15 Beautiful And Simple Henna Mehndi Designs For Any Occasions

Mehndi or henna is popular and is used as a coloring agent in India for hair as well as art for a long time. Indian women apply henna on their hands on various occasions including weddings. Of late, henna art has become popular in a number of countries. Henna art is one of the most popular designs that you can get on your hands or feet and while these designs were initially chunky and clustered, with the modernization of the form, there are some great designs that you can try on that are not very traditional, but look amazing.

Wedding Henna Art

Wedding henna art fills up the hands and feet and is a very intricate design. There is an Arabic style as well as an Indian style mehndi art that women try out during their weddings. It is considered auspicious in many religions to get this art done on the hands before the wedding. The darker the color of henna, the luckier the bride is considered to be and while some believer her husband will love her a lot, others believe she will be very loved by the in laws.  Wedding henna art takes a lot of time to get done since the design is finer in comparison to regular henna art that is done on other occasions. It often has a bride and groom drawn on either hands and also has the name of their husband to be is written.

Minimal Henna Art

There are a number of people who love the art of henna; however they prefer to keep it to the minimal. While there were not a lot of designs that you could incorporate in a minimalistic manner, these days there are a number of designs that you can use to create some amazing henna art designs on your hands or feet.

Arm Tattoos

A number of countries including India use Henna as a tattoo art. These tattoos are popular on the arm, and some people even get it done on the ankle. They look very pretty and delicate. There are a number of designs that you can use in order to create some of the most impressive temporary and unique arm or ankle tattoos which are very trendy and popular these days. Some people even choose to get it done on the waist or lower back.

Different colors

Apart from the popular dark red or brown color that you get when you apply henna, however of late there are a number of colors and styles you can try out these days. There are henna patterns that you can just apply to your hands. These are available in glitter too. It adds a little more fun and difference to the regular henna color. You also get black henna that looks rather different and is best used for tattoo design arts. Henna is an impressive art form that you can experiment with in a number of ways. If you’re not very confident about getting it done on your own, you can always hire a henna art expert to draw up the designs for you.

Check below 15 beautiful designs:

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