Top 10 Major Awards That Given By Indian Government

Every Country appreciate and acknowledge the efforts made by its citizens.India also acknowledges the efforts of its citizens by awarding them with different categories of awards. The awards are given on the basis of contribution in various fields like Science, Sports, Social cause and humanity’s welfare, Entertainment, etc. A panel of judge finalizes the name from different entries on the basis of different parameters. These awards are to appreciate and acknowledge the excellent work done by these people in different fields. Selection of the Awardee is done after analyzing the achievement in comparison to others. A Panel of jury who are experienced, knowledgeable and hold a prestigious position in the society decides the Awardee.

The Top 10 Major Awards That Given By Indian Government are:

10. Sahitya Akademi Award

Sahitya Akademi Award

It is the highest literary honor which is given to the writers for their outstanding contribution in the book and literature. The award consists of a cash prize also of Rs 100000. The Awardee selection is a twelve month’s program. The Plaque was designed by famous movie maker Satyajit Ray. It is given to the writers who achieved a mark in any Indian Language.

9. Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar Award

Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar Award

It is a Science award given for a notable contribution in the Science fields like Engineering, Medicine, Chemistry, Biology. It started in the year 1958 and any citizen who is engaged in Science research and is upto an age of 45 years is eligible for the award. The award consists of a plaque, and a cash prize of five lakh rupees too.

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8. Ashoka Chakra Award

Ashoka Chakra Award

Ashoka Chakra is the highest peacetime award for the Military personnel for their courage and self sacrifice while performing their duties. The award is equivalent to Param Vir Chakra. It can also be awarded to a Civilian Personnel to for exceptional bravery contribution to the society.

7. Dadasaheb Phalke Award

Dadasaheb Phalke

It is the highest award in the field of Cinema and usually presented during National Film Awards .The recipients are usually people from Film Industries and are awarded for their outstanding and excellent contribution to Indian Cinema. It started in year 1969 and award consists of a medal, which has Golden Lotus on it and a shawl along with a cash prize of Rs 1,000,000. Some of the Awardees are Shashi Kapoor, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Manoj Kumar, Yash Chopra etc.

6. Arjuna Award

Arjuna Award

This award is given to the Sports persons by the Government of India for outstanding achievement and contribution in the sports associated with.It started in year 1961 and along with award it carries a cash prize of Rs 50,000 and a bronze statue of Arjuna. The sport person should not only have great performance for consecutive three years rather the nominee should have shown great leadership skills and high Discipline level  at National level too.

5. Param Vir Chakra

Param Vir Chakra

It is the highest Military award and given to the Military Personnel  of the country.It is given to the soldiers who scarified their lives or has done some bravery in the presence of enemy. The meaning of the award is Wheel of the Ultimate Brave. Along with this award various allowances and rewards are given to the family members of the PVS recipients in case of his death. It is given to both alive and dead Military personnel too for their extra ordinary achievements at the time of crises.

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4. Padma Shri

Padma Shri

It is the fourth most prestigious award of the country after Bharat Ratna, Padma Vibhushan and Padma Bhushan. The award started in the year 1954 and it has Padma Shri embossed over it in Devnagri Script. It has some geometric pattern too with a decoration in Stainless steel color. It is announced every year on the Republic Day celebration. Till now 2913 people have received this award.

3. Padma Bhushan 

Padma Bhushan

Third most prestigious award of the country and given to the people with distinguished contribution in various fields.The design of the award is similar to the Padma Vibhushan Award. First recipients of the award are Radha Krishan Gupta, Amar Nath Jha, M S Subbalakshmi. It was first given in the year 1954 to these three people.

2. Padma Vibhushan

Padma Vibhushan

It is the second most prestigious award of the country. The award is given to the people who have done some exceptional work in the field of Science , Sports , and Arts.The award is in a circular shape with Padma embossed on it .On the back side of the award Satyamev Jayte is written in Devnagri Script.It started in year 1954 and was first given to personalities like V K Menon, Nand Lal Bose, B G Kher. Sachin Tendulkar is the youngest citizen to get this prestigious award for his contribution in Indian Cricket.

1. Bharat Ratna

Bharat Ratna

Bharat Ratna highest civilian award of the country.These awards are given to the citizens of India who made a mark in the field of Sports ,Science , Literature , Social services and Arts.The award is in the shape of a Peepal Leaf which is in Bronze tone with a replica of Sun embossed on it. Bharat Ratna is written on it in Devanagari Script. The first award was given in the year 1954 to three Citizens. Some of the famous personality who received the most prestigious award of the country are Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Indira Gandhi,Sachin Tendulkar, Satyajit Ray and many more.

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These all are the famous and prestigious awards of the nation and is given to the people who did an excellent job in their field and made an outstanding contribution in bringing India’s name at global platform.