Ananya Pandey Wiki, Age, Height, Biography, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Ananya Pandey is a star kid of Bollywood. She is the daughter of Chunky Pandey and Bhavna Pandey. Ananya Pandey is already highlighted on social media because of her parents and her spectacular looks. Let us read more about Ananya Pandey

Ananya Pandey

Net Worth

The net worth of Ananya Pandey is not known.

Income Source

Ananya Pandey doesn’t earn anything as she is still a student. She is dependent on her parents for her monthly allowance and all other expenses

Real Name

The real name of this pretty girl is Ananya Pandey

Date of Birth: 29 March 1999

Age: 18 Years


Ananya Pandey has a tall height and she is 5 feet and 9 inches tall. In addition to this, she weighs about 54 Kgs.

Marital Status

Ananya Pandey is presently unmarried.

Personal Background

Ananya Pandey was born on 29 March 1999. The name of her father is Chunky Pandey and the name of Ananya’s mother is Bhavna Pandey. Her father is a famous actor in Bollywood.  As per the information available, she completed her education from Dhirubhai Ambani International School in Mumbai. Dhirubhai Ambani International School is one of the best schools in Mumbai and most of the star kids complete their education from this school. After completing her education, she went to the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. At present, she is still in California pursuing her graduation. It is also known that Ananya Pandey has a younger sister and her name is Rysa Pandey. In one of the interview, Ananya Pandey shared that she is really fond of traveling and dancing. She also loves to read books. There is no information about her relationships and at present she is unmarried. She is not planning to get married until next 1 decade. In some of her childhood pics, she is seen wearing specs so either she wears contact lenses now or she got a spectacle removal surgery. She is also seen hanging out with Suhana Khan who is the daughter of the king of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan.


The career that Ananya will choose for herself is not clear as she is still a student. There are good chances that she may enter the Bollywood but as of now, her mother wants her to keep a low profile. Ananya already has a lot of followers on social media and she is quite popular among her friends as well. She hasn’t worked in any of the commercial or movies yet so we are dicey about what her career choice could be.

We will surely have to wait for the right time and see if she enters the cinema like her father or if she decides to choose any other career option. It would surely be interesting to see the career choice she makes. We wish her all the best in her future.

Properties and Cars

The details about Ananya Pandey’s cars and properties are not listed on the web.

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