OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer: Features, Uses, Pros and Cons

If you are a diabetes patient, managing your diabetes is essential. There are specific tools that help an individual to manage their testing for diabetes and prevent complications.

A glucometer is an excellent device for testing diabetes and taking care. This device will test your blood sugar at home with a portable electronic device called a blood sugar meter. Moving further, within the simple steps, people can get the convenient results instantly.

A small drop of blood is essential for getting the required test. In addition, the test is beneficial for monitoring the effect of diabetes, identifying blood sugar levels, tracking your progress, and many more.

OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer

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Plus, to know every think about one touch, select plus simple Glucometer consider the information given below.

Product Description –


The Glucometer required batteries to work correctly. The one-touch select plus simple Glucometer requires 1CR2 batteries. The battery type is replaceable that consists of a lithium coin cell battery that works on 3.0 V.


The history is vital and helps an individual to compare the test of their blood sugar level effortlessly. Unfortunately, the memory of this Glucometer only lasts for one day. The results are only visible for the last test you have done.


The item weight is 310 g, which is relatively easy to carry. This product is travel-friendly and can be taken all around for convenience. The approximate weight of the product is 253 g, White, perfect for many people.

Test results

If you are gazing at the device that provides you instant results, then this one is great. Without waiting for a long, the result can be shown within five seconds. At home, you can make the best use of equipment to get blood sugar results.

What are the critical uses of OneTouch select plus simple Glucometer?

  • A breeze to use– Is the technology accepted while introducing the one-touch select plus simple Glucometer is makes the Choice of an individual simple. It helps to monitor the blood glucose easily within a few seconds. Due to its convenience, many people love to go with the product.
  • Accuracy – The life scan is a leader for monitoring blood glucose. It gives accurate results to manage diabetes properly. In addition, it has been analyzed that 20 million people are using this product and the iconic product gives the appropriate result that helps for the convenient outcomes for people.
  • Pain-free – The strips available at the one-touch select plus simple Glucometer helps to detect the blood sugar. It can be done from the upper arm, lower arm, thighs, and many more areas. That reduces the pain and gives significant results.
  • Incredible other users – This equipment helps people to know how to control their blood sugar levels. Helps them to examine the response of glucose after exercise or stress. In addition, monitor the effects of therapies and medications.

Pros –

  • The one-touch select is very convenient to operate. However, it does have advanced facilities.
  • It is manufactured at world-class manufacturing facilities.
  • It functions gratefully because of simple and accurate working. It gives people results with no pain.
  • The features of the product are pretty easy to understand.

Cons –

  • The function of the product is a little complicated to understand.
  • Due to the unavailability of the lancet, it is challenging to use.
  • The readings are not always accurate.

Final Words

The one-touch select plus is a simple glucometer that gives accurate results for testing blood sugar. To know more about its features and uses, consider the information given above.

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