20 Amazing Facts About Google You Probably Don’t Know

Google is very famous nowadays. Do you think you already know everything about Google? If you do think so, then think again. Here are 20 amazing facts about Google you probably don’t know:

#1. Google company’s main office before was in a rented garage. This garage is owned by Susan Wojcicki who happens to be a good friend of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google.

#2. Google was once turned by Yahoo. Before, Google tried to sell their search engine to Yahoo. But sad to say, Yahoo refused the offer.

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#3. Google refused the offer of Yahoo. In 2002, Yahoo decided to buy Google and offered with $3 billion price. However, Google refused Yahoo’s offer.

#4. Google’s current value is $400 billion. After experiencing refusals, Google strives to attain great success. Its current value then rises to $400 billion.

#5. Google owns over 150 companies. Google owns over 150 technology businesses today, like the YouTube, the GrandCentral, and the Waze.

#6. Google sells some Android-powered smartphones. Google owns several smartphone brands, which have Android operating system like Nexus tablets and smartphones.

#7. Google helps airport’s boarding process. One product manufactured by Google is the Google Glass. This product is very helpful in scanning the passports of the boarding passengers.

#8. Google is a good Samaritan. Google isn’t just busy big money. The company supports many community activities and non-profit organizations by donating millions of dollars cash and products worth of billion dollars.

#9. Google supports MSSNG. MSSNG is one community cause closely supported by Google. It is actually a research organization that is aiming to know the root cause of autism.

#10. Google’s original name is Backrub. Just like any other companies, Google also has its original name before its current name. Its original name is Backrub.

#11. Google’s original processing capacity is 30-50 pages every single second. This is absolutely true in the first few years of the existence of Google. But today, Google already has a million-page capacity per second.

#12. Google never takes the spouse of the deceased Google employees for granted. The family of the deceased Google employee can receive 50% of his/her salary every single year.

#13. Google allows people to view the outer space. Thanks to the Google’s Sky Maps, you can have the chance to see the planets, galaxies, constellations, and the stars.

#14. Google can help in wedding planning. Google has this Google Wedding feature which can greatly help your in planning your very own wedding day. Be sure to make use of it.

#15. Google employs the 21st CEO of Yahoo. Yes, you read it right. The 21st Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer, is now working under Google Company.

#16. Google is able to read your mind. This sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. It is all because of the Google’s MentalPlex feature.

#17. Google experienced a lot of failures. Google experienced many failures before it acquires its amazing success. Google’s social network Orkut failed even it has a lot of fans in Brazil and India.

#18. Google is trying to create a human genetic map. Google has this Baseline Study the GoogleX project that is analyzing and collecting biological samples.

#19. Google allows viewing of Google Mars. If you’re curious about the planet Mars, you can actually view it through the Google Mars feature.

#20. Google has its skeleton T-rex pet. This is to remind all the employees to perform better so that Google will remain standing till the end.

These are just 20 of the amazing facts regarding Google. There are still more that you should know.

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