Top 10 Best Ties & Cufflinks Brands for Men in India

For formal attire, ties and cufflinks are very important. However, it is also important that you need to choose the tie and cufflink color which is matched with the dress color. This can be worn at many occasions like family wedding, annual day, office, board meeting or on any occasion where dressing properly is important.

Also, there are many brands which are coming up with the options of ties and cufflinks that add glory in your dressing style.

Thus, let us understand the 10 brands which manufacture ties and cufflinks of marvelous quality:

10. Alvaro Castagnino

Alvaro Castagnino

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If you talk about world’s premium brand, Alvaro Castagnino is considered to be on top. This brand has a huge collection of cufflinks and ties. They have different designs and colors to choose from and they are designed to offer elegance to the personality of a man. You will really not feel regret if you are choosing this brand as your selection. Dress yourself with the accessories of this company and get noticed everywhere.

9. MR Button

MR Button

Most of the new and designer ties and cufflink are available within this brand. If you are a true color perfectionist, this brand will be your favorite brand. If this brand is in your wardrobe, you will never regret wearing it for multiple times as well. It adds a different reflection to a man’s personality. Either you are going for the party wear, casual or formal wear, you will get the best designs and range.

8. The Tie Hub

The Tie Hub

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This brand is offering great and adorable colors and stylish ties and cufflinks since 2010 and so far they have a large number of customers worldwide. They are the most stylish brand and they have fabrics like wool, cotton, linen and microfiber of which they offer tie and cufflinks are of crystal, stone, gold and enamel. This much is to choose and so this brand is stylish and within your budget too.

7. Hakashi


There is one brand which exclusively deals with only ties and cufflinks only. Hakashi is manufacturing the accessories of exclusive and a wide range. They have fashionable colors and elegant styles available so that it can add glory to your wardrobe. Many customers are buying this brand and they are glad to wear it at parties or at board meetings.

6. Turtle


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This brand offers ties and cufflinks of greatest shades and fabrics of elegant design. The Turtle is also trusted and old brand and they understand the taste of men around the world and manufacturing their products according to their liking. The products are of high appealing and quality personifies the standard of the men. You can wear them on any occasion and you won’t regret to select this brand.

5. Lino Perros

Lino Perros

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One name that glorifies the personality of a man with its accessories is Lino Perros. This brand has the accessories of premium quality. The fine and blended fabrics and cufflinks of classy design is what this brand serves to its customers. This should be a perfect reason to gift to someone as well. Get stylish design and colors within your budget.

4. Tossido


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A multinational brand that is offered by Toss Marketing Private Limited is offering all kinds of latest and finest color combinations of ties and cufflinks. For a modern man, they take care of the quality and genuinely along with different styles that suits a man’s personality. Also, they offer a different price range and exclusive patterns and styles so that one can purchase them easily.

3. Park Avenue

Park Avenue

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When it comes to accessories, Park Avenue is the most trusted and valuable brand among others. This brand offers great quality and personified colors and textures for men. Within ties and cufflinks they are having combinations and latest designs which will offer you trendy look and attractive personality. Along with quality manufacturing, they are available at a price which is affordable and from far only, one will get noticed for his stylish wearing.

2. Van Heusen

Van Heusen

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The brand which is modern and quite popular in different parts of the world is Van Heusen. If you have this brand in your wardrobe, you will never regret of not having the best design and range of ties and cufflinks, not only within the budget but this brand offers all modern features in the accessories. Mostly men are selecting this as their best brand. The best part is that they offer cufflinks of steel, metal or brass.

1. Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe

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Talking about this brand, Louis Phillippe is signified and noted brands for accessories. Ties and cufflinks are very important and delicate accessories so you need to be very sure among selecting your brand. Thus, this brand is in the market which offers designer and attractive ties and cufflinks and just you need to match it with the color of your suit and rest you need to be assured for the quality. With elegant patterns and textured finish, his brand is quite popular among men.

These are the few tie and cufflinks brand available which a man can choose to wear. They are available easily anywhere and with a ,wide range of colors and designs; it gives you an opportunity to wear at any function or occasion. While selecting these brands, try the best one which suits the color of your coat.

Also, these brands do come with warranty, so replacement is possible, but since they are elegant and fine fabric, their proper care is necessary.