Top 10 Best Paying Jobs in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

While you are in world, you are nothing if you are not having a job. Job is something that provides a person with his name and exposure. But if you are living in the country like Dubai, which is one of the wealthiest countries and the most populated city of United Arab emirates, it becomes very difficult for a man to get the job with the handsome salary.

As Dubai is considered, one of the richest countries in the world, there must be some jobs that are paying highest to its employees. So for proving this point, here is the list of top 10 best highest paid jobs that the city of Dubai is offering:

10. Investment Advisor

An investment advisor is the one who guides you with the best solution in regards to your investing problems. So it is one of the best paying jobs in Dubai as people are hiring more and more investment advisors in Dubai because of the increasing concerns about their investments. The approx. salary of the investment advisor in Dubai is 650,000 AED.

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9. Radiologist Physician

Medical is one of the leading sector in the United Arab Emirates, and that is the reason why Radiologist is one of the top paying career in Dubai. These are the persons who specialize in dealing with the diseases with the use of technology like X- Rays, Computed tomography and many other techniques. Their pay is almost the same but in some demanding sectors it is higher than 650,000 AED.

8. Foreign Exchange Manager

Another demanding job in UAE is the job of Foreign Exchange Manager who is required to have the high skills of foreign exchange. He is also the one who is working like the banking manager and deals with the people and with some technical and analytical complications. Their approx. salary is about 720,000 AED.

7. Procurement Specialist

Procurement Specialist in the field of oil and gas is one of many demanding jobs in Dubai. They ensure that the products they are buying are best and must be purchased from the specialized suppliers. They also negotiate for goods and services in order to benefit their company. The renowned oil, gas and engineering companies hire these specialists with the best salary of 900,000 AED.

6. General Practitioner (GP)

Another best paying from the medical sector, GP is one of the highest paying jobs and that is on average, 900,000 AED. The General Practitioner in Dubai is the person who is having the qualification that matches the requirements of the Dubai Health authority. The one who must be able to conduct best health services to the patients are hired.

5. Construction Director

The Construction Director is the one who manages the tasks ranging from architecture to surveying the property, from safety adherence to the health of the sub- constructors and that is the reason why they are one of the highest paid employees in Dubai. They are having the salary of almost 960,000 AED.

4. Research and Development Executive

For this job, the person must be regular, honest and must be able to show the years of experience in his particular arena. This job also requires the excellent communication skills with some talent of management. This job also on average pays almost 960,000 AED in Dubai.

3. Investment analyst

Just like Investment advisor, the Investment analyst is the person who advices the fund managers to decide what should be done with the investment portfolios. The person should behold the extensive knowledge of stock marketing and communication skills. This job pays almost 1,020,000 AED.

2. Private Banker

There is also a huge scope for Banker in Dubai. Financial expertise must be skilled in the person so that he might fit to the job. With the approximate salary of 1,020,000 AED, this job is the 2nd highest paying job in Dubai.

1. Director

The directorship to a large and renowned company pays best in Dubai. The average salary of the director, who is the one dealing with the management for many years and having the best communication skills, is almost 1,200,000 AED, making it the top best paid job in Dubai.