10 Most Famous Tourist Places in South India

The states like Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka is famous tourist places in the South India. The Southern India is known since 5000 years for its cultural heritage and tradition. South India is a home to several famous and stunning architectural buildings and landscapes.

With these properties and traditional culture make South India a worth visiting place for the tourists and all the visitors. Here is the list of ten famous tourist places of South India. Have a look on it.

10. Nagarahole National Park

Nagarahole National Park

The national park of Nagarahole is located in the Kodagu District in the state of Karnataka of South India. It is also known as the Rajiv Gandhi National park. The tourists enjoy the biodiversity of animals, in this national park of South India. The park is also famous for its small streams, hills, valleys and waterfalls.

9. Alleppey


Also known as the Alappuzha, Alleppey is also the one of the famous destination of the South India in regards of tourism. The place is rich in the cultural history with the numerous lagoons, canals and beaches. It is located in the state of Kerala. It is surrounded by the Arabian Sea and its backwaters.

8. Mysore

Mysore Palace

It is one of the famous places regarding the tourism in the South India. It is also known as the City of Palaces. The city of Mysore covers the architectural and royal beauty of South India that is why it is in the list of important tourist destination. Many places in Mysore like St. Phlomena’s Church and Folk Lore Museum are of worth visiting.

7. Goa


As Arabian Sea its western coast, Goa is famous for its silver lavish beaches. It is a best place for tourism in the South India because of its historic sites and neighborhoods. Tourism is basically focused on the coastal areas of Goa and according to reports more than 1.2 million tourists visit the Goa annually. Famous places of Goa are forts, temples and churches and also it is the home to World Heritage Sites.

6. Madurai


Being a major city of Tamil Nadu, Madurai is one of the famous and important spot of tourism in South India. It is the city that never sleeps because of the major entertainment and tourism in it. The city attracts a number of tourists because of its lavish and antique temples and theme parks.

5. Varkala


Located in the state of Kerala, Varkala is the beautiful destination for tourists because of its ancient and traditions and cultural heritage. Tourism is attracted to this location because of Vavu Beli which is a Hindu custom and is performed at the beach. Many visitors from far off places visit the beach to enjoy this cultural performance.

4. Kerala Backwaters

Kerala Backwaters

The chain of lagoons and lakes that lay parallel to the Arabian Sea. Located in Kerala, as the name indicates, it is famous in tourism because of its traditional thatched houseboats that provides the familiarity of complete backwaters.

3. Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi

It is one of the main attractions of the tourists because of many places like Dutch Cemetery, Bishop’s House, Southern Naval Command Maritime Museum and many Jain Temple. It’s been the point of interest for foreign tourists also.

2. Chennai

Chennai Central Station

Detroit of India, Chennai, is the second famous tourist destination of South India because of culture and hospitality. Temples and beaches of Chennai are the center of cultural and historical significance. It is also the most visited city of India by tourists.

1. Hampi

Ruins of Hampi

It is a village that is located in the state of Karnataka, India. It is an excellent place to experience history and culture of the South India. Many historical sites like Kadalekalu Ganesha and Talarigatta Gate remains the point of interest for tourists.

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