10 Best Unique Gift Ideas for Best Friend Female

Whenever any occasion arrives, the give and take of gifts takes place. It’s a token for love in a relation. Best friend is a relation who is most important among all relations and it is a valuable gem of one’s life. If the question arises to express the emotion towards that person then, gifts are the best medium for expression for love for her.  When on any special, one should get a gift for that special person.

Whether one is looking for a birthday gift, a friendship day gift, a thank you gift, there are ample of ideas in my mind to suggest what one can go to purchase for Female Best Friend:

10. Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug

If one wants that best friend remembers that person at every moment when she is with him or without him, then Coffee Mug is the best gift. If one have style conscious and artistic best friend, then that person can add one more thing, print her photo on her coffee mug. Whenever she will use that mug, it will remind all the memories with that person.  Even one can customize the mug with state of one’s choice and inclination. Coffee mug is one of the attractive gifts for a best

9. Bracelet


Various designer bracelets are coming into the trends. Even designer and classical bracelets are symbol of friendship.  The friendship bracelet are setting different trends and are giving lots of bangles that one can love to give and stacking the look. Bangles are made from recycled material so they can be eco-friendly. Wearing bracelets will make her beautiful and your friendship will become more graceful than ever.

8. Spa- Gift Card

Spa- Gift Card

Nowadays girls are very much conscious for their beauty as they are also doing work as men. Now they are not only getting bugs for their family but also fulfilling their dreams too. This jazzed days and hectic life, females are losing their own time. So they need time for themselves and being a best friend, it’s one’s duty to think for her. Go for Spa- Gift card, it will relax her body and mind. It will a “me time” for her.

7. Wine lover

Wine lover

Girls in these days are very much in their own and want to live life on their own terms. In this modern they are wine lover too, so if one’s best friend is very much of this type. Then “branded bottle” of wine will be the best preferred option. Bottle of wine is also a symbol of status for everyone, so one can also opt this for best friend.

6. Purses


Collection of purses are the passion of many females, they want to carry clutches, hand bags, professional bags and many more. Purchasing a purse is tough task because the colourful and tempting purses attracts everyone, one wants to go for all. If best friend is very much fashion trendy then, go for gaudy purse. Knowing the taste of choice helps one to choose the purse.

5. T-shirt

T-shirt for girl

Branded T- shirts, short t- shirts, long T- shirts along with plasso and trousers will surely attract everyone. If best friend has the craze for latest fashion, then one can go for branded T-shirts which will add more stock in her wardrobe. Whenever she will open the wardrobe, this reminds the thought of friendship in her mind. Colourful and quotations T- Shirts are available in the market, one can purchase text of friendship T- Shirts which will be great expression of one’s feeling.

4. Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha

Every friend thinks best for his or her best friend, this can be well- expressed by gifts. There are different types of show –pieces that symbolises different meaningful ideas. In the market, different laughing Buddha is available. One of them is laughing Buddha with open hands, when kept in front of the main room brings prosperity in her house. So, laughing Buddha is the best to go for gift for a best friend.

3. Microwave Oven

Microwave Oven

If one’s best friend is foodie and has the hobby of cooking, so go for Microwave Oven with different functions. She can do baking and cooking , she will also get an  entire genre  of recipes which is totally dedicated the microwave oven, which also gives her plenty of work with once she has one.

2. Polaroid Camera

Polaroid Camera

If best friend is artsy then Polaroid camera is the best to capture the worthy spontaneous moments with this vintage camera.  Photography tool kit will guide the photographer to use, and one can load of new photos to display to celebrate the moment of friendship. Camera clicks the memories of both sweet and sour days.

1. Membership of Local Library

Membership of Local Library

If a person has book worm best friend, then trust me membership of local library is the best gift for best friend. She can use the gift utmost by enjoying the books of her types and remembering the sweet moments of the best friend. A best friend is an incredible person of one’s life so gift for that person will also be incredible.



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