5 Best Baby Strollers in India 2023 [Walk With Your Baby]

Parenting is a beautiful phase of life and every moment becomes priceless. More than responsibility, it’s all about your love & your family. And being a parent, buying things for your children is the most enjoyable experience. And if you are looking to buy good quality baby strollers then it’s a deal that is full of emotions. For most Indian parents, choosing a best stroller for baby is a task filled with enthusiasm. Mostly the father starts finding the information from various online shopping sites and he is more interested in technical aspects also and not just from a utility point of view. But it is the mother who makes the choice of color and design by saying “this is the best”!!

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#1. LuvLap Sunshine Baby Stroller #2. R for Rabbit Lollipop Lite Stroller #3. Little Pumpkin Baby Stroller
LuvLap Sunshine Baby Stroller R for Rabbit Lollipop Lite Baby Stroller Little-Pumpkin-Baby-Stroller
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The baby stroller gives the parents an opportunity to take the baby out and to have a glimpse of the world. Most parents in India learn to move the strollers on the surrounding narrow paths and crowded footpaths swiftly. But it’s fun and joy to carry the little one along with you in the surrounding areas. While the parents or even mothers, who can’t leave the baby alone while they go to nearby markets or shopping malls, find the strollers for babies most useful.

The babies too find it as an exceptional way of getting out of their homes and observing the world around them. It is a common sight in India where you find the mothers pushing the stroller on the side of the road and taking their babies out for a walk or pushing the strollers into the markets and bargaining with the vendors while the babies giggle and enjoy the surroundings. Before you decide to buy stroller for kids in India, consider various aspects about the size, shape, types, color, design, weight, price of the stroller, and also find out the space it will occupy. Also, the baby strollers have various utilities and also it supports advanced features which can be highly useful while you take your baby out for a walk.

Best Selling Strollers For Babies Online in India

Baby Strollers in India

The would-be parents in India should know more about baby strollers and it will definitely help them to become better parents in near future. Following given a list of nicely designed, technically advanced, and most comfortable baby strollers in India. Make your choice by selecting the most suitable stroller for your babies from the list given below.

1. LuvLap Sunshine Baby Stroller

LuvLap Sunshine Baby Stroller

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The LuvLap Sunshine baby stroller is one of the best baby stroller in the world that offers complete safety for my child while using it. The stroller is suitable for a newborn baby till the age of 3 years. The brand is highly popular among the mothers and it is immensely trusted all around. Adjustable leg rest offers complete food support to the baby while in sitting position.

The baby can either sit in the chair or relax by bending backwards or sleep over the seat by reclining it to 180 degrees. The reversible handlebar blouse mothers face the babies who are strolling. It helps the babies to enjoy the world around and also to look at the parents when needed.

The front wheel of the stroller can swivel 360 degrees. Swivel feature can be locked for more stability while moving over the bouncy surface. Brakes of the rear wheel are easy to operate and it ensures the complete safety of the baby while moving the stroller at a high speed. The canopy covers the area above and gives complete protection from sunlight, wind or rains while moving out.

The seat is made up of a soft cushion which remains warm and comfortable for the baby. The entire space of the basket is spacious and it allows the baby to have free movements while strolling. Extra pocket given on the back side of the stroller can be used as a bag and the necessary items can be placed while going for a walk with the baby.

The nicely designed black & blue colored LuvLap Sunshine stroller having aluminum framework offers complete safety to the kids. It offers the harness type in terms of 5 point safety. This baby stroller can be easily washable and cleaned when required.


  • 5 point safety offered.
  • Reversible handle bar is highly useful.
  • Easy to detach & wash.
  • Back pockets serves like an extra bag.


  • Product not available

2. R for Rabbit Lollipop Lite Baby Stroller

R for Rabbit Lollipop Lite Baby Stroller

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The R for Rabbit Baby stroller has given a new meaning to parenting. For the parents the moment of joy will be when pushing the baby stroller out while the baby plays inside the basket. The baby stroller is perfectly designed and has a metal body. The multi color stroller is the safest for the kids. The

Lollipop stroller is designed by taking into account all the safety measures for a baby. It satisfies a 5 point safety harness. The baby stroller moves smoothly and it can be controlled well due to the thick sized wheels with suspensions and lock.

Baby stroller can be folded easily with a single push and without using any strength. The reversible handle is easier to use and safer for the babies. It allows you to reverse the stroller and you can see the face of your baby smiling at you. The seat can be declined in three different positions that make the baby either to sit comfortably or to sleep after getting according to the options used.

Entire area of the basket is huge and it allows the baby to play and move inside while the stroller gets pushed.

