Cancer Zodiac Sign – 10 Facts, Characteristics & Personality Traits

Cancer is the zodiac sign of those individuals who are born on June 21 up to July 22. The symbol of this particular zodiac sign is a crab. Its lucky stones are pearl, ruby, and moon stone. If you do not have enough knowledge when it comes to Cancer born individuals, then here are 10 facts regarding their personality that you must be ready to ingest in mind:

10. Cancer-born people are responsible enough. They always take their responsibility seriously. Because of this, it is no longer surprising why many people find them very hardworking. They will never leave a certain task undone. Well, you can’t help it since they are born to be responsible in many ways.

9. It is normal for them to be moody. Being moody is something that many people hate the most in a certain person. Well, you all have the reason to hate those moody people of course. Even so, Cancer-born people should be an exemption here. It is simply because their zodiac sign makes them this way.

8. They are dependable by nature. If you have trust issues to others, then you need to consider the fact that Cancer born people are dependable enough. With that being said, it is very safe to trust these people. It is their nature to be trustworthy.

7. They are extremely emotional. Being emotional is just normal for a certain person especially if he or she is trap in a very heart-breaking situation. Good examples of those emotional people are the Cancer-born individuals. They have the tendency to break down in a particular situation, which is why they need good friends who can lead them the way.

6. They can be very loyal. They are just like Taurus born people who have extreme loyalty. Because of this, there is no need for you to worry if you will put your trust to them since they can be very loyal to you. Just make sure to get their sympathy so that they will treat you as their true friend.

Cancer Zodiac Sign

5. They are known to be very adaptable. Just like Gemini-born people, Cancer born ones are extremely adaptable in nature. It is very easy for them to handle difficult situations since they can easily adapt things up. They might be shocked in a moment, but they will always find a way to keep on moving.

4. Self-pity is one of their weaknesses. This is one thing that Cancer born people should overcome in every day scenario. It is simply because self-pitying can ruin everything they do in just a blink of an eye. Self-pitying can lead to lower self-confidence.

3. They are very caring, especially to their loved ones. They are more than ready to sacrifice their own happiness just to make you feel that you are well-cared by them. They see to it that you will never have some doubts on their love and care. Hence, if you have Cancer-born friends, then be ready to be spoiled by their care.

2. They are very intelligent. Just in case you don’t know, Cancer-born individuals are extremely intelligent. They are born to have a considerable amount of wit within themselves. This is one reason why they are inquisitive sometimes. There’s no one to blame here since their intelligence surely dictates them to do so.

1. Cancer-born people are known to be narcissistic. Yes, narcissism is one negative personality of Cancer-born people that can bring them down. This is actually the main reason why many individuals don’t want to deal with these people. Their narcissism gives other people the impression that they are over-confident.

These are the 10 facts regarding Cancer born zodiac sign personality that you should not forget. These will make you know them even better, and understand them for having several behaviors. They might be irritating sometimes, but there are so many reasons for you to love them.


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