Alarming Number of People Facing Depression Issue Due to Covid 19

The novel coronavirus disease 2019 or Covid-19, which has become a pandemic all over the world, affected the lifestyle of many. The number of covid 19 cases is increasing day by day, which affects healthcare systems globally. Healthcare providers face challenges in diagnosing and controlling covid 19 cases.

They also make efficient strategies to maintain the health and wellbeing of people. They face these challenges mainly due to the infectious coronavirus disease, which are physical health problems. But this also affects the mental and psychological health of young adults.

It is found that many people are facing mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and more. Around four in ten adults in the United States have faced these issues during the pandemic. During that time, many adults have reported negative impacts on their mental health.


Some of the common effects of these health conditions are difficulties in eating, difficulties in sleeping, increased consumption of alcohol, worsening of chronic diseases, etc. All these things happen due to stress and worry over the covid 19 disease.

As the challenges of the pandemic increase, the demand for public health increases and which affects the mental health conditions of people. Job loss and isolation are other two reasons for the poor mental health of people.

Key Points Affected Mental Health of People During Pandemic 

Actually, there are several factors that affect the mental health of people during the covid 19 pandemic. Young adults, people who experience job loss, parents, essential workers, and other people have faced health issues during the pandemic. Here are some points on how the Covid-19 pandemic impacts different people.

  • Young Adults 

Due to Covid-19 situations, young adults have experienced several problems such as loss of income and closure of universities. This increases the chances of mental health issues for young adults. Reportedly, young adults aged between 18 and 24 years show symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Even some adults have reported substance use and thoughts related to suicide which is very dangerous. Because of job loss, many people report symptoms of distress, depression, anxiety, and a decrease in self-esteem.

All these things lead to suicide issues and high substance use issues. Since many people have lost jobs and income, they suffer from mental health and related health problems.

  • Parents And Their Children

Due to the closure of schools and colleges, children and their parents report symptoms of poor mental health and wellbeing. This especially affects the mental health of mothers because they have to take care of their children for increased durations.

Primarily, women with children face issues such as depression and anxiety compared to men with children. Pandemic has impacts on the mental health of women than men.

  • Essential Workers 

Essential workers have a higher chance of getting affected by Covid-19 disease compared to other workers. They face a lot of challenges due to this pandemic. These workers show various symptoms related to depression and anxiety. This also leads to an increase in substance use and suicidal thoughts in essential workers.

People who are experiencing mental health and increase of substance use need proper medical care for diagnosis and treatment of these health issues. However, there are some barriers due to increasing cases of the pandemic.

Familiarity Of Mental Health Issues and Substance Use 

The rate of mental illness and substance use has increased during the pandemic. This has grown the chances of suicide among people. As per reports, many adults have shown symptoms of depression and anxiety due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Because of stress and depression, the rate of suicide is also increased. This way, the increasing cases of coronavirus disease increase the rate of anxiety and depression in people.

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