosquito spray or mosquito racket to kill them with ease.  

  1. How to choose the best mosquito net for a portable bed or cot bed?

People who are using cot bed can opt for the best mosquito net with ease. You should start by choosing the dimension or size because it depends upon your need. You can find the net for double-bed as well as a single bed. Once you choose the size, you can look for size because there are several options available in the market. You can choose polyester and get the best use in all kind.

  1. What are the best mosquito net manufacturers in India?

A range of manufacturers is offering amazing quality mosquito nets in the Indian market. During the purchase time, you can look for many options, but the best ones in all kind are Lifecraft, Classic Mosquito Net, Neruti and few more. These are Indian brands, and they provide the best durability. No brand provides warranty, but they provide you great variety in term of net thickness, thread count and several other factors to choose a reliable product for your basic need. You can look for other brands also and get better usability.

  1. Are mosquito nets effective against mosquitos and flies? 

Yes, you can expect a better use against mosquitos and flies with the mosquito net. During the use, you can find a great variety in the market. The variety is all about the size and thickness of the net. But, during the use time, they are reliable to keep mosquitos and flies at bay. If any of the insects get inside, you can look for holes or any space that allow insects to come inside. In such cases, you can use a mosquito racket to get rid of all the insects.

Conclusion: The mosquito nets are meshed curtains that protect against all types of mosquitoes and insects. People tend to sleep better with the use of mosquito nets. The net not only protects you from insects, but it also keeps away the deadly diseases caused by them. There are many fatal diseases caused due to insect or mosquito bites, it includes dengue, malaria, West Nile mosquito, chickengunya, filariasis, yellow fever, encephalitis, and the list goes on.

Mosquito nets are widely used by people all over the world. Choosing a good mosquito net is very important. So, we have made this article for you. We have prepared a list of some of the best mosquito nets that are available in India. You are suggested to read the above information so that you can select the mosquito net of your choice. Keep your loved ones safe!

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