10 Interesting Things About Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Tata Consultancy Services or TCS is one of the largest IT service providers of India and the world. This is a separate entity of Tata Group for the Information Technology services. The company has come a long way to become one of the largest and growing companies in the world. However, there are some interesting facts about TCS that you may or may not know.

Here are the 10 interesting and lesser known things about TCS:

Tata Consultancy Services

10. High Profit

Recently TCS has become the most profitable Indian Company surpassing the Reliance. TCS is also growing at a large speed despite some setbacks.

9. One for all

TCS has consolidated the subsidiaries of the company under the same umbrella. The companies like Computational Research Laboratories, TCS e-Serve and Retail Full Serve are now integrated part of the TCS. The different subsidiaries are majorly into Banking, Finance, and Insurance industry.

8. Client Satisfaction

The Client satisfaction of the TCS is very high and reputable in the market. It has won many awards but among all, it has ranked number 1 in the client satisfaction in the United Kingdom.

7. The Employer

TCS is the second largest employer of India after Coal India Ltd and the largest in the IT Services. TCS has more than 300,000 employees among them 31% are women. It also has 7.7% Non-Indian employees.

6. Operations

TCS is present in 46 countries and has 230 offices throughout. There are 147 delivery centers as well in 21 countries for the IT giant. Along with all these, TCS has 58 subsidiaries companies present in different locations.

5. The Innovative Approach

TCS has achieved the highest rank for the IT service company in the Forbes World’s Most Innovative companies. It is also the first time that any company from India has featured in the list.

4. The Beginning

TCS was founded in 1968 to support the sister concern TISCO now Tata Steel. It also has two other clients Central Bank of India and Unit Trust Of India at that time.

3. Versatility

TCS is one of the most versatile IT companies in the world and India. It is the first Indian company to enter into Bioinformatics. It has also designed the IRCTC and is currently working with the India Post.

2. At the top of the market

TCS is the largest IT service company of India. It is also the 10th largest IT service providers in the world. TCS has also been placed into the Big 4 IT Service Brands in the world. TCS is a huge name in the world market.

1. High figures

TCS has huge figures in terms of business. TCS has $80 billion market capitalization and it is the highest for any Indian Company. The value of TCS is $15.5 billion in terms of revenue and $54.58 billion in terms of assets.

TCS is one of the biggest names in the IT industry. It is going through a good time in terms of revenue and one can only see the growth of the company in the near future.


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