Top 10 Best Credit Rating Agencies in India

Credit Rating Companies or more precisely called as the CRA are termed as one of the biggest players in the credit rating industry. As the name signify ratings, in simple terms rating the debtors are the task of these companies available across India, the good rating is the dream of all debtors or we can say people seeking loans to achieve their different dreams. As per the rules from the debiting companies and different loan based companies or bank, these ratings provided by Credit Agencies are crucial. You must be thinking about the link between Credit Rating and Loans, the link is simple as none of the company wants debtors with an irregular interest payment. The debts or loans you took in the past, these CRA have a total record of the payment and based on timely payment good credit ratings are provided and debtors offer easy loans and debts to regular and timely payers.

There are a different range of debt instruments that decides CRAs, some of the top available options for the same are Government bonds, Corporate bonds, CDs, Mortgage-backed securities etc.

Here we have collected the 10 best credit rating agencies in India, check the list that is expertly updated each month by the expert team in the field.

10. Brickwork Ratings India Private Ltd.

Brickwork Ratings India Private Ltd.

Brickwork Rating India Private Ltd was initiated in the year 2007 by Sangeeta Kulkarni, the company was formed with aim and task to rate credits. The popular company in the field carries all sort of registration and assurance with NSIC, SEBI and RBI registration. The top-rated areas of operation for the company are ranged for NSD, Commercial Papers, MSME Rating based on the interest payment of debtors. The Credit Rating company boasts to rate and check bonds with share INR 2,00,000 crores of bonds and bank loans.

9. SME Rating Agency of India Ltd. (SMERA)

SME Rating Agency of India Ltd. (SMERA)

SMERA established in the year 2005 carries its headquarter in the economic capital of India, Mumbai in Maharashtra. The Credit Rating Agency works in combination as a joint venture with SIDBI that is the collaboration of different private state and national based banks. The Rating Agency also checks credits for Dun and Bradsheet Information Services, SMERA in a period of more than a decade has registered and rated the credits worth 23,000 MSMEs in India.

8. High Mark Credit Information Services

High Mark Credit Information Services

High Mark Credit Company is known as recognized service provider in the field of credit sharing and marking, the company with its base in Mumbai started a decade ago in Mumbai and flourishing rapidly till date. Some of the top rated features and services offered by the company include bureau services, risk management and analytic solution to debt roles and financial marketing. The services institution operates includes MSME, Rural & Cooperative Sector, Retail Financing, and Micro-Finance.



ONICRA is one of the oldest and most credible companies listed in our list, the company was started with its base in Gurugram in the year 1993. The reason for which the company included in the list of top available choice for the credit rating companies in India are the field of services as risk management and analytical solutions. For the credit rating related task it offers management role in MSMEs, for corporate and individuals.

6. ICRA Limited

ICRA Limited

ICRA Limited known as one of the Credit Rating Agency in India is a joint venture of Moody’s Investors and different ranges of financial services company. ICRA Limited was founded in the year 1991 in Gurugram, the Credit Rating Agency is listed as the Credit Rating Company in Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange. There are four branches or we can say Subsidiaries Company for ICRA called as ICRA Online Ltd, ICRA Indonesia, ICRA Techno Analytics and ICRA Lanka.

5. Credit Analysis & Research Ltd

Credit Analysis & Research Ltd

The Credit based rating company formed in the year 1993 in Mumbai is known as second largest Credit Rating Company when it comes to Indian based and operating companies. The rating system of CARE can be divided into different segments known as Banks, sub-sovereign, and IPO Grading services. The shareholders of CARE are part of domestic banks of India and financial institutions of India.

4. Equifax


Equifax started in 1899 during British Empire managed to gain positioning not amongst the top Credit Ranking Companies in India but also part of the world. The main task of the Company is to provide management based services that need processing of over thousands of records, some of the best-rated features of services offered are decision technologies, marketing tools, fraud detections.

3. Fitch Ratings India Private Ltd.

Fitch Ratings India Private Ltd.

Fitch is one of the few global level rating company in the list with its headquarter in New York, USA. The financial information provided by Fitch Rating Company has the ability to work in 30+ countries across the world with over 2000 employees and the number of offices 50 at the global level.

2. Credit Information Bureau India Limited (CIBIL)

Credit Information Bureau India Limited (CIBIL)

CIBIL is the second spot gainer in the list with services offered in Mumbai mainly, the Credit Rating Company is termed as the largest for Individual-based payment related to loans and credit payment, using this information the company generates reports.

1. Crisil Limited

Crisil Limited

CRISIL Limited is termed and checked as the top Credit rating Company in India, the company also carries good name in global based research services, rating, and policy related advising services.  The company has entitled with different ranges of prestigious awards with more than 610000 entities.

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