Things You Need To Know About Dubai – 10 Facts

Dubai is becoming one of the leading and fastest growing cities in the world. Through the years‚ it has increasing gained popularity not just because of the great wonders and luxury it offers‚ but also the many opportunities it has in store for individuals who are looking for greener pastures or even just some days off from their busy work schedules. Yes‚ you may already have heard a lot about the amazing city of Dubai‚ but there are still some facts about the place that you might not have known yet. So‚ here is a countdown of interesting facts that will surely bring out the curiosity in you:

10. The Dubai police has a Bentley‚ Lamborghini‚ Ferrari and other luxury cars on their squad

Well‚ spotting a Mercedez-Benz police car on the streets of Dubai should not surprise you. They have this luxurious‚ high speeding cars to allow them catch speeders who can outrun those police cars that they commonly have.

9. More than 85% of Dubai’s population are foreigners

Emiratis comprise only 10-15% of the population of Dubai according to a study conducted. The rest 85% are foreigners‚ with most of them coming from Bangladesh‚ Pakistan‚ India‚ and other European countries for job in dubai.

8. Dubai has no standard address system – no postal systemno zip codes‚ and no area codes

Dubai has been growing so fast recently that they somehow forgot to put up a standard address system. On a mailing label‚ you will find a space for residents to write out particular instructions or draw a map as an alternative for an address line.

Burj Khalifa

7. There is zero debt tolerance in Dubai

Missing your payments is enough grounds for you to be imprisoned or deported. In Dubai‚ you are expected to pay any debts that you incur. Debt repayment and prosecution of not paying are not taken lightly.

6. Dubai’s crime rate is 0%

Dubai is proud to tell the world that they have a virtually 0% crime rate‚ having crime rate that is so low. For that reason‚ the city is considered one of the safest places in the world. Implementation of the law in Dubai is so strict that people inhabiting the place know that they can easily get imprisoned or deported even with committing the slightest of criminal offenses.

5. Dubai’s artificial Palm Islands are made of sand enough to fill 2.5 Empire State Buildings

Dubai imported 94 million cubic meters of sand in its construction of the artificial Palm Islands‚ which is technically 2.5 times more the Empire State Building’s volume of 37 million cubic meters.

4. Income tax in Dubai is 0%

If you want to be really‚ really rich‚ Dubai is the best place for you to live. Dubai residents are not paying anything for their personal income tax. With this‚ you can save a lot of money by paying 0% income tax in the city.

3. Premarital sex is illegal in Dubai

Engaging into premarital sex in Dubai can send you behind bars or deported. Dubai is a Muslim country where public displays of affection are forbidden. Moreover‚ holding hands with your loved one in public is even not advised.

2. Gold bars are being dispensed by some ATMs in Dubai

There are really automated banking vending machines in Dubai that are made to dispense items that are made of pure gold. Its first ever gold-plated vending machine gives out 320 items made of gold‚ such as customized gold coins and 10-gram gold bars. This machine can be found in the lobby of Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace Hotel.

1. 40% of physical gold traded in the world in 2013 occurred in Dubai

In 2013‚ the value of physical gold traded in Dubai is $70 million‚ exactly equal to 2‚250 tons or 2‚250‚000 kilograms. All together‚ the gold can equal the weight of an African male elephant weighing around 2‚268-6‚350 kilograms.

Don’t you find these facts extremely interesting? Well, you do for sure.

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