Top 10 Best Luggage Bags Brands In India

Travelling , passion for many of us whereas some travel for business or to spend time with their family members.While travelling the first and foremost essential required is travel bags.The size of the travel bag depends on number of days you will be staying out of your house or can be defined by the reason for which you are travelling.Nowadays Luggage bags are available in different sizes , Colors and shapes to meet the personal taste of every buyer.If you are planning to buy a new luggage bag for your next location let’s check the list of Top 10 Best Luggage Bags Brands In India.So here it is

Top 10 Best Luggage Bags Brands In India list :

10. Victorinox


This is the one of the most famous luggage bag and t is very famous and very cool in looks. This bag has durability and strength. This bag comes in various design and color. This bag give up to 5 to 6 years and this bag never get old because this make with high quality material. This bag is very light and its size is very big and also used by business man.


9. Reebok


Reebok is the one of the most like and famous company and you know that this company also make shoes which is very last long and from that this company also make luggage bags and it is also last lone because this bag is made up of special material and it come in various design and it is water proof and also comes in very bright color.


8. Wildcraft


This also one of the reputed company and this company make the luggage bags and it is famous for it. The luggage bags of this company are very good making from very soft material. It is only one time investment because if you take this bag you will get one year warranty but there is no need of warranty because this bag is very tough and even no gets a scratch on it.


7. Tommy Hilfiger


Most to the people don’t know that this company not only make watches, t-shirts but also make luggage bags also and this bags is very tough and it comes with great quality material and it is very can tolerate many harsh condition. This bag comes in various color and various sizes. You can take this bags near your market and also it is online available.


6. Skybags


These are the bag which is very famous only for bags because this bags comes in very unique color and this bags has four wheel from which you can drag this bag easily and it is very safe because this bag is very tough and it is very made for very great material. You can get this bag near your market at affordable price and this bag can’t get even a single scratch.


5. Carlton Tribe

Carlton Tribe

This luggage bags are first available on online store and now this bag you can found in market easily because it is very famous. This bag has many features like this bag has 4 wheels from this feature you can drag the bag easily, light durability and weight and many more features. You can take this on 3 years warranty but the warranty is not used because this bag is very last long and never get happen anything to this.


4. VP Neon

This luggage bag has extra space and it comes in various colors and looks very smart and used for trip and tours both. This bag is very strong and easily tolerates many harsh conditions. This luggage is easily available at near your store or at online stores. If you see at airports or anywhere you can find these bags because these bags are very comfortable and goes anywhere.


3. Samsonite


This bag is not waterproof, but one cover comes with this bag because this cover is waterproof and you can get it easily. This luggage bags comes in various colors and also comes in various sizes, because if you want to go on a trip there is a bag and if you want to go on tour there is also a bag, but don’t worry it also comes in one size in which you take this bag in tour and trips also.


2. Safari Spartan

This bag is very excellent because people like this bag because it is very smooth in touch and also it comes in various colors and in various designs. This bag also has the code from which no one can open this bag without code. If your bag gets stolen, then don’t worry, it will not open easily because this bag is a very tough combination. This is the one of the toughest bags ever.


1. American Tourister

American Tourister

This the one of the best company in the Indian market because this company has bags in various colors that people can’t forget and also these are the toughest bag ever. This bag gets at very affordable price and easily available online or near your bag market. These bags are very famous for its work because these bags don’t get any scratch and anyone can easily sit on this.


These are the top 10 luggage bags in India and these bags are very cool in looks and very tough and these bags can survive many conditions like rainy, dusty and many others. So buy your next luggage bag out of these above mentioned brands to grab the best one available in the market.