Top 10 Best Debit Card in India

Debit cards are really popular in India and they are given to you as a default with thethe package when you open an account in any bank. You don’t need to ask or a debit card, they will send it to you with the welcome kit. Now wonder today every average Indian chooses to pay using his debit card instead of paying in cash. It also saves you from going to the bank to withdraw money as you can visit the nearest ATM and get cash within minutes. Thus, it saves a lot of time and contributes in making the dream of a cashless society come true.

In this article we will tell you about the top 10 best debit card in India.

10. Canara Platinum Debit Card

This is a premium debit card that is offered to customers by Canara Bank. It works like a photo ID and it can be used at any retail outlet spread across the country. The card comes with a 10 years validity period and as a cardholder you can enjoy several privileges and services such as travel assistance, emergency card replacement, lost card assistance and several other services.

9. ICICI Bank Coral Debit Card

ICICI is a household name in India and this Master card is a popular debit card offered by this bank. You can use this card at the numerous ICICI ATMs across the country. The joining fee for this debit card is only Rs.499 and tax extra.

8. Axis Bank Online Rewards debit card

If you have an Axis bank debit card in your pocket, life gets easier as there are ATMs spread across the globe. It offers you the option to withdraw higher amounts of money. The debit card caters to a variety of businesses as well as commercial clients. As a holder of Axis bank debit card, you are entitled to aa wide range of world class amenities,flexible banking options, luxury indulgences, and attractive discounts.

7. HDFC Easy shop Titanium Debit Card

This debit card offered by HDFC bank comes handy to cover all your shopping needs and it also has some really attractive offers for you. You can use the card at more than 4,280 branches and over 11,840 ATMs spread across the country. It allows higher withdrawal limits up to Rs. 50000 and you also get a considerably higher shopping limit. The card allows several other benefits such as airport lounge facility, online shopping, fuel surcharge and so on.

6. YES Bank Gold and Silver Debit Cards

Yes Bank is a customer centric bank and they have numerous branches and ATMs spread across the country. The debit card provides several types of shopping benefits, easy access to golf clubs and airport lounges spread across India. It gives you the power to make cashless transactions at numerous retail outlets in the world. It also comes with a Purchase Protection Insurance and Lost Card Liability Protection for the customer.

5. Indus Ind Platinum Visa Debit Card

This is a popular debit card offered by Indus Ind bank known for its several customer benefits. It rewards the customers in the form of gifts, cash points, and several other types of seasonal offers. The debity card provides maximum flexibility to the customers in terms of retail connections, annual charges and so on.

4. HSBC Premier Platinum Debit Card

This platinum debit card by HSBC bank provides a lot of privileges and it covers all your shopping needs. You can use the card at numerous HSBC ATMs situated across the country and numerous retail merchants in India. It also helps you earn some loyalty points that can be redeemed at any merchant outlet.

3. SBI Basic Debit Card

The SBI debit card can be used at more than 43,000 ATMs spread across India. It offers numerous benefits such as easy bill payment,cashless transactions, and access to millions of merchant outlets across the country. This is a debit card follows a rewards program run by SBI and customers can get one reward for every Rs 200 spent on shopping and dining. The charges of the card are minimal, but at the same time the privileges are also limited.

2. HDFC Women’s Advantage Debit Card

This is an exclusive women’s only debit card and it helps in meeting your shopping needs. It also gives cash back rewards on when you spend on mutual funds, insurance, fuel or more. The customers can choose to gather the points and use them at a later stage as the points are valid for up to one year. To get this debit card a person who either have a savings account, super saver account, current account, loan against shares account or a salary account.

1. Axis Burgundy World Debit Card

If you are a Burgundy account holder then you would be eligible for an Axis Burgundy World Debit Card that offers travel benefits. The card is linked with the capital raising and wealth management of the bank. It offers some really exclusive banking solutions to the users. It offers several freebies such as free movie tickets, 15% on dining outlets, complimentary lounge access and so on. The debit card gives enhanced cash withdrawal limit of 2 lakh and customers can do purchases of up to 6 lakh.

That’s all from our end! We hope you find this list of 10 best debit card in India useful. Stay tuned to find more information like this.

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