15 Amazing Facts about Sun You Probably Don’t Know

Nothing is more important to us in the Earth is the Sun. it is the natural star that is the one of the most reliable sight when you wake up from in the morning. Not everybody acknowledges but sun is the one of the reason of our existence on the Earth. Besides this, there are many other important benefits that sun provides us without any limitation and that are food energy that comes to us due to the virtue of sun. sun is also the very rich and the natural source of Vitamin D. despite of all that, it gives us light when we need it and gives us warmth when feel it.

Here are some most interesting and amazing facts about sun that you probably don’t know:


15. Size of the Sun

Have you wondered that sun that appears huge to us, how large it would be in actual? If yes, then here is your answer, sun is as huge as the 1.3 million earths could fit into a single sun and it is about 875,000 miles across the space according to the scientists.

14. Layers of Sun

Have you ever imagined that how many layers the sun has? The sun is composed of three layers. The innermost layer of the sun is called the radiative zone that is the layer in which nuclear fusion occurs, the central layer is the connective zone from where the heat moves slowly from inner layer to the outer layer while the last one is the Photosphere, and it is the layer that we can see.

13. Area of Sun

You have often heard that our solar system is too much huge that consists of millions of Milky Way. But it is just as huge as it can accommodate a sun and a few planets. According to the latest researches, it is estimated that the sun accounts almost 99.80 percent of the total mass of the solar system.

12. The color of sun

We have studied in our student life that the color of the sun is yellow. But what when we look at the sun, does it appear yellow? No the sun appears white to our eyes when we look at the sky but the actual color of the sun is definitely yellow.

11. One million earths could fit in the sun

According to recent studies and hypothesis, if the hollow sun is filled with the Earth, it can accommodate almost 960,000 Earths that are spherical in shape and if the Earths were squished, the hollow sun could accommodate almost 1,300,000 Earths inside it with no space around. That shows that the sun’s surface area is as huge as one can imagine.

10. The sun will collapse

At one specific day, the huge star, sun, would collapse and it would become equal to the size of the earth. That one day would be when the sun passes its red giant phase and at that time the sun would be called as the white dwarf.

9. Shape of sun

Shape of the sun is really close to the perfect sphere and it is the only thing in nature that is having so much perfect sphere shape.

8. Composition of Sun

With the various researches on Sun, it is suggested that sun is a ball of gases. It is composed of helium and hydrogen gas with some six ten- billionths of gold.

7. Radiations of Sun

Sun also radiates and it causes the American Flags that are placed on the moon to turn white.

6. Duration of Sunlight to reach the Earth

According to close estimation, it is suggested that the light from the reaches the Earth with the average of eight minutes.

5. Age of the Sun

Based on the life of the G2 star, the sun of our planet is estimated to have an age of almost 4.6 billion years.

4. The life of sun

With the estimated age of 4.6 billion years, the sun has depleted half of its hydrogen stores. And it is only left with the hydrogen stores that can run for approx. for another 5 billion years.

3. Sun and magnetic field

Sun has very strong magnetic fields and these magnetic fields cause the solar flares to occur. These sun flares are much like the tornadoes on the Earth.

2. Temperature of Sun

According to the scientists, the temperature inside the Sun’s core is almost 15 million degree Centigrade that is due to the continuous occurrence of the nuclear fusion inside the Sun.

1. Gravity of Sun

The gravity of the sun is almost 28 times more than the gravity of the Earth and that is the reason the person having the weight of 150 pounds on Erath would weigh almost 4,200 pounds on the sun.

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