The Lollipop is the most useful stroller popular among the parents for their babies. It will make your child enjoy while you take the baby out to show the world around. The baby strollers have changed the lifestyle of the people today. The parents always wanted to see their tiny tots enjoying the world around them.


  • Nicely designed and multicolored stroller.
  • Highly safe for the kids while they sit  or sleep inside the basket
  • It is easy to fold and does not occupy more space.


  • Strolling through the small spaces is difficult

3. Little Pumpkin Baby Stroller


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The Little Pumpkin baby stroller is designed in a perfect color that suits the newborn babies well.  The strollers have compact designs and are lightweight. They can be well-suited for travelling. Most of the mothers find it most favorite because of its eye-catching design in red color. The easier folding options make it easy to carry & easy to fold.

It has a strong handle that is reversible and can easily change the position of the baby. It helps the mothers to keep an eye on babies and to make sure about its safety. The design is very cute and most babies find it so comfortable while they enjoy the ride.

The three options to recline the seat makes the babies to either sit or sleep while watching the people around.  The foot rest offers complete rest to the feet of the baby and can be adjustable easily. The extra-tight brakes make the stroller extra safe & secure.


  • Superior design & high-quality material.
  • Light in weight & red in color.
  • Can be suitable for outings & travelling.


  • Looks bulky when folded.
  • Only available in one color.

4. Chicco Echo Stroller

Chicco Echo Stroller

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Trendy and stylish Chicco Echo stroller grabs all attention while you take it out to give a ride to your baby. The pram is designed in the most stylish manner. The mums always love to take their babies out. The nicely padded basket remains comfortable for the baby. The babies won’t feel tired even after a long ride on bumpy roads because of its jerk-free movements.

The entire framework of the stroller is made of aluminum and has padded with a spongy surface that keeps the baby enjoying. The embroidery and the nicely designed images make the stroller look exceptional. The seat is wide and can be reclined and adjusted. It makes the baby either sit or sleep during the strolling.

The stroller is easy to carry and easy to store when not in use. it can be folded without any trouble. The large-sized canopy can be easily adjusted and allows covering the open area of the stroller. It keeps the baby safe from the hot sun or raindrops during the ride.

The brand Chicco is one of the most famous brands around the world. It has manufactured many products for kids of different age groups. The products are designed as per the safety and comfort-related options.

The baby stroller looks fashionable and most of the parents love to carry their loved ones in it for an evening walk. The wheels have strong suspensions that help in keeping the stroller in control. The swivel lock makes it most convenient.


  • The most stylish look and perfect design remain highly attractive.
  • The swivel lock keeps the movement easier even during rush hours.
  • It covers the baby well from heat or rain making it safer.


  • The stroller gets bulky when folded.

5. Tiffy & Toffee Baby Stroller

Tiffy& Toffee Baby Stroller

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The Tiffy& Toffee brand offers a highly classical design of the baby stroller that is eye-catching.  The strollers have become part of parenting today. Every parent wants their child to enjoy the most and a baby stroller helps the entire family to have a good time together.

The baby stroller is smart and highly secured. The three separate options that keep changing the easting position of the baby and also allow it to sleep while on ride. The handle has a nice grip and can absorb the sweat while holding it while strolling. The handle is reversible and it can help in changing the direction of the stroller easily.

The parents can easily see the face of the baby while going for a walk. The wheels of the stroller are easily movable and can change the angles while going on the bumpy paths or in the crowded roads. The swivel locks make the stroller safer while placed at one place. The easy movement of the stroller makes it most convenient to use.

The toy car is perfectly suitable for newborn babies and can be used till 3 years old.The nicely designed strollers are made of high-quality material. It also has the padded seats and a well-designed foot rest for the baby.

The stroller also offers various accessories that are easy to handle and use. The detachable mosquito net covers the basket and allows the baby to have an enjoyable ride during the evenings. The stroller offers 3 point safety harnesses and it makes the stroller most ideal for the babies to use.


  • It is stylish, most-modern and highly comfortable for babies.
  • The detachable mosquito net is exceptional and very practical to use.
  • The wheels get locked and offer complete safety.


  • It gets heavier after folding.

Why Do You Need a Baby Stroller?

Stroller allows parents to have peace of mind when visiting public areas, markets or events. Carrying a baby with a stroller gives ease to enjoy your every moment without thinking of baby safety. A baby stroller makes a parent’s life easier as it can be carried easily anywhere especially when travelling. It gives great relief to all mothers who get tired while taking their baby for a walk and shopping. All this was for the convenience of the mothers, but the baby stroller also takes care of baby safety.

Whether you have one kid or two kids, a double stroller is like the cherry on the cake. During your parenthood journey, a stroller works like a helping hand that comes with various safety features. Strollers use of baby enable parents to explore the outdoors with their kids. On the other hand, jogging strollers are a great use for both outdoor use and car use. Hence, a baby stroller is a convenient way to keep the baby safe and secure. 

