Top 10 Best Mobile App Development Companies in India

With the promotion of Digital India, more and more Indian mass is getting smartphone. Start-up India also helped Indians in launching their own start-up company and most of the companies launched are for software development. It is estimated that there are almost 50 thousand mobile application developments. India is known to be the second largest in terms of app development. With online courses like the DevOps course in Bangalore, professionals are easily getting access to the sufficient resources required to become an app developer. Most of the businesses are relying on mobile apps for business. For example, even dominos and pizza hut have a mobile application or order a pizza, there are apps for mobile recharge. There is application for almost every need and Apple’s App store and Google’s play store is flooded with applications. Most of the companies are start-ups and some of them offer application development at really cheap price. If you want to establish a company that provides such services then you can start your journey by learning DevOps with the help of DevOps Tutorial For Beginners.

If you are looking for one such development companies then we have compiled a list of mobile app development companies for you.

10. AGE Analytics

Age Analytics was set up in 2012 and it is an offshore development centre for AGE Analytics in South Africa. The company offers a wide array of services for its clients and the price is lowest in whole industry. Apart from mobile development, the company offers many other services in IT domain. The company’s office is in Pune and company has national as well as international clients. If you are in urgent need of an application, you must approach the company for development and deployment work.

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9. Contus 

Contus is based in Chennai and the company was incepted in 2008. The company also functions in United States of America. Contus specializes in SMAC solutions and as per the website, company has served clients in over 40 countries. Contus employees 200 extremely talented people and it has registered a growth of 150% in recent years. Various services offered by the company are Mobile Application Development, Mobile Application testing, Cloud Solutions, Mobile Commerce Solutions etc.

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8. Click Labs

The Company has been in industry for almost 5 years and the company provides mobile application development services to clients across the globe. Major strength of the company is On Demand Platforms and the company is a known name in service industry. The company has its office in Chandigarh in India and the company also has an office in United States of America.

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7. [X]cube LABS 

The Company was established in 2009 and the company is known to be a division of Purple Talk. X Cube Labs also offers application development for wearable devices and the company has delivered over 700 products and solutions. It is also known that the company won several award on international platform and it has served over 500 clients until now. The company has a workforce of about 400 tech experts and the company is known for its employee friendly policies

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6. Softway

The Company was incepted in 2003 and the company surely has first entrant advantage. The staff of the company is highly experienced and the company has its office in Bangalore. Softway also provides web development services and as per the information available, the company has released over 1000 applications.

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5. QBurst 

The Company is based in Trivandrum in India and the company also has its office is United States of America and United Kingdom. The company is known for its cost effective and high quality products for start-ups and medium sized enterprises. The company is serving the world for almost a decade now as the company was set up in 2004. QBurst works on PHP, Python, Java and even Ruby on Rails.

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4. Code Brew Labs

The Company was set up in 2013 and the company provides all sort of mobile application solutions. Until now, the company has served almost 70 clients across the globe and it has deployed over 150 mobile applications. Company uses Rapid Agile platform for development and company basically servers the start-ups. The company has its office in Chandigarh and Hyderabad in India and the company also has its office in United States of America.

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3. Hyperlink Infosystem 

The Company has its headquarters in India and it has several global clients. The company develops software of IOS, Android and even Windows. As per the website, the company has deployed over 1500 software and it has over 600 clients. Hyperlink Info system develop apps for wearable devices like apple watch also and the company is also known for its Virtual Reality Game Development.

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2. OpenXcell 

The Company is located in India as well as in United States of America. OpenXCell develops applications for IOS, Android, Symbian and even Windows Phone. The company is said to have the best team in the world and the company specializes in iPhone application development along with cross platform mobile application development and Enterprise CMS. In India, the company’s office is located in Ahmedabad in Gujrat.

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1. Sourcebits 

The company was set up in 2006 and the company has offices is India, United States of America and United Kingdom. The company is known for lovely user interface and innovative design and software. The company also offers a service known as Mobile Makeover. Under this service, the company can change the user interface of any application and clients simply love this service as it is all about the interface of the application. The only problem is that the company doesn’t accept orders from each and every client. The company is very selective about the projects it works on.

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