10 Really Unexpected Health Benefits of Beer Drinking

Beer is one of the most favorite drinks of the world, with people loving to indulge in beer drinking in all seasons and for all reasons. But you would be surprised to know that in addition to giving you a great taste and high feeling, this amazing drink is associated with certain incredible benefits too. Though most of us associate it with a beer belly and high calories, there are some good things it does to our health.

Here are 10 really unexpected benefits of beer drinking:


10. High fiber drink

It is a matter of big surprise that beer drinking can actually help you suppress your appetite because it is a high fiber drink, which can keep you fuller for longer. Additionally, the high fiber content makes it a natural laxative and it becomes an effective constipation remedy.

9. Loaded with B vitamins

Another unexpected benefit of beer drinking is that it is loaded with B vitamins, which come from the yeast in it. B vitamins include folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B3, which help in prevention of colon cancer, PMS and encourage cell repair process respectively.

8. Lowers the risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Studies have shown that frequent beer drinkers are at a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes, and this makes the drink great for health.

7. Reduces the risk of formation of gallstones

Another health problem which can be curbed by regular consumption of beer is a reduced risk of gallstones formation in the body. The basic reasons behind their formation are deposits of bile and cholesterol, which are minimized by beer drinking.

6. Lowers stress level

Beer is not only good for body but brain too, as it is known to be a natural stress buster. According to Mayoclinic, moderate intake of beer reduces stress and anxiety levels, in turn lowering the risk of stroke and heart attack.

5. Anti microbial action

Another unexpected reason why beer drinking can do favor to your body is that it has an anti microbial action because it is made by brewing bitter flowers. As a result, the drink can be helpful in fighting disease.

4. Reduces risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Research has shown that beer is high in silicon content, which limits the absorption of aluminum in the brain and thus might be effective for reducing the risk of development of Alzheimer’s disease.

3. Good for bones

According to studies, moderate drinking is good for improving the bone density and giving stronger bones.

2. Lower risk of heart disease

As compared to other alcoholic variants such as wine and whiskey, beer drinkers have been seen to be at a lower risk of developing heart disease, which makes it better than these drinks.

1. Good for muscles

Next amongst the benefits of beer drinking is the fact that it contains a potent chemical which is good for muscle health. Studies have proved that people who drink beer are less prone to muscle deterioration.

Besides all these unexpected health benefits, the social benefits of beer drinking cannot be ignored at all. People feel more comfortable in their social circles after a drink or two. So the next time you lift your mug to cheers, think about the good you are doing to your body with this amazing drink!