ACCU-CHEK Instant Test Strips: Features, Uses, Pros and Cons

The incredible fact of the test strips is it is ISO certified. It means that the results are accurate enough to meet people’s demands. In addition, the strips are easy to edge test strips with a large dosing window.

It is a convenient option because the dose can be done anywhere. In addition, the strip has a significant function that absorbs the blood automatically from the patient’s finger. The expiry of the strip is of 18 months.

Plus, 1 µL of sample is enough for the glucose level in the blood. This is the compatible object that gives the instant result. The strip’s ability is quite good enough that it is helpful for all types of blood. However, it is small in size but has great power.

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Key uses of ACCU-CHEM Instant test strips

Blood sugar testing

Key benefits

  • The test strips come in two-pack. Each package consists of 50 strips.
  • The strips are safe because of the trusted strips technology that provides accuracy.
  • Safety checks are done related to temperature, humidity, damage.
  • The blood sample required is minimal that is virtually painless.
  • The size of the strip is small, but it is powerful and can sample all types of blood.

Directions for use

  • The ACCU-Chek Instant test strips can be used by considering the significant steps considered below.
  • For starters, insert the test strip into the accu-check instant s glucometer.
  • By taking the help of slight pain at the top of the strip, apply the blood on both the edges of the strip.
  • The results will be shown on the screen after five seconds.
  • As a result, the test strips for recognizing the blood glucose level work.

Safety Information

Wash hands – Before inserting the strip into the blood sugar testing machine, wash your hands and dry them properly.

Do proper storage – Place the test strips add the area that has a new reflection of sunlight. Plus, it needs to be a dry place.

Examine expiry date – Before taking the use of the test strip, make sure it is not expired. Otherwise, the result will not be accurate.

Thin pin – Go with the strip that has the Teen pin. It is appropriate for getting the sample of the blood painlessly.

Hydrated – Before receiving the results of blood glucose levels, make sure you are hydrated. Otherwise, it increases the blood glucose level.

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