Best Gel Pen In India Under 10 Rs, 20 Rs, 50 Rs, 100 Rs

Simply said, a gel pen is a special kind of pen from which you may extract very dark ink for the writing, and this makes it distinct from standard pens. Mankind first utilized ink and a slab of wood to record their thoughts on paper. But, as we progressed, we modified our approach to writing, and within a short period of time, we realized that we could reload that ink, plus that doing so would allow us to swiftly record our ideas, leading to the development of the pen.

The powdered pigments that make up gel ink are dissolved in the water that makes up the rest of the ink. Dye is completely dissolved or suspended in oil-based slurry to create ballpoint ink. Gel ink is more refined than ballpoint ink, and it is also more vibrant and resistant to water and deterioration over time. There are many gen pen brands in India, and we have listed some of the best from them.

Here is a list of best gel pen in India under 10 Rs, 20 Rs, 50 Rs, and 100 Rs

1. Classmate Octane

Price: 95 Rs

Classmate Octane

In India alone, Classmate sells over 2 million notebooks annually, making it a popular brand in the country’s thriving stationery industry. Classmate Octane Pen is one of the high-quality writing instruments that are produced alongside the imitations. This premium Indian gel pen has a Royal Black body and a Blue plated finish.

It has a royal blue finish, making it look like royal pen, & you may carry it around in your pocket to give the impression that you are well-read. The pages are constructed of plastic, and the included pen may produce blue, black or red ink. Classmate 10 gel Roller is available to replace empty ink cartridges. This royal pen is available for purchase online for fewer than 100 Indian Rupees.

2. Unicorn NIHIT gel pen

Price- 80 Rs

It’s an excellent Indian gel pen made especially for youngsters. Even if you’re not happy with the pen’s performance, you can be sure that any kid you give it to will never forget you. It was finished in a horse face style. It has the appearance of a child’s pen and can easily be carried in the upper pocket thanks to its finish.

 From this, one can get a pen which can help in writing on paper, making it a fun plaything. This pen does not have a refillable cartridge, so if the ink runs out, you will need to buy a new one. At online, you can get your hands on this regal pen for the low price of 159 Indian rupees for a bundle of two high-end gel pens.

3. Pentel Gel pen

Price- 36

You can also get hands on a pack of six gel pens from this Pentel Company, three each in black and blue. The cost of this set is moderate. If you want to get it individually, you can also get one.

The 0.7mm roller tip on each pen makes writing effortless, skip-free, and quick.

These pens use Japanese-made cartridges. A comfortable grip is guaranteed by the pens’ latex-free grip.

Fine writing is possible with the 0.5mm tip of each pen. Fast-drying gel ink and an ergonomic shape make this pen suitable for left-handed writers.

The ink prevents smudging, spilling, and blotting.

4. Cello Pointec gel pen

Price- 25 Rs

Do you frequently lose your pen’s cap or fail to remember where you put it after you’ve used it? To the best of my knowledge, this cello gel pen is your only viable alternative.

It has a click mechanism, making it one of the unusual gel pens available. This pen’s innovative feather flow ink mechanism makes writing a breeze.

The pen unique spring tip makes writing effortless even without the lightest touch.

5. Flair gel pens

Price- 15 Rs

When listing the best pen brands in India, you just must include Flair. It all started with a special line of metal pens half a century ago. The company has grown to produce over 650 items and is now a major player in the global pen export market.

In order to increase the potential of each writing implement, Flair employs a sophisticated fluid ink technology.

This one is a unique model that uses liquid ink mechanism, making for smoother, more rapid writing.

The iridium coating on the nibs of many pens makes these pens last much longer.

6. Cello Deco

Price- 15 Rs

 The writing quality of these pens is so high that you’ll likely come across them at any workplace or bank. It fits comfortably in your top pocket, and it can help you earn more money. It’s crafted from plastic.  To replace dried ink, simply use a standard gel pen refill. This royal pen costs 15 Rs one pen to use at the office or in school, which you can get from your nearby store or online.

 This is far too high quality for this pen; therefore expect to pay a fair price. Companies rely on these pens for their documentation because it has a lower chance of Blotting.

7. Linc Gel pens

Price- 12 Rs

In its 45 years in business, LINC has earned the loyalty of thousands of Indians via manufacturing a wide variety of high-quality pens that are both inexpensive and long-lasting. It’s one of the top brands out there because of how well its gel pens write and how sleek and modern its looks are.

Each pattern was carefully crafted to look elegant and provide a first-rate writing experience.

With each style, the grip ensures a secure hold and smooth writing.

8. Montex gel pens

Price- 12 Rs

For more than 40 years, Montex has been a leader in the field of writing instruments. It enjoys an outstanding reputation as a producer of high-quality ballpoint & gel pens all over the world. This is a reputable company that gives its goods the full attention they deserve at every stage of the production process.

The company’s first priority throughout product development is always ensuring high quality. It’s one of the few gel pen manufacturers to employ high-quality, long-lasting ink.

9. Natraj Gel pens

Price- 10 Rs

Most of us have probably used a Natraj pencil at some point because the company has cornered a sizable share of the Indian stationery market. This high-quality Indian gel pen looks like any other blue gel pen, but it has a steel finish and is branded with the company’s name.

Holding this pen, with its steel finish making you look like you belong in the upper echelons of society and the convenience of fitting into your top pocket, will immediately elevate your professional and social status.

It’s plastic, and it comes with a blue ink pen that makes an impact. As the ink runs out, just grab Natraj gel Roller and you’re good to go. This pen can be yours for just 10 rupees.


This collection of pen manufacturers has emerged as the undisputed leaders in the field. They all produce high-quality writing implements and have distinguished histories. For your convenience, we’ve included reasonably priced options on this list.

Each style of pen serves its purpose well. The ink on gel pen dries quickly, and the writing experience is more comfortable overall.

The available pens are top-notch, too. You can confidently choose any of these.

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