Top 12 Best Green Tea Brands in India 2018

The green tea provides immense health benefits when taken continuously for a longer period of time. The green tea first originated in china and now it is used in almost all the countries across the globe. The green tea is even prescribed by the doctors for its benefits in weight reduction, diabetes control, increased immunity, etc. India is a prominent tea producing country in the world.

The green tea is also produced in large quantities and the top 12 best green tea brands in India are:

12. Yogi Pure Green Tea

Yogi Pure Green Tea

If you are someone who loves the green tea the most, then Yogi Pure Green Tea should not be an unknown term. Not only in India, has the brand had a great reputation in other Asian nations like China. It’s the quality of the brand that makes it never compromising in terms of price despite of rigorous challenges by the rivals.

11. Tulsi Green Tea

Tulsi Green Tea

Tulsi green tea holds a great reputation for its healthy quality. This has been one of the finest choices for health conscious groups. The product is too efficient in terms of fat reduction and improving the metabolism.It is a great product as well in terms of boosting immunity and releasing stress.

10. LaPlant Green Tea

LaPlant Green Tea

The LaPlant Company is located in Mumbai and it is a start-up company. Though the company was only established recently they have grown to great heights during the consecutive years. They offer various alluring and exclusive blends of green tea which are approved by the blending experts.  They provide large number of variants which includes basil, lemon, long leaf among others.  They come wrapped in a beautiful package and the pricing is reasonable. They can be purchased in online easily.

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9. Tetley Green Tea

Tetley Green Tea

The Tetley is one of the pioneer brands to introduce green tea in India. The popularity has increased over the years leading to its breakthrough in the industry. It is easily available in many retail stores and can also be purchased online. Each tea bag is individually packed. The tea has bitter aftertaste and it comes in various blends like long leaf, lemon, honey and ginger. It is sold at an affordable price.


8. Happy Valley Green Tea

Happy Valley Green Tea

Happy valley green tea is one of the growing brands that produce organic green tea. Their tea bags are individually packed. They provide high quality green tea with exotic tastes. The tea leaves used in the process of making their green tea is from Darjeeling. They promote and use bio dynamic practices in their manufacturing. The only drawback is that the cost of this brand is high when compared to other brands since it is fully organic.

7. Lipton Green Tea

Lipton Green Tea

The Lipton brand is one of the most popular brands of green tea and it is available everywhere in India. Due to its popularity it has acquired many users over the years. It made of budding tea leaves. It is organic and does not contain any additives. The Lipton green tea has many variants including Jasmine, Mint and citrus.  It is inexpensive. The bitter taste can be exceeding if the tea bag is steeped for too long.


6. Twinings Green Tea

Twinings Green Tea

Twinings brand is one of the best selling and famous brands in the manufacturing of green tea. It is a pioneer band having a history for over three hundred years. Their range of green tea comes in variety of flavours like lemon, Jasmine, Mint and Earl Grey among others. They are available both in tea bags and as loose leaves. They tea bags are packed individually with attractive wrappers.  They are easily available at a reasonable price.

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5. Golden Tips Green Tea

Golden Tips Green Tea

The Golden Tips is among the oldest and most reputed brands in producing green tea. It has evolved exponentially over the years. It is available in the retail shops and as well as in their boutiques which are located all over India. The Green tea is made from tea leaves which are extracted from single source of place i.e., is Darjeeling. They have many variants of loose leaves having unique flavours and the package is attractive. It is expensive.


4. Typhoo Green Tea

Typhoo Green Tea

The Typhoo brand has a rich heritage and is the third largest in UK. It is one of the iconic British brands. It is a popular brand in India despite being launched recently. The manufacturing is climate controlled so as to provide refreshing experience in every pack of tea.  The brand provides high quality green tea in various variants with fascinating flavours. The cost is affordable. It can be bought both online and in retail shops.


3. Basilur Green Tea

Basilur Green Tea

The Basilur Green tea is imported from Sri Lanka and is available in India in various retail stores and can even be bought online. It is one of the luxury brand containing exotic blends. They offer wide variety of flavours and are packed beautifully. The package is done either tin caddies or cardboard boxes. The green tea is hundred percent Ceylon. Since they are imported they are very expensive.


2. 24 Mantra Organic Green Tea

24 Mantra Organic Green Tea

The 24 mantra is a relatively new brand in the market. They brand is renowned for its organic produce which are much healthier. The tea leaves used in the manufacturing is grown without any pesticides and sustainable farming practices are used. The leaves are too fine and sometimes leaves residue in the tea. This organic green tea is easily available at an affordable price.

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1. Organic India Green Tea

Organic India Green Tea

The organic India green tea had become famous over the past few years and is mostly used by Indians for its quality and benefits. The Green tea produced by this brand is infused with basil or tulsi.  This green tea helps to reduce weight, stress and improve breathing. It comes both in tea bags and loose leaves.  The flavours offered by them include lemon-ginger, earl grey, jasmine and pomegranate. They are easily available and are not expensive.


So choose any one out of the above mentioned Green Tea which are beneficial for health due to various reasons.

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