10 Best Lipsticks For Dark Skinned Women In India

India is a land of diversification where dark skinned are also preferred along with fair skin. Gone are days that when dark skinned were considered not appropriate by people but today, with the help of makeup they are able to hide their skin related problems and are able to make their skin proper. The comparison of dark skin and fair skin is now over. There are many shades of makeup accessories, especially lipsticks which dark skinned women can also apply. These shades can be chocolate brown, bronze, maroon, brick red; plum complexions are popular among the people. Let us have a look at those brands that are popular and women are using those lipsticks these days.

10. MAC Smoked Purple

MAC Smoked Purple

It is a deep purple red shade which offers matte finish. This lipstick is highly pigmented and offers full coverage in one swipe. It is non-drying, moisturising and non-bleeding. It stays there for 4-5 hours and leaves a stain behind. This product is available in India at a price of Rs.2918.

9. Bobbi Brown-Soft NudeBobbi Brown-Soft Nude

This is a Brown shade lipstick colour especially designed for the dark skinned girls. Also, it contains opaque coverage too. It is semi odour, tasteless and semi matte too. It contains SPF 15 which protects your from sun damage. It is having a staying capacity of at least 4-5 hours.

8. L’Oreal Colour Riche-Cinnamon Toast

L'Oreal Colour Riche-Cinnamon Toast

This lipstick is brown in colour and contains coral undertones. It offers a great glossy look, having a fine pigmentation and also has creamy and hydrating texture too. This contains Vitamin E which offers great nourishment and protects from sun damage. Also it lasts for 3-4 hours. It is available in India at a price of Rs.675

7. NYX Matte Lipstick-Alabama

NYX Matte Lipstick-Alabama

This lipstick is good for dark skinned girls. It is also having well pigmented creamy and smooth texture. It moisturises your skin, offers a great look. It stays for 4-5 hours. It is non sticky, non cakey lipstick. This leaves behind a good tint and is available at a price of Rs.1320 in India.

6. ColorBar Creme Touch Lipstick-Taupe

ColorBar Creme Touch Lipstick-Taupe

Available at an easy price of Rs.499, this lipstick contains SPF 15 which is good for skin. Taupe is a brownish colour lipstick which offers a great look to the dark skinned girls. It offers a glossy shine without a shimmer. Also it stays for 3-4 hours and leaves a beautiful stain before getting disappears. It also contains Vitamin E and also protects you from sun damage too.

5. MAC-Bronze Shimmer

MAC-Bronze Shimmer

This lipstick is full of qualities. Just one shade will offer you a good apply on your lips. It is a golden yellow in colour and contains shimmer particles. It is a non-dry and non-bleeding. It is available easily at a price of Rs.3625. it is opaque and stays for 3-4 hours easily.

4. Revlon Lustrous Lipstick-Chocolicious

Revlon Lustrous Lipstick-Chocolicious

This product is available from a brand Revlon and it is perfectly designed for a dark skinned girl. This offers a great look as it is chocolate brown in colour. It stays for 2-3 hours and leave s a fin stain before getting disappear.

3. Lakme Absolute Creme Lip Colour-Plum Delight

Lakme Absolute Creme Lip Colour-Plum Delight

Here comes a lipstick from the accredited brand Lakme. This colour is so good for dark skinned is it is perfectly suited to them. It is having a glossy texture and also contains Vitamin E along with wheat germ oil that helps in offering nourishment. It stays for 3-4 hours and it affordable. It also leaves a stain behind once it disappears.

2. Maybelline Colour Sensational Jewels Lipstick-Amethyst Ablaze

Maybelline Colour Sensational Jewels Lipstick-Amethyst Ablaze

This is yet another sensation from Maybelline which is purple in colour and it offers rich texture when applied. Also, 1-2 shades is important for women to get a perfect shade. It also contains honey nectar which provides nourishment. Also, it is drying, non-bleeding. It stays for 4-5 hours.

1Maybelline Colour Sensational Fuchsia Fever

Maybelline Colour Sensational Fuchsia Fever

Maybelline is a globalised recognised brand and it is offering this lipstick which is available in pink shade. It contains honey nectar and pigment which offers nourishment to the lips. It is light weight, non stick and non bleeding lip colour. It is available at a price of Rs.1942 in India.  It is having a staying power of 3-4 hours.

These are the best selling and highly recommended lipstick available in India for dark skinned girls. These lipsticks are great in use and offer a delightful result too. Hope this will help you in understanding the lipsticks available for the girls who are not fair with their complexion. They are available at prices which are affordable. Also, they are available from the brands which are highly recommended and respective under the context of women makeup. Consider these reviews before buying your favourite lipstick which will help in offering good swipe.


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