Top 10 Most Dangerous Non-curable Cancer

In reality, all of us have cancer cells.

However, when these cells grow and multiply rapidly and in an unmitigated manner, it starts to be harmful to the body. It slowly eats up healthy cells and may even migrate to other areas of the body where they continue to grow and multiply unceasingly. In recent years, continuous research and experimentation in the field of medicine have made significant progress in the fight against cancer. While none of the new modes of treatment offer 100% survival rates from cancer, it is undeniable that a lot of cancer survivors have these new forms of medication to thank for their second lease on life.

Nevertheless, some cancers are much more dangerous than other types of cancer. This list dishes to you the top 10 most dangerous and fatal types of cancer that are very difficult to cure.

10. Oral Cancer

Oral cancer or mouth cancer is a type of cancer that grows in the oral cavity. It affect the neck and head too aside from the mouth. This cancer is caused by excessive alcohol and tobacco use. It usually starts with mouth and tongue lesions and that actually worsen over time. Betel nut chewing is also blamed to be the cause of this type of cancer – which is fairly common in India, parts of Asia, and Latin America.

9. Laryngeal Cancer

This type of cancer starts in the larynx and quickly spreads to nearby areas such as the glottal area and nearby lymph nodes. This type of cancer is very difficult to cure because it spreads very easily. Symptoms include hoarseness, a lump to the throat, frequent earaches, persistent cough, bad breath, and difficulty in swallowing. It also commonly spreads to the lungs once distant metastasis has occurred.

8. Leukemia

Leukemia is a common type of cancer that attacks the body’s healthy red blood cells. Since it usually affects the blood and directly affects blood circulation and the blood stream, it is very dangerous because the patient might develop sepsis – wherein the patient’s blood starts attacking the body’s vital organs, causing death. Leukemia is most often found among young people and the elderly.

7. Ovarian Cancer

This cancer is very difficult to cure because symptoms only manifest when the cancer has already far advanced and already in its late stage. The symptoms are also quite common and nonspecific, causing the patient to just ignore the symptoms until they become much worse. This type of cancer is also very commonly misdiagnosed – hence further delaying proper care and treatment.

6. Brain Cancer

Young people are usually afflicted with this type of cancer more than their middle-aged or elderly counterparts. This type of cancer is very difficult to cure especially if it grown in a very sensitive area of the brain. There are also certain areas in the brain that chemotherapy fails to reach and that al alternative treatment – which is radiation – also causes ill effects to the body as it also kills healthy nerves and cells.

5. Stomach Cancer

This type of cancer is also known as gastric cancer. It affects the lining of the stomach and the small intestines. This type of cancer is very difficult to cure because it can easily spread to nearby organs such as the liver, the large intestine, and even the lungs.

4. Esophageal Cancer

This type of cancer emanates from the esophagus – an important tube or lining between the mouth and the stomach. This cancer is caused by too much tobacco use and the intake of foods that are high in carcinogen. It is also very painful especially in its late stages.

3. Lung Cancer

This common type of cancer affects both smokers and even non-smokers. Lung cancer is very dangerous because it spreads quickly and it affects the body’s normal respiratory process. Lung cancer also does not present symptoms until it is already in an advanced stage.

2. Liver Cancer

Another type of cancer that easily spreads is liver cancer. As a rule of thumb, when cancer grows in vital and soft organs such as the liver of the lungs, its chances of metastasis are far higher than other cancer types. Hence, they are more dangerous and likely difficult to cure.

1. Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer

This type of cancer has the highest mortality rate among all types of cancer. Pancreatic cancer does not produce any symptoms until it is already in its latest stage. It is a silent killer – with the cancer growing in the pancreas and symptoms will not be felt until metastasis has already occurred.

Why Cancer is a severe disease?

Cancer is considered a severe disease for several reasons:

  1. Unpredictable growth: Cancer cells divide and grow uncontrollably, invading surrounding tissues and spreading to other parts of the body through the bloodstream or lymphatic system. This can lead to the formation of tumors and damage to vital organs.
  2. Difficulty in treatment: Cancer can be difficult to treat, as the cells can develop resistance to treatment over time. In some cases, the treatments themselves can have severe side effects.
  3. High mortality rate: Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, with many types having high mortality rates. Even with effective treatment, some cancers can return after a period of remission.
  4. Impact on quality of life: Cancer and its treatments can greatly affect a person’s physical and emotional well-being, as well as their ability to work and perform daily activities.
  5. Cost of treatment: Cancer treatments can be very expensive and may not be covered by all health insurance plans, putting a financial burden on patients and their families.

In conclusion, cancer is a complex and challenging disease that can have serious physical, emotional, and financial impacts on those affected by it.

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