Best Ball Pen In India Under 5 Rs, 10 Rs, 20 Rs, 50 Rs

One of the most popular types of writing instruments in the world is the ballpoint pen. These pens are perfect for anybody from students to professionals to housewives to shop owners to authors. This pen can be used for everything requiring writing, from taking notes in class to taking notes on tests.

These pens have refills, or you can select to “use and throw” models. It provides smooth, long-lasting ink that makes for exceptionally legible handwriting. One more benefit of these pens is that they don’t spill ink like regular ones. The bodies, ink cartridges, and clip styles of these pens can all be customised.

Here are best ball pen in India under 5 Rs, 10 Rs, 20 Rs, 50 Rs

1. Uniball Jetstream Ball pen

Price: 50 Rs

Uniball Jetstream Ball pen

The Uniball Jetstream Ballpoint Pen is very amazing. It’s a solitary blue pen in a pack. This item’s casing is blue, and the ink it holds is blue as well.

To put it simply, it’s a high-quality plastic item. Its sharp tip makes for easier writing. It has a Plastic & elastic rubber body, 0.7 mm carbide ball, stainless steel tip.

2. Reynolds Jetter Prestige Ball pen

Price: 50 Rs

This is a pack of one blue light-weight ballpoint pen by Reynolds, the Jetter prestige BP. It has an ergonomic handle that makes writing a breeze. You can put it to use in any academic or professional setting. To be more specific, the ink in this ballpoint pen is blue. It’s a plastic pen.

As such, it is suggested for writing with no stress. They are ergonomically crafted to provide a comfortable hold for effortless writing.

Such pens are ideal for lengthy compositions. Because of how light it is, you can carry it around and use it for long periods of time without becoming tired. The laser tip allows for precise writing.

3. GLUN Ball pen

Price: 36 Rs

The wait for the finest ball pen in 2023 that includes a sanitizer is now over.

In India, the best ballpoint pen can be found at GLUN, and it costs less than Rs 50. The pen itself is a portable sanitizer that can be used anywhere. It’s a fantastic pen that serves double duty as a sanitizer and a writing instrument.

Simple activation of the pen’s top allows for its use as a hand sanitizer. Stylish and bright, the GLUN Ball Pen is a joy to use. You can use it with ease because it is comfortable in your hands. There is a comfortable grip on the pen.

It makes a good impact on paper with its silky feel. The ink in the pen is easily replaceable.

4. Nataraj Superx

Price: 35 Rs

The Nataraj Superx is the best pen you can get in India for less than 50 rupees. The pen’s clear body makes the ink inside easily discernible. When compared to other pens, the ink is more easily visible when using this one.

The silicone grip makes it more comfortable to write with, protecting your fingers from fatigue. Elegantly depicted on the pen is the Nataraj Superx.

The Nataraj Superx Pen has a fine tip for effortless writing. In spite of being dropped, the pen’s tip remains intact. It’s easy to carry around and holds up well over prolonged use. When compared to standard ballpoint pens, the Nataraj Superx may be used for twice as long.

5. Cello XETA

Price- 28 Rs

This Cello Xeta Ballpoint Pen can revitalise your humdrum notes, projects, and homework. The six-piece retractable ballpoint pen set is an excellent tool for enhancing your journaling experience. This set will make your notebooks look like a rainbow, with bright and unusual colours like turquoise, purple, and pink, in addition to the standard black, blue, and red.

Such pens are becoming increasingly common and can greatly improve the writing experience. Choose the perfect ballpoint pen from the extensive catalogue and have it shipped right to your home.

6. Reynolds Jetter Classic

Price: 25 Rs

If you’re looking for a good ballpoint pen for around 25 rupees, Reynolds is your best bet. In the world of pens and other office supplies, this is the gold standard. It manufactures an assortment of high-quality stationery items at affordable prices.

Ballpoint pens by Reynolds often come in packs of four, but one can also purchase a single pen for Rs 25. It has a sleek appearance and comes in a variety of attractive colors.

In India, the Reynolds JETTER CLASSIC is widely considered to be the finest ball pen available due to its convenient click-to-open design. The pen’s needle tip is sharp and precise, allowing for effortless, fluid writing without the need for exerting any force.

7. Cello Butterflow

Price: 10 Rs

When it comes to ballpoint pens, Cello is a name that’s known for quality. The ballpoint pens made by Cello come in a wide variety of price points. This Cello Butterflow Ball pen is the best ball point available for less than Rs 50. It’s a set of three ballpoint pens in a pack.

In India, you may purchase a Cello Butterflow Ball Pen with either blue or black ink. The cap may be opened and closed with the click of a button.

The term “Butterflow” is a literal description of the writing experience it provides. Anybody from a university to an office worker can wear it. As it has a comfortable silicon grip, your fingers can rest while you write.

8. Hauser Ball Pen

Price: 10 Rs

The Acu-Flow writing system, used in the Hauser XO, is the result of years of trial and error and constant refinement, and it makes writing a pleasure.

You can expect a stable, pleasant hold even after prolonged usage because to the minimalist design and exceptionally soft ergonomic matte body. These trustworthy pens have a sturdy, long-lasting tip that smoothly releases the ink, letting you write or draw whatever you want without any hiccups.

9. Cello Gripper Ball pen

Price: 10 Rs

Even throughout finals week, students continue to take notes and write essays. This Cello Gripper Pen has an Elasto Grip that ensures you won’t get tired of writing, even after long sessions.

These blue ballpoint pens are ideal for students because they are portable and simple to use. The Swiss metal clip of these twenty-five ballpoint pens is crafted from nickel silver at 0.5 mm in thickness.


With a ballpoint pen, you won’t have to worry about ink leaking or smudging, making for a smooth writing experience. Furthermore, the ink in these pens can be easily replenished with handy ballpoint pen refills, so you won’t need to bring along any additional ink pots.

These pens’ smooth-flowing, quick-drying ink makes it simple to jot down notes rapidly, allowing you to produce pages swiftly. These ball point pens allow you to write comfortably at an angle, without worrying about the ink smearing. Pens with sophisticated designs are another great gift option. Metal, ceramic, and wooden pen bodies give off an air of sophisticated sophistication.

Choose your best ball pen from the above-mentioned brands and make your best choice.

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