 How To Choose The Right Baby Stroller?

The following given factors will definitely help you in buying the most appropriate stroller for your baby and which will serve for a longer time.

→ 1. Stroller Cost

The prices of the products vary from one brand to another, from one shop to another, and even from one website to another. The price of strollers mainly depends on the quality of the products, the material used, and also on the features offered. The strollers with multiple features and superior quality design vary in sizes, shapes, color, and brands. Most of the branded products are available at different prices. Always find more about various brands and their shopping strategies. Some of the brands announce mind-blowing sales and discounts. Such opportunities also help the users in getting products of rich quality for reasonable prices. Also, the products are available in a wide range of variety and it helps the users in making a better choice as per the quality, make design and the brand value. The online market is increasing and most of the companies have customer-friendly business policies that make shopping interesting.

2. Usefulness

The usefulness of the stroller you wanted to buy depends on the quality, advanced features, and overall design. There are baby strollers available in the market having a great many facilities that make the product highly useful. The easily movable stroller has nicely padded seats and a well-protected design that makes the baby feel safe. Also, the various pockets and compartments of the stroller make it easy to place various things like milk or water bottles, napkins, toys, etc. The lightweight strollers are easy to fold and carry. Also, it can be washed and cleaned without any issues. Most parents prefer baby strollers that are highly useful and make the baby enjoy the most.

3. Stroller Comfort

The baby strollers are designed by considering the factors that make the baby most comfortable while sitting or sleeping in the stroller. More the fun the babies have while strolling, the more it makes the parents enjoy too. The baby strollers are specially made by keeping in mind all the necessary tips that make a baby feel comfy & cozy. The wide area of the stroller allows the baby to either sit or sleep during the ride. The small spongy feet support and the padded pillow for the delicate back make the baby relax. The open area allows the baby to look around and to get to know the world around her easily. The stroller has strong handles to hold while pushing it and it also has a brake facility that can be used during any emergency. The padded seat is soft and free of jerks. The baby strollers are manufactured with complete care and concern and it makes the entire family love the baby strollers very much.

4. Places around for strolling

If you want to buy strollers for your newborn or growing babies, then you have to find more about the possible places where you can make the baby stroll. Babies get tired at home and in the same environment and they too need to have some change. A little change in the daily routine makes the babies active and it helps them to know the world around them. You can find the places around your home like balconies, terraces, or free passages. Also, if the area around your home is not crowded and if possible you can take the baby out to nearby gardens, parks, and open areas. Babies love the open area while you take them out. The open area, the people around, and the various sounds enhance their understanding and increase the power of observation. For parents or mothers to enjoy caring for the babies with them in the tiny baby strollers which are easier to push and don’t require carrying the sleeping baby all the time.

5. Lightweight strollers

While you decide to buy the strollers of your choice, you should also consider one important aspect regarding it. It is about the weight of the stroller. The baby strollers are needed to push while babies sit or sleep inside them. The stroller should also carry a few of the items such as bottles, toys, clothes, blankets, etc. You have to find strollers that are lighter in weight and not heavier. Sometimes you have to fold and carry the stroller in your hands too. You should make sure that the weight of the stroller is light and manageable. The heavy baby stroller can be problematic while you decide to carry it in a car for the picnic. Or sometimes on bumpy roads strollers cannot move easily and are needed to lift while carrying the baby in other hands. The baby stroller should support the latest techniques and offer advanced facilities but yet it shouldn’t be heavy in weight.

6. Stroller Safety

It is a very important factor to be considered before making your mind up. The baby strollers are made of superior quality and are tested with trials. But you have to make sure about how safe your baby will be inside it. Check the wheels of the stroller along with the handle and the brakes. The size of the swivel wheels should be smaller so it can easily fit the cart on the footpaths, shopping malls, and inside the elevators.

Make sure about flexibility, design of the stroller that provides complete security.

7. Stroller Reviews

The best way to get a reliable product is to refer to other people and their experiences. But practically it is not possible to go around and ask the people. But you can just visit various online shopping sites, where hundreds of products are sold online. The online market is booming today and it is the easiest way to find more information about the products that you are willing to buy. Most of these sites offer the customers to write their views and reviews about the products on sale, features available, cost of the product as well as the buying experience. You can find out the reviews on the product in detail. Most customers write about the brands, quality of the products, and also about the customer care services. You will definitely find these reviews helpful in selecting a particular brand and choosing the most suitable product of your choice.

