10 Amazing Facts about Electricity

Electricity is the staple of our modern life. Besides providing the lightening to our lives, it also helps the various other inventions to originate. Our modern lifestyle is all due to the presence of such an amazing invention of Benjamin Franklin. Without it, life will be slow and so much difficult.

So, thanks to the inventors of electricity who have made our lives full of brightness and lights. Here are some interesting facts about the electricity that you want to know:

10. Bio- Electricit

Human body also works with the electricity and that is called the bio- electricity. This one is the fact that was discovered by the scientist named Luigi Galvani in the year of 1791. Bio- electricity is actually the natural use of electricity or the currents within the human body. The scientist claimed that nerve cells pass the signals from the body to brain in the medium that is electricity in nature.

9. First use of Electricity

Although electricity is being used for many purposes in the modern age. But the interesting fact about electricity is that it was discovered for the purpose of lighting and that was its first domestic use.

8. Idling of Electricity

It is proved by the scientists that almost 75 percent of the total electricity in an average house is consumed or idled while the devices or the electric appliances are turned off. The average desktop computer idles at almost 80watts while it is not in use or turned off and PlayStation 3 idles at 200 Watts while turned on or off.

7. Discovery of Electricity

Discovery of Electricity is credited to Benjamin Franklin as described above. But he did an amazing historical work to bring our lives to the modern lifestyle. He proved that lightning in the sky is a form of electricity and both have same properties. This proof led to the discovery of electricity with the good reason.

6. The first electric bulb Street

Another interesting fact about the electricity is that, the very first street that was lit by the electric bulbs was Mosley Street in the Newcastle upon Tyne and that was done in the year of 1879.

5. First four items powered by electricity

As mentioned before that electricity was first used for the lighting purpose. But after the discovery of several household items and devices, the first four common domestic items that were powered by electricity were the sewing machine, toaster, fan and the kettle.

4. Consumption of electricity by a light bulb

 A light bulb, that was discovered by Edison, consumes the most of the energy as compared to other smart lights like energy savers etc. but the fact is that 90 percent of the total electricity that the light bulb consumes only creates heat and the rest 10 percent of the electricity generates the actual light.

3. Sources of electricity


There are several sources of energy that we can use to make electricity and some of them which are now being commonly used for the purpose are water, wind, sun and also the animal manure.

2. Birds sitting on powerline

You have often observed the birds sitting on the powerline and wondered why these birds don’t get electrocuted? The reason behind the fact is that if both the feet of the birds are on the same line, the powerline do not get completed but if the wing or the foot of the bird gets in contact with the other powerline while sitting on the first powerline, the circuit gets completed and it results in the flow of electricity through the body of bird causing electrocuted.

1. Google searches and Electricity

Google searches account almost 0.013 percent of the total world’s electricity usage. And this energy usage is equal to almost electricity that is used to power almost 2 lacs of houses continuously. It is estimated that on 100 google searches, electricity of the light bulb is used that is takes to lit for almost 28 minutes.