Advantages and Disadvantages of Reliance Jio Sim

Jio changed the scenario of Indian Telecom Market. It is the first telecom provider to offer free voice calls and the prize for the 4G data is quite affordable as well. Reliance Jio offered free services till 31st March 2017. Jio came with several advantages and a lot of cost benefit but everything has a positive and a negative side. Similarly, Jio also has certain disadvantages.

In this article, we have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of Reliance Jio

Reliance JIO

Advantages of Jio

1. 4G Network – Reliance Jio offers only 4G network and the network is available across India. It promises quality service and a customer can be sure that wherever he goes, 4G LTE network would be available. A lot of customers who depends upon other telecom providers face this problem. Whenever the travel to the rural area, their 4G network downgrades to 3G or EDGE.

2. Voice Over LTE – Reliance Jio also offers free unlimited calls over LTE and the quality of LTE calls are quite amazing. The voice doesn’t break and there are no call failures.

3. Free SIM – There is some service provider who charges their customer for a sim card. Reliance Jio doesn’t charge its customer for SIM or calls. Some of the service providers charge on basis of even replacing the SIM but Reliance Jio is different in terms of this.

4. Free Roaming – Reliance Jio offers free roaming services and there are no charges for the calls at all. So at end of the day, the user only has to pay for the data charges. Rest everything is included in the data package. There is no differential pricing at all.

5. Wi-Fi Hotspots – Reliance Jio also offers Wi-Fi data as well. The service provider has a lot of hot spots and the user can use the Hotspot. The data on Hotspot can be used free of cost as some amount of data is given free of cost in the internet package associated with the data plan.

6. Free SMS – A lot of users do not use text messages these days but it should be mentioned that Reliance Jio offers free Short Messaging Services to the User. It doesn’t really benefit a lot of users in the age of Whats app but it is still an add-on

7. Student Offer– This is of particular advantage to students. Reliance announced that all the users availing student offer will get 25% more data than what the package promises. A student offer can be availed by simply submitting the copy of ID card while availing the sim

8. Jio Application – Reliance Jio also comes with a free subscription of Jio Apps. There are several apps included in the package. For example, there are applications for music, news, TV, Movies, Wallet, and even security apps. All the applications are compatible with android phones as well as apple phones.

Disadvantages of Jio

1. Only 4G Network – Reliance Jio provides only 4G network and this is a particular disadvantage to the users who do not have a 4G compatible phone. The users who have an only 3G compatible phone cannot use internet services or call services provided by Reliance Jio. Users would have to upgrade their phone in order to avail 4G services of JIO. Without a 4G phone, the user cannot even make a phone call for free.

2. Not as Advertised – Reliance Jio made a lot of news by stating that the data prices are Rs 50 per GB but the fact is that there is no such data plan and the company’s cheapest data turns out to be Rs 75 per GB. A 2 GB plan costs Rs 299 which grills down to 150 Rs per GB and the most expensive plan offers 20 GB data which comes down to Rs 75 per GB. So it can be said that the product is not as it is advertised.

3. No Free Calls – The problem with Reliance Jio is that the free calls can only be availed after recharging with a minimum package amount. If the user doesn’t recharge the SIM with internet package, he would not be able to make free calls at all. The pricing of the calls is still not clear.

4. No Unlimited Data at Night – As per other service providers, the night time is from 11 PM to 7 AM in which the free services or the discounted tariffs are applicable. In the case of Reliance Jio, this is not the case. The free unlimited data is valid only between 2 AM and 5 AM. This is just free data for 3 hours which is not as advertised and can be termed unethical. The free data should be valid from the timings which match the other service providers. This is an unethical marketing trick.

5. Data Cap – As of now, many users enjoying Happy New Year Plan or Welcome offer where they are enjoying free service of Reliance Jio. But here is a catch. There is a data cap of 4 GB on Welcome offer and data cannot be used by the service provider with unlimited usage.

6. Network Issues – A lot of people are facing network issues and frequent call failures because of high network congestion. This is a big problem as a person cannot be totally depended on Jio sim in the case of emergency and that impacts the user a lot. Read this guide if you jio sim not working or you want to activate it.

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