8. Stroller Brands

There are various stroller brands available in the Indian market that offer a variety of choices for you to make decisions. Some of the brands are well-known and are popular among people. It helps in creating competition in the market among various brands and products. But it also offers a wide range of variety for the customers. The customer can do research and list the various brands offering various features and facilities. Also, the products can be available for various prices starting from a higher range to a lower range. The various branded products are available in an exclusive range at reasonable prices. It also helps the customers to find various business policies, discount offers that make the deal very satisfactory.

Following are the important points that you need to check before you buy a baby stroller.

  1. Can the direction of the stroller be changed?

In case, if you want to face the baby directly. Most mothers prefer to look at babies. While making eye contact and talking to them make the babies more comfortable during strolling.

  1. Is it easy to push the stroller with one hand?

While taking the baby out for the strolling, sometimes you have to hold a bag or take phone calls. The stroller is required to control with one hand.

  1. Does the seat of the stroller get adjusted easily?

The seat with the backrest and the handles needed to be adjusted so the baby can sleep in a flat position with the help of minor seat adjustments.

  1. Is it easy to fold and takes less space?

When not in use or while carrying the stroller in the car, it needs to fold. But check for the amount of space it requires to keep. Also find the additional items that can be easily removable, to adjust the stroller in the car boot.

  1. What are the accessories that come free with the baby stroller, when you buy?

You have to find various items that are part of the deal. The stroller comes with an accessory. You have to find out the most common and removable parts of the stroller.

  1. Ask for a demo before buying

Some of the baby strollers have elegant designs and a mind-blowing appearance but they are not easy to handle. It is tricky and needs some expertise to assemble stroller. You have to make sure of every feature and facility offered before you bring it home.

You have to consider the above-given factors in detail regarding the purchase of baby strollers. There are various companies offering various branded strollers for your babies but you have to do some research, find the details of some of the famous brands, and make a comparative study. In order to get the most suitable stroller for your kids, consider the given facts.

Stroller Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are strollers safe for newborns?

It is essential to have strollers at home because most families are nuclear. Keeping the baby engaged while the mother is busy for household works is required. You can rely upon strollers, provided they are recliners. It is also good if the strollers have a bassinet attached because a newborn can sit or hold up the neck. So you need to check all these primary things while attempting to buy a stroller.

2. When should you stop using a stroller?

You must remember that strollers are used for keeping the baby engaged while the parents are busy at work. This is ideal for the baby up to six months of age. Once your baby starts moving, or his neck becomes strong, there is no such requirement of a stroller. Once your baby gets the stability to sit and drive, you should immediately stop using a stroller, or else it will become a habit for the little one.

3. Can a stroller ride hurt a baby?

A stroller ride cannot hurt your baby in anyway, provided you are using the stroller on an uneven road. Even if you use a stroller on an uneven road, the baby can get hurt. You must also check that the baby stroller does not have rough edges. This may hurt the baby during the ride time. You must always use the belt on the baby while using the stroller. This will minimize the risk of falling or meeting with an accident.

4. Can I travel with my stroller?

It is found that traveling can be convenient and better when you have a stroller for your baby. This will make the journey hassle-free at the same time. The modern and advanced strollers are portable and light-weighted. You can also lift them easily from one place to another. If you have a baby aged less than six months, you must mandatorily carry a stroller.

5. What accessories should I keep with my stroller?

With the invention of the strollers, most things seem to be more accessible. It is a compact tool that will allow you to carry your baby and his accessories with the stroller. Some essential accessories that you can keep in the stroller are a baby bottle, handkerchiefs, wet wipes, extra dress, diapers, and other necessary things. You will get some pockets all over the stroller that will encourage you to keep the baby essentials.

6. Do Baby Strollers Expire Like Car Seat?

You may have a question about whether baby strollers expire like car seats. This is natural. However, the fact is it does not expire like car seats. You may check the seats or the stroller after a few days or years. You can conveniently use the baby stroller for five to six years from the manufacturing date. They are made with high-quality materials to give you a long-term service. You will never get any official date on the expiry of the baby strollers. The baby stroller’s condition will depend how you use or handle the same. They are more or less sturdy.

Final Wrap Up

Baby strollers have become a necessity today rather than a luxury. The parents find the baby strollers an interesting product to buy. It is a kind of product that the parents love to buy for the young ones. The stroller gives the parent’s very special feeling and it also brings a change in the life of the small baby. The babies need to see the world around them. It is a place that the babies are going to live while they grow and the parents want to take the baby out along with them.

The stroller is designed considering the fact how difficult it is to walk around while holding the baby in arms. The nicely designed, colorful stroller allows both parents and their babies to have a good time together while they move out of the home.

The above-given facts will help you to choose the most reliable stroller at an affordable price from the list of branded baby strollers given in detail. Choose the best stroller for your baby today.

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