Top 10 Best MLM & Network Marketing Companies in India 2019

MLM Companies stands for Multi-Level Marketing Companies and they can be a good part-time business idea if you wish to work with low investments. This is also known as Network Marketing and we will try to explain you how this business model works.

So, you get associated with the company and once you are associated with the company, you can purchase the product on a discount. You can now sell these products to your friends and families at the MRP or a discounted price. The difference between the cost price and the selling price is basically what you earn. In addition to this, MLM companies also offer a bonus to its customers for making the purchase.

You need to be very careful while selecting MLM and Network Marketing company for work because there are many companies in the market which do not offer the benefits they provide.

To help you in the selection, we have listed the Top 10 MLM and Network Marketing Companies in India and you can revolve your research around these 10 companies as these are trustworthy business partners.

MLM & Network Marketing Companies

Top 10 Best MLM and Network Marketing Companies in India in 2019

10. Hindustan Unilever LTD – You must have been a little surprised by seeing this name in the list as HUL products are available everywhere. You must be wondering that what is the need for HUL to opt for MLM or Network Marketing. Well, the fact is that the HUL can’t reach the corners of every Indian village and hence to expand further, it choose to adopt this model for selling its product. HUL had been running a successful project called Shakti which is basically to provide power to Indian household by providing employment to ladies of the household.

9. Avon – Avon is next on the list for Best MLM and Network Marketing Companies. The company was established in the year 1886 and it is also one of the Fortune 500 companies in the world. As per the statistics available, there are 6 Million people associated with Avon and the sellers associated with Avon are addressed as Avon Deals Excellence and Design Counsellors. The competitor of the company is Oriflame which sells a beauty product. The commission is offered to you for every sale that you make.

8. Vestige – On number 8, we have Vestige and this company was incepted in the year 2004. This company also offers personal care products and health care product for its consumers. The benefits offered by Vestige are quite amazing as it offers 10% to 20% of the commission to the distributors and it also offers an accumulate performance bonus of 5% to 20%. In addition to all this, you also get a direct bonus of 14% when you work with vestige.

7. RCM – RCM is known to be the largest MLM and Network Company in India as it offers employment to over 10 million Individuals in India. The client base of the company is also quite large and it has surely changed many lives by offering monetary freedom to the people. The products offered by the company can be categorized under grocery, cosmetics and even garments. The company basically offers a discount of 15% on the products along with a performance bonus.

6. Modicare – Modicare was formed in the year 1996 and it had experienced very fast growth in recent years. The company offers FMCG and beauty products which are mainly for skin care, personal care, home care and even wellness. The business plan offered by Modicare is referred to as the Azadi Plan and you basically get a 20% discount on the products. The company also offers a bonus and the commission rates are certainly higher for the senior members of the company.

5. Herbalife – We also have Herbalife in our list and if you are a fan of nutritional supplements to meet your nutritional requirements then Herbalife is for you. The products offered by the company are all herbal as they are made of fruits and herbs. You can register online with Herbalife to become a member of the direct selling network and you will have to purchase a membership kit as well. As per the information available, you get a 25% commission on what you sell.

4. Oriflame – Just like Amway and Avon, Oriflame is another company in the list that offers skin care products and beauty products. The company is known to have a good presence as there are a lot of people who prefer the products from Oriflame. You can avail a 20% discount on the products you purchase from Oriflame and this is basically your commission. Just like others, Oriflame also offers performance bonus to the members as well.

3. Amway – Amway’s is one of the oldest company that has been using this type of marketing technique. Since entering India in 1995, Amway succeeded in making its presence felt as the FMCG products offered by Amway are of best quality. The registration process for Amway is quite simple and you can do so by registering on the website and submitting the necessary documents. The company offers a commission of 6% to 21% on the products that you sell.

2. Tupperware – Next on the list is Tupperware and we are sure that at some point in time, you would have used lunchboxes or bottles from Tupperware. At the same time, you would have also noticed that it is simply not possible to find the Tupperware products anywhere in shops. This is because it follows a Networking Marketing model. The company had been around for over 30 years and it has a sales force of over 3 Million people globally.

1. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited – The best company for MLM and Network marketing is Mi Lifestyle as it has experienced very high growth in the last 5 years. The company was incepted in the year 2013 and in just a short period of time, the company managed to be one of the best. The products offered by the company can be categorized under lifestyle and health-related products. It is quite easy to become a member with Mi Lifestyle and take the first step towards independence.

These are the best MLM and Networking companies in India. It should be noted that the ranking represents our opinion and if you wish to join any MLM and Network Marketing Company then you must carry out your research to understand which company suits you the most. Having a good knowledge of the products can help you in making a great number of sales